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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Luxurious Secret Santa Gift Guide | John Lewis

Luxury Secret Santa Gift Ideas in the UKI've waited months and months and months for this, but the wait is finally over - we can talk about Christmas!!  Between decorations appearing in shop windows and the return of the Christmas movie and music channels, I'm more than ready to dive headfirst into the festive season.  Advanced warning: it's only going to get more intense.  To kickstart the most wonderful time of year (sorry), I've been listening to more Mariah Carey than my ears can handle (quick question: Oh Santa! or All I Want For Christmas Is You?), planning party outfits and... playing Secret Santa with John Lewis!  Alongside the gorgeous gifts picked for me by Sleek-Chic, I've put together a luxurious edit of Secret Santa gift suggestions, all of which are available to shop at John Lewis this festive season - enjoy!

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Teddy Bear Coats | Cool To Be Cosy?

Navy Blue Long Teddy Bear CoatFor those of us who love curling up at home on the sofa, surrounded by candles and wearing a mass of cashmere and fleece (socks included), trends that promote cosiness are an absolute treat.  I'm prepared to go above and beyond when it comes to footwear, a love of stiletto heels and fierce designs means my pain threshold is pretty high now on that front, y'know?  But when it comes to clothes there's no compromising.  When it's freezing cold and windy, being comfortable is everything.  Hello teddy bear coats that feel as though you're being wrapped into one big, cosy hug...

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Scandinavian Prints By Desenio | Luxe For Less!

Display of Desenio Scandinavian Art Prints on WallAnyone else obsessed with home office decor?  From the stationery to the storage solutions and from the artwork to other embellishments - obsessed.  I love seeing how people approach putting a personal touch to their workplace, in particular how gorgeous the space can become without it encroaching on where you're doing actual work - which is where Desenio comes in!  You'll no doubt have heard of the Swedish brand over this past year, since they've become a massive fave of those with a soft spot for Scandinavian design (waves furiously).  I can't believe how much their art prints have transformed my desk area, and better yet - I've got a 25% discount code to share with you, scroll down for more details!

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Tweed Jackets | The Old-School Chic

Styling Tweed Jacket Fashion BlogSafe to say tweed still had a pretty bad rep up until recently, but it was totally unwarranted.  Even with Chanel suits pinging to mind as soon as the word 'chic' is mentioned, the material still seemed to throw us back with negative connotations.  But then tweed jackets and mini skirts appeared everywhere (with definite Clueless vibes) - and I fell in love.  Seriously.  I'm now 100% converted to tweed jackets and nagging everyone to give one a go, because there's just something feminine and powerful about them.  Plus, they seem to work well with every occasion.  Meeting a friend?  Throw one over a knitted midi dress. Scheduled a meeting?  No problem, pair with a pussybow shirt and jeans.  Getting ready for a date?  Drape over your shoulders, the focus is on the tight-fitting velvet underneath.  Heading to the gym?  Fine, maybe not every occasion...

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Hosiery With Sass | Happy Halloween!

Open field fashion blog photoshootHappy Halloween witcheeees!  Hope you're all having a fabulous time celebrating!  I absolutely love any reason to celebrate and make the most out of an occasion, and so Halloween provides the perfect excuse to eat a ton of themed food and watch more horror films than my brain can handle.  But have I come up with a costume this year?  Uh, no.  However, I did unintentionally create a bit of a spooky open-field shoot - that counts, right?

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Romantic Victoriana Blouses | The Edit

Monsoon Charlotte Rose White Lace Top There are few things as heart-flutteringly beautiful as a Victoriana blouse.  They stand out and catch your eye, without pushing themselves in your face.  They look just as good layered underneath a thick woollen coat or pinafore dress, as they do worn alone.  And let's never forget how adorably romantic they are!  Going by the feedback on previous looks, it seems we all share the same opinion - timeless pieces are the absolute best.  It's because of this, Victoriana blouses have stuck around for so long, and have now become a favourite of mine.  How about you?

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

6 Of The Best Glasshouses To Visit In The UK

Travel Blog List of the Best Glasshouses in the UKOh hey, would you look at that!  I've managed to find a way to get glasshouses back on A Glass Of Ice.  Surprise, surprise.  At what point do we consider this an obsession?  If, like me, you find yourself drawn to the clean lines and bright light of glasshouses, then you're in luck!  I've delved into my glasshouse-memory (it's a thing), as well as those still on my glasshouse-wishlist (it's definitely a thing), to put together a list of 6 of the best glasshouses in the UK.  So, jot down the addresses, get your cameras ready and start exploring...

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Trends AW17 | Battle Of The Boots: Designer Vs. High Street

Silver Lace Up Isidro Boots Aldo ShoesAs soon as Autumn starts, my focus shifts to footwear - boots, in particular.  So, now that the season is well underway and winter is creeping up on us, it's the perfect opportunity to pay some attention to the current footwear trends, as well as how much we're wiling to invest this time around.  Whether we splurge or save usually depends on how much wear and tear we reckon the boots will get, right?  Are they durable?  How often will you wear them?  How soon will this trend pass?  I've narrowed it down to five standout footwear trends this A/W that are appearing on both ends of the scale: designer and high street.  The question is, which gets your vote?

Thursday, 19 October 2017

The Art Of A Gentle Morning | Bonsoir Of London

Bonsoir of London Blue Paisley GownSomething I adore about this time of year, is how everyone's attention turns to comfort.  It's all about how best to keep warm, stay cosy and achieve a general sense of wellbeing.  I'll be the first to admit I get ahead of myself with the seasons, which lately has resulted in curling up on the sofa watching Christmas films (oops), surrounded by candles.  But the question is, how can we embrace this season? Using the weekend as an example - it both starts and ends at home.  Things tend to quieten down on the social front between now and the festive season, providing the perfect excuse to indulge in a very, very gentle weekend...

Monday, 16 October 2017

Things To Do In Cambridge | Luxurious Stay At The Tamburlaine Hotel

Cambridge Romantic The River CamHaving never visited Cambridge before, I was really looking forward to checking out the city for the first time!  With a couple of days to play with, a stay at The Tamburlaine Hotel was on the cards - a hotel high on my travel wishlist, having seen it described as the most 'Instagrammable' hotel in the area - as well as plenty of architecture (and food!) to take in.  I had prepared myself for plenty of idyllic spots and cosy corners, but I hadn't anticipated the sense of sanctuary and luxury that comes with a cold-weather visit to the university city...

Friday, 13 October 2017

5 Reasons To Join A Gym | Seafolly At Cocobay

Seafolly Mandala Printed Black Long LeggingsAlright, so I'm still obsessed with working out.  Nothing new there!  However, after having recently convinced a friend to join a gym and then hearing about how much she's loving it, I'm feeling a little more pushy than usual (sorry).  With the gym at The Tamburlaine Hotel setting the scene, accompanied by one of my all-time favourite activewear looks via Cocobay, I've put together a few reasons as to why joining a gym might just be the best thing you can do for yourself this year...

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge | Architectural Focus

Mosaic Tile Flooring at The Fitzwilliam MuseumThis week has been far less exciting than last week, which isn't all that surprising considering I started the month of October in Cambridge!  With a couple of days set aside for exploring, plans were set to ensure I soaked up the most architectural beauty as possible. Mission accomplished.  Considering Cambridge is very much a university city, you can anticipate a ton of college buildings, alongside various famous chapels.  Just ten minutes in the area will give you an idea of what it would be like to live there.  Honestly?  It's not somewhere I'd want to live, but that's not to say it doesn't make for a fabulous city break - particularly with so much beauty around every corner!  Speaking of which, The Fitzwilliam Museum was one of my favourite finds...

Sunday, 8 October 2017

The Importance Of Discovering Your Aesthetic | Ft. The Tamburlaine Garden Room

The Tamburlaine Garden Room CambridgeRewind a few years ago and I literally had no idea where I most liked to be.  By this, I'm talking about environments, interior design and general aesthetic.  Somewhere along the line, I became interested with glasshouses and to cut a long story short, I'm now obsessed with them.  And now, anything that resembles influences of that fresh, clean and minimal vibe ticks all the right boxes for me!  Even better if they're closely followed by luxurious, classic and historic settings (the two can co-exist, promise!).  The thing is, before I knew it I found those same influences applying to my fashion, interior design, experiences and even preferred hotels when travelling.  So, that's pretty much what led me to The Tamburlaine Hotel in Cambridge earlier this week.  But the question is, why is discovering your individual aesthetic so important?

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Parisian Chic | Why You Should Wear A Beret This Season

Double Breasted Camel Waistcoat Dress WomenWell, the title of this post says it all really!  A turn of phrase that pops up time and time again in fashion is Parisian Chic - that elusive, highly coveted vibe we're all wanting to emit through our outfits.  Sadly, it's much harder to achieve than a young Brigitte Bardot would have us believe.  Dammit.  Although, this season it's just that little bit more attainable thanks to a surge of interest in berets.  Any colour, any style.  Unlike Baker Boy hats that demand a dark shade and utilitarian feel, berets aren't asking for much.  They just want to look super chic!  Oh, and to also hide your bad hair days...

Saturday, 30 September 2017

Reset Your Fitness Goals | 3 Months To Go!

Cocobay Seafolly Activewear ReviewTomorrow marks the beginning of October; one of the cosiest months of the year thanks to those feel-good Autumnal vibes.  It's also the month we begin retreating indoors to escape the lowering temperature.  Hey, no judgement here - I'm already grumbling at those freezing cold sprints from the car into the gym!  But with just three months to go until 2018, it's worth taking a peek at the fitness goals you set yourself for this year.  Close to achieving them?  Personally, I feel as though this is one of the best months of the year to kick things up a notch.  With so many events and celebrations being just around the corner (as well as a new year!), there's plenty of reason to reset your fitness goals, kick yourself into action and end the year on a high!

Thursday, 28 September 2017

5 Creative Tips | Travel Blog Photography

Travel Blog Photography Tips Princess Balcony EuropeI've lost count of how many travel blogs I've now bookmarked, having been in some way inspired by the adventures they share!  There's a definite recurring theme - it's less about the number of pixels, and more about the perspective from which they're seeing a place. Personally, when I share travel diaries, I like to focus on detail; the finishing touches that are so often overlooked when travelling, but that happen to catch my eye (read: Hotel Dukes' Palace, 48 Hours In Bath and In The Surrey Hills).  So, having received a fair few requests to share my travel blog photography tips over this past year, I'm leaving the technical side to the pros, and focussing on what I know best - the creative!

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Dark Denim | The Nautical Way

GAP Pink Chunky Knit Oversized JumperIt's easy to fall into the trap of thinking nautical influences only apply to warm weather fashion, and sure, I'll hold my hands up to bringing out all the breton in summer.  But why stop there?!  Lately, I've been thinking about how best to bring the vibe into the colder months as well - because let's be real, it goes far beyond being a trend.  It's a solid, season-after-season option to keep in your fall rotation, like the timeless camel coat and other Autumn wardrobe heroes!  The question is, how to opt in while still keeping it subtle?  My vote goes to themed dark denim.

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Hotel Chocolat Halloween Hamper Giveaway (Open Worldwide!)

Hotel Chocolat Halloween Hamper Worldwide GiveawayWaaait, Halloween?!  I know, I know.  You're suddenly being hit from all directions with talk of crunchy golden leaves, ghoulish things and.. advent calendars.  Sure, it's a strange time of year - but a fabulous one if you choose to embrace it!  To celebrate this exciting season, I've teamed up with Hotel Chocolat to offer one lucky reader of A Glass Of Ice the chance to win a horrifically tasty Halloween Hamper packed full with devilishly delicious treats!  Share with others, or devour it yourself - this giveaway is open worldwide; simply scroll down to enter...

Thursday, 21 September 2017

The Classic Camel Coat: Timeless Investment Piece

Max Mara MM Prism Black and Tortoise SunglassesFinally, the temperature has dropped enough for us to start pulling out coats from our wardrobes!  Although, despite the mass we've no doubt already collected, does anyone else find themselves literally resembling the heart-eyes emoji as they browse jackets and coats online?!  My first investment coat this season is a classic, minimal-aesthetic camel coat.  It's like the vanilla ice cream of the coat world - it can do no wrong, everybody loves it!  I'm a huge fan of classic designs, as not only can you mix them with trending pieces (here today, gone today - and sometimes that's okay!), but it also means you're solving a wardrobe dilemma for years to come.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Portchester Castle: Portsmouth's Hidden Gem

UK Travel Blogger Visit to Portchester CastleI say 'hidden' gem, but Portchester Castle is pretty difficult to conceal!  Located at the northern end of Portsmouth Harbour, the medieval castle is built within a former Roman fort.  I've only ever visited Portsmouth a handful of times and so I'll be the first to admit I had absolutely no idea Portsmouth was harbouring (excuse the pun) such a special place!  Honestly?  Castle ruins can be just as special as those packed full with furniture; at the very least, it paves the way for you to use your imagination.  With barely anyone around and an afternoon of non-stop sunshine, it was time to explore...

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Exploring Cliveden In Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Stretch Twill Utility Dress Navy BlueThe only thing better than a beautiful outfit, is a beautiful setting.  Or is it the other way around? Hmm, can we have both?!  Speaking of which, I've loved hearing over recent months about how many of you recognise some of the historic places and cities featured on A Glass Of Ice.  So, having been sent the most perfect utility dress from Ralph Lauren, I wondered what place could possibly get on a level with the brand's classic beauty?  Having wanted to explore the luxury hotel Cliveden for a while now, it seemed the perfect opportunity to see what all the fuss was about ...

Thursday, 14 September 2017

8 Culture-Packed Day Trips To Take From London

Fun Historic Day Trips To Take From London 2017
I mentioned at the beginning of this year my plan to cover more places on 'home turf' and so far I've kept to my word!  However it's through doing this, I've noticed a familiar question popping up both in the comment section, as well as my inbox - can these places be reached from London?  So, considering most visitors to the UK at some point find themselves in London, I've put together a brief list of culture and/or fun-packed places easily reached from the capital.  Each one has been tried and tested, enjoyed and reviewed!

Monday, 11 September 2017

6 Autumn Wardrobe Heroes To Invest In ASAP!

Embellished Black Box Clutch HandbagI've said it before and I'll say it again, I love dressing for the cold weather; you can go totally overboard with layering and accessorising!  Although until then, we've got to muddle through those awkward days; you know, the ones that start off freezing cold and then roast you alive by mid-afternoon?  There are a few definite fail-safes that are worth investing in ASAP,  including new jeans (but you already knew that) and other essentials.  Once you've got those basics in place, feel free to go crazy with the embellished berets and jumping on board the faux fur bag trend - if only to make me feel better about my inevitable beret-seeking online shopping sessions, oops...

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Petworth House & Park | September Stroll In The South Downs

Petworth House and Park Travel Blog ReviewWhen Autumn is mentioned, a few go-to phrases come to mind: golden leaves, chunky-knit jumpers, rainy days spent tucked up indoors, hot chocolate, toffee apples and... seasonal walks!  I can appreciate just how lucky we are here in the UK to have so many options available to us when it comes to exploring all that nature has to offer.  Off the top of my head, I can think of dozens of popular trails in the South, and many of which belong to the National Trust.  One of these can be found at Petworth House and Park, a stately mansion nestled in the South Downs (housing a fine art collection).  Along with the house, there are 700 acres to explore on a quiet Autumnal afternoon.  In my opinion, the beauty of the season lies in that you don't need good weather.  In fact, the rain even contributes to the 'cosy factor' - which let's face it, suits England very well...
Petworth House Front Exterior Gates
Petworth House Interior Chapel Church
I think part of the appeal of places such as Petworth House and Park, is the tranquility they offer.  As the temperature drops, you can often find yourself strolling through the grounds of these places without coming across anyone for ages.  It's just you and your thoughts to the sound of the rain bashing down on your umbrella - well, unless you're visiting with someone, and then it's non-stop chatting and stopping for carrot cake (twice!).
UK National Trust Property MoldingsNational Trust Petworth House Travel Blogger Review
National Trust House Grand Historic Fireplace
The Marble Hall can be found near the grand staircase and is beautifully bright, even on the darkest of days.  Am I obsessed with the floor?  Yes.  As you'll most likely be able to tell from this post, it quickly became my favourite room at the mansion!   
National Trust Petworth House Property Blog Review
Casual Riding Boots Jeans and Tee Styling for Autumn
National Trust Property Grounds Folly
I recently joked over on Instagram about aged moldings found in garden follies literally being my aesthetic, and so you can imagine my delight at stumbling across a Rotunda in the property's enclosed grounds!  I was planning on returning asap to check out the 'panoramic views of the South Downs' from the Pleasure Ground.  However, I've just read about how in October and November you can spot herds of deer in the park!  My advice?  Plan a visit to Petworth for the end of Autumn to catch up with friends or family; that way you get the best of what the place has to offer!
National Trust UK Petworth House in Autumn
UK Fashion Blog Black Riding Boots Casual Autumn Styling
Lifestyle Blog Petworth House Review 2017My love for historic houses, long walks and gardens is nothing new on A Glass Of Ice, but I'm pretty sure I'm not alone on that one! Do share your thoughts on this place below; will I find myself bumping into you at Petworth House and Park anytime soon?!

With love,

Gabrielle x


Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Mii Cosmetics: Supernova AW17 Collection

Mii Cosmetics AW17 Supernova CollectionNew season, new Mii Cosmetics collection!  Since my review of the brand's summer collection, Tropical Daydream, I've been obsessed with the Wide Eyed Liner.  Really, obsessed.  There always seems to be at least one staple in each collection that makes it into my can't-live-without permanent daily routine, and sure enough, it's happened again!  This season's Supernova collection is filled with the brand's flattering approach to beauty; including four long-wearing lip crémes, no-fuss liquid eyeliner and a glitter liner that screams festive parties (oops, too soon?).  So, which products from the Supernova collection have made me see stars?!

Monday, 4 September 2017

Heritage Check: The Ultimate 'Desk-To-Date' Autumn Print

Check Paperbag Waist Grey Women's TrousersAs soon as the colder weather hits, I tend to retreat to a world of block colours.  Bye prints!  However, having seen endless streams of strikingly bold prints hitting shops and runways alike, I've been persuaded to at least dip my toe into the pool of prints this Autumn. If, like me, you go all out with florals/stripes/gingham in summer, and then regress to only monochrome looks from September onwards, now is the time to experiment a little.  Just a tiny bit.  To start with?  Heritage Check.  It's bold and yet subtle if wanted, pretty yet powerful and ideal for wearing from desk-to-date, and day-to-night!

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Mon Dessert Framboise Rose & Pistachio Macarons | Worldwide Giveaway!

Mon Dessert Framboise Rose Macaron Kit ReviewSo I've been kind of MIA lately, though with pretty good reason.  Guess who's just celebrated their 24th birthday?!  Similar to the beginning of a new year, birthdays give me such good vibes; it feels like a new chapter, and an excuse to set new goals (ahem, any excuse to write a list).  Though before all else, my twenty-fourth year has started with macarons - lots of macarons.  Having fallen in love with Mon Dessert's macaron making kits last summer, I'm revisiting the Brixton-based French patisserie again for dessert heaven - all in the name of celebrating!  I've whipped up two batches of macarons, Framboise Rose and Pistachio, using the mini macaron-making kits.  Like what you see?  I've teamed up with Mon Dessert to offer one lucky reader of A Glass Of Ice the chance to win a Chocolat Noir & Gold Dust Macaron Kit and Pistachio Macaron Mini Kit.  Scroll down to enter!

Saturday, 26 August 2017

How To Transition Your Wardrobe | Summer-To-Autumn

Transitional Styling Mini SkirtAh, the end of Summer, the beginning of Autumn.  That time of year that sees us either freeze, or toast to death.  I think we can all agree transitioning our wardrobes over from one season to the next is hard, but totally worth it!  Honestly?  This is my favourite time of year with regard to fashion.  You get to combine and play around with looks from two totally different seasons.  So, if you're still wanting to show some skin, but don't fancy head-to-toe goosebumps, read on...

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Italianate Gardens: Something For The Weekend!

Beautiful UK Landscaped Gardens Flowers and PillarsAbove all else, the topic I mention most often on A Glass Of Ice is gardens.  Landscaped, traditional, oriental - any type at all!  A couple of my favourite experiences include the gardens at Hever Castle and Blenheim Palace.  With so many open to the public in the UK (often via small entry fee or suggested donation for their ongoing upkeep), it makes sense to fill a weekend here and there with blooms and follies.  In my opinion, Italianate gardens are the Creme de la Creme of what's on offer, with many of them hiding temples and other treats behind formal hedging and columns.  Though, what exactly makes them so special?

Friday, 18 August 2017

Hotel Dukes' Palace | Princess Castle Vibes

Hotel Dukes' Palace Belgium Blog ReviewIt's safe to say we all have our personal favourites when it comes to the design of hotels.  However, something that tends to bring us all together in agreement and simultaneous swoons, is princess castles.  Bear with me.  By this, I'm talking about traditional, luxurious architecture that seems taller and grander than any of its surroundings.  They usually feature gold embellishments, grand gates and if you're very lucky, turrets!  With this in mind, Hotel Dukes' Palace has been my go-to hotel when visiting the beautiful city of Bruges.  Sure, there's no moat, but the city does offer plenty of canals...

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

5 Ways To Look Stylish While Working Out

UK Luxury Fitness and Activewear BloggerLet's get one thing straight, I don't workout with my hair down.  It would take about ten minutes for it to look a hot mess and another ten for it to wrap around my neck on the treadmill.  But, it did get me thinking: having recently joined a new gym (and loving it), what can you do to stay looking stylish while working out?  I've put together a quick-fire list below to provide a little inspiration, though don't forget - what others think of you while exercising is irrelevant, it's all about you and your progress!  So, just consider the following five tips a way to help you recognise yourself as you catch your reflection mid-rep...

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Aux Merveilleux de Fred, Belgium

Trays of desserts at Aux Merveilleux de FredI'll admit, when it comes to cafés in the UK I have a tendency to return to old familiars again and again.  Thankfully, that's not the case when travelling; where hopping overseas usually results in the want to try everything, anything and anywhere!  While exploring Bruges last month, on my way back to the Hotel Dukes' Palace (post coming soon!), I was distracted by an overwhelmingly large chandelier filling an artisan patisserie on the corner of the street.  This, accompanied by rows upon rows of chocolate-filled brioches and colourful meringues meant that I, of course, headed inside to explore...

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

The Bustier: Chic, Fresh & Sexy

Estella Bartlett Gold Dragonfly Necklace BlogHands up who doesn't have a bustier hanging in their wardrobe?  It literally never even occurred to me, until those lace corsets with whalebones emerged from Dior.  I've played with the idea ever since, only biting the bullet when discovering this denim bustier top from Alexa Chung (a last minute addition to the debut collection).  Paired with a romantic, ruffled skirt, it's giving definite vibes - though of what exactly, I'm not sure.  At the moment, I'm seeing a twist on traditional Tyrolean dress, and Catherine Zeta Jones in The Mask of Zorro, when her dress is strategically cut off mid-sword fight (but, denim).  Yeah, well I did say I wasn't sure of the vibe...

Sunday, 6 August 2017

I Left My Heart In: Bruges

Famous Bridge Over Canals in BrugesHave you ever formed an instant attachment to a place?  Personally, I have a handful of spots across Europe I've immediately fallen in love with - and Bruges is one of them!  I've blogged about Belgium's famous city a fair few times now, including spending my last birthday there, as well as a magical festive evening last Christmas.  But the love has grown even stronger since then, having spent a few days last month back in what now feels like my home away from my home.  Heavy downpours were quickly replaced by scorching sunshine, busy streets led onto quiet backroads, and moments were made into memories I know will only serve to intensify my love for the place...

Friday, 4 August 2017

Classic White Shirt, With A Twist...

Estella Bartlett Avocado NecklaceYou can never have too many white shirts in your wardrobe, true.  But you can have too much of the same thing.  So, in a bid to bring some diversity to my shirt collection, this year I've been searching for various statement shirts (starting back in May with Karen Millen's coveted Super Frill Shirt - in a very 'Alice in Wonderland' kind of setting!).  But the search didn't stop there, and I've since found myself eyeing up ruffles, pussy bows, pleats and embroidered beauties.  At the end of this post, I've put together a little edit of classic white shirts with a twist, ready to pair with your favourite denim and midi skirts...

Monday, 31 July 2017

Hever Castle Ft. My Favourite Gardens!

Never Castle travel blogger reviewRemember my obsession with castles (see Berkeley Castle and Leeds Castle)?  Well, it's reached a whole new level thanks to a visit to Hever Castle on a very warm day!  The 13th-century childhood home of Anne Boleyn is packed with 700 years of history, and has been on my to-see list for as long as I can remember.  Having recently found myself in Kent, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to pop in, explore and swipe a salted caramel ice cream or two...

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Al Fresco Dining | 5 Key Embellishments

Al Fresco Dining Blog PhotographyWith July drawing to a close, inevitably, a couple of thoughts are popping into our heads here in the UK.  Firstly, where the hell did the gorgeous weather go?  Come back!  We promise we'll be more appreciative!  Secondly, it's time to get serious about those summer plans.  In this instance, it's all about al fresco dining and preparing to soak up those warm-weather vibes.  The question is, alongside the mass of food you've prepared, what other embellishments are needed to set the scene?

Monday, 24 July 2017

In The Surrey Hills | De Vere Wotton House

De Vere Wotton House Restaurant I'm a huge fan of staycations, which has become apparent since the start of this year - having set myself the goal of discovering more places on home turf!  However, it's not always about crushing ten million things into a day or two (ahem, 48 Hours in Bath and Bournemouth Summer Staycation), and instead sometimes lounging around and soaking up the atmosphere of wherever you're based.  Personally?  I'm an overthinker.  And so this kind of staycation can provide the perfect opportunity to switch off, disconnect and completely unwind.  All that's needed is comfortable loungewear, a couple of magazines and a healthy appetite...

Friday, 21 July 2017

Worldwide Giveaway: Estella Bartlett Jewellery

Estella Bartlett Rose Gold Unicorn NecklaceOh you know I adore dainty jewellery by now.  It contributes so much to a look without distracting from the overall outfit.  One of my all-time favourite brands for teeny-tiny, delicate pieces is Estella Bartlett, and has been for a long time (see Riviera and Double Denim styling).  The good news?  I've teamed up with the British jewellery brand to offer one lucky reader of A Glass Of Ice the chance to win a £40 voucher to spend on the Estella Bartlett website!  Scroll down to enter, and in just a few weeks you could be cherry-picking your fave playful and chic pieces of jewellery...
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