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Saturday, 21 April 2018

9 Sumptuous Afternoon Teas | Traditional British Locations

The Imperial Torquay Luxury Afternoon Tea
Phew!  Would you take a look at that afternoon tea?!  I'm proud to say this was demolished in under fifteen minutes - but photographed for probably twice as long beforehand!  Last month I found myself in Torquay for a few days, staying at The Imperial Torquay.  While there, I seized the opportunity to indulge in an afternoon tea downstairs overlooking the harbour.  Blazing hot sunshine streaming through the windows, large helpings of condiments and glorious interior design to set the mood.  It was undoubtedly one of my all-time favourite afternoon teas... which got me thinking; what other fabulous, traditional afternoon teas can be found right now across the country?  Notepads at the ready, it's time to hunt down the tastiest scones in the UK!  The rules are loose, but sumptuous interior deign is a must...

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

How To Be A Glow Getter This Spring!

Compton Acres Pink Italianate Villa
Ah, the joys of Spring!  Would it be tragic to say I've kind of been holding out for this season for over a month now?  When Winter drags on for too long, you can end up feeling as though you've stagnated and simply because there isn't enough change happening within nature.  Well, be gone tights and thermal base layers - the blooms have arrived!  Progress is definitely something that goes hand in hand with this season, it's a time of fresh starts and new beginnings.  A chance to set your focus on a new path and move into these warmer months with a sense of satisfaction.  Ooooh.  Feels good, right?!  Go-getting and releasing that inner glow...

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Greenway Estate | Agatha Christie's Holiday Home

Greenway Estate Agatha Christie's holiday home blog review
For as long as I can remember, I've been a huge (read: intense) fan of Agatha Christie's work.  In particular, her creations of Miss Marple and Poirot.  In fact, alongside the books I've also developed an obsession with the ITV adaptations of these two series over the past decade.  I have my favourite books/episodes, my favourite characters and of course, my favourite lines.  To be honest, I compare each and every murder mystery story with her work.  The question I ask myself most often?  But is it as good as Agatha Christie's work?  So, now you understand how utterly mesmerised I am with the British writer's work, you can imagine my sheer joy upon visiting her holiday home near Galmpton in Devon, England...

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Spring Wedding Guest | Embellished Dresses

Wedding Guest Spring Styling Outfit
It's wedding season!  And we all know what that means: time to start tracking down those gorgeous frilly frocks!  Alongside being a part of someone's very special day, weddings also provide the perfect opportunity to wear something a little more flamboyant.  A chance to release our inner magpies and find the most embellished, show-stopping pieces we can find.  Thankfully, current trends are totally working in our favour this season thanks to a resurgence of interest in crystals, glitter and general OTT embellishment.  Personally, for a recent wedding (my cousin's beautiful day), I opted to wear this midi embellished dress (also available as a top) and loved every second of doing so.  So, you've got a wedding to attend this season and you're wanting something spectacularly beautiful to wear? End your search.  Down below, I've put together an edit of the most beautiful, dazzling embellished dresses available right now and separated them into different lengths to suit your preference.  Enjoy!

Monday, 9 April 2018

CBT | The Beginner's Guide

Fashion Blog Parisian Styling Theme
CBT, ever heard of it?  Perhaps, perhaps not.  It stands for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and still sees many people wielding sticks in a bid to keep the concept faaaar away from them.  But here's the thing, it's not that deep.  Instead, it's just a really, really helpful tool that takes you from spinning yourself in circles over something less than important, to shrugging it off with ease.  I'd go as far as to call it life-changing.  So, I mentioned at the end of last year how I'd be exploring a couple of different routes, including practicing mindfulness and sure, I was skeptical (who isn't?).  Fast forward four months later and it's truly been such an incredible journey.  So incredible in fact, it feels near impossible not to share some basic CBT with you!  I've taken five basic concepts from what I've been learning and shared them with you below - speaking as no expert!  Consider then five steps forwards into a calmer, more serene life.  You never knew, you may just be curious enough to go through an online programme, or perhaps find a practitioner near you!  Trust me, you won't regret it...

Saturday, 7 April 2018

Spring Edit | The BEST Cut Out Dresses!

Karen Millen Blue Cut Out Flared Knit Dress
Spring has sprung!  We're shedding the faux fur coats and are now turning our attention towards our (slightly) warmer weather wardrobes.  Lately, I've been fine-tuning my style and passing tons of pieces to charity that I've now fallen out of love with, or that simply don't make me feel gorgeous anymore.  But enough of the doom and gloom, it's all about what's new to our wardrobes, right?! A new discovery of mine has been cut out dresses.  Sure, I've known about them, but for years they were a no-go purely due to the concern of bending the wrong way and revealing a less than flattering silhouette.  But as I've mentioned ten million times before, life is just too short to be worry about that.  So, it's time to don the best cut out styles of the season, show some skin and embrace the strange tan lines!

Monday, 2 April 2018

Should You Share Your Blog With Friends & Family?

How to Style OTK Boots for Spring
Admittedly, this post is directed towards bloggers and bloggers alone.  But hey, for all of you who don't have a blog, you never know when you may get the urge to write one and be asking yourself this very question!  So, a couple of months ago, I came across a thread discussing whether or not to share your blog name with friends and family.  My immediate thought was 'well, why not?' and moved on with my day.  Except, until that point, I'd only shared my blog name with direct family and a couple of friends!  I'd be quick to share it with those who move in and out of life in the blink of an eye, and yet not with the constants who have loved and supported me for years. Strange?  Strange.  You can imagine where I'm going with this.  Since then, I've told friends and family my blog name and have been soaking up their reactions ever since...

Friday, 30 March 2018

Happy Easter Weekend! | Themed Table Setting

Pastel Coloured Easter Table Setting
I won't lie and marvel at how Easter has snuck up on us all, not when I've had my mind firmly fixed on the chocolate eggs for some weeks now!  I feel as though this holiday is such an underrated one.  It comes with minimal expectations and even less effort.  You're usually knee deep in good food and surrounded by relatives!  But if you rather fancy putting together something special for one meal, I've come up with a few suggestions of how you can do exactly that.  Just... make sure nobody fills up on chocolate eggs while you're busy putting the themed table together!

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Looking Forward Vs. Wishing Your Life Away

Cafe with Pillars and Italianate Architecture England
It's summer and you're thinking about Autumn.  It's the New Year and you're thinking about Spring. It's breakfast and you're thinking about lunch.  It's nighttime and you're thinking about morning.  Sound familiar?  Suuuuper sorry but you might just be in the.... wishing-your-life-away club.  I know, it sucks.  But don't worry, I'm in the club too!  It's an ugly habit and one that you find yourself stumbling into while innocently looking forward.  But trust me, there's a big difference between the two: looking forward and wishing your life away.  And getting it right can be the difference between living in a state of constant excitement, or just plain ol' impatience.  Take it from someone who learnt the hard way...

Saturday, 24 March 2018

Styling Loud Prints | Botanical Vibes

Khaki Botanical Print Midi Skirt
So, with the new season (finally) creeping up on us, it's time to start thinking about how our wardrobes can work with the current trends, right?  Loud and bright colours are coming up at the top of the list, with crazy patterns stealing the show.  Polka dots and summer plaid, in particular.  But what if you're just not a crazy pattern kinda person?  Botanical prints haven't had everyone down on their knees with praise for a few years, and yet they still appear in collections and hit shop windows every. single. spring. and. summer. In my opinion, they're the subtle girl's approach to loud prints and a great option for those looking for something a little more versatile in their wardrobe.  Although don't get me wrong, you'll still catch me wearing plenty of polka dots and plaid this season.  Just... maybe not mixing them!

Monday, 19 March 2018

Actually, You Can!

Knitted Button Up Black Midi Dress
We each have these ideas of what we can and can't do, and nine times out of ten they're based on pretty flimsy reasons.  But that's a whole other topic.  Right now?  Let's just keep it to our wardrobes. You see, I'm pretty sure everyone has something they think they can't wear; because it doesn't work, it doesn't flatter, it's just not 'suited' to them.  But what does that even mean?  If there's anything we've been taught over the past couple of years, it's that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and there really is no 'right' way to look.  A butterfly can be beautiful, and so can a kitty cat.  Neither one takes away from the other.  Anyway, last week while shopping, I came across this tight-fitting, knitted midi dress and heard myself saying, ''ugh, wish I could wear that''.  And that was pretty much the moment I decided to practice what I preach.  Skip forward a few days and I'm hanging out in a glasshouse, donning new-in accessories by Aldo and wearing that very same midi dress...

Friday, 16 March 2018

Pandora Jewellery | Private Dining At The Ritz

Gold Orante Light Fitting With Many Small Lamps
Rewind to Wednesday night and I was in a private dining room at The Ritz, sipping champagne and taking a peek at some of the latest releases from Pandora.  I know, dreamy.  Better yet, afternoon tea was served in The Burlington Room in the evening, which if you ask me, should absolutely become something of the norm.  Mmmm.  Warm scones with generous helpings of strawberry jam at eight in the evening?  Yes please!  Delicious food aside, we were there to be updated with the latest news from Pandora, shiny Spring collections included, as well as a very special new release.  But shhh!  The brand won't be revealing it until later this month.  Thankfully, I've got one sitting prettily in the gift bag below and so I'll be sharing it here on A Glass Of Ice in an outfit post towards the end of the month - so keep your eyes peeled for that shiiiiny feature!

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Clueless | How To Channel Your Inner Cher Horowitz

Clueless Cher Hororwitz Inspired Fashion Outfit
I'm ready.  I was born ready.  That's right... Cher Horowitz, I'm coming for your tiara!  Seriously though, there's something drop dead gorgeous about her style.  Something so special, in fact, it's been trending for the past few months and I'm really hoping it'll stick around for a little while longer.  Clueless is one of those films that see us all tweet frantically about those '90s feel-good chick flicks', y'know?  It's attracted a cult following, for certain.  And sure, Cher has a lot of fabulous traits going for her, but above all else?  It's the fashion.  The check prints and yellow plaid, the mini skirts, the beret and the knee-high socks.  Swoon.  I'm still obsessing over it.  The question is, how to bring it into your wardrobe for this time of year (and this century)?!

Friday, 9 March 2018

Hotel Chocolat Giveaway | Champagne Easter Egg (Open Worldwide!)

Hotel Chocolat Easter Giveaway Worldwide 2018
You gorgeous bunch are being totally spoilt this season!  Along with the fabulous chance to win a £200 voucher to spend with Fenn Wright Manson, I've also teamed up with Hotel Chocolat to offer one lucky reader of A Glass Of Ice the chance to win their very own delicious Champagne Easter Egg.  Ooh!  Half 40% milk chocolate and half strawberry-white & milk chocolate and piled with hedonistic truffles filled with Mercier Champagne, it makes for the ultimate Easter treat.  Personally, I struggle between quality and quantity when it comes to chocolate - I want it all!  Thankfully, the extra-thick chocolate shell of this Easter egg doesn't compromise and delivers both; 395g of tastiness.  Mmm.  If that's got your lips tingling, scroll down to enter before 25/03 for your chance to win!

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Jessica Nails | La Vie En Rose

Jessica Nails SS18 La Vie en Rose
Is... is that the last of the snow now?  I don't want to jinx things, but it really does feel as though Spring is on its way now.  I mean, the fact we're no longer stepping out into sub zero temperatures has got to count for something, right?!  We may not quite be able to jump into Spring in the way we want to just yet (uh, might hold off on those frilly mini dresses for a bit longer), but we can embrace in another, more subtle way.  Time to get out your nail polish remover and coat your talons in pastel shades!  Nude nails continued trending throughout winter (lifelong fan though over here), but now it's time to inject a subtle helping of colour with this season's pastel shades!  I adore pastel shades for Spring, and so with this in mind I'm totally smitten with Jessica Nails' Spring 2018 collection: La Vie En Rose (Life in Pink).  The so-pretty-it-hurts name for the collection aside, it comprises six pastel colours, including the most gorgeous shade of lilac that I've been wearing non-stop since getting my paws on the new Spring Collection...

Friday, 2 March 2018

Fenn Wright Manson | £200 Voucher Giveaway (Open Worldwide!)

Fenn Wright Manson Petite Styling Fashion Blogger
A large part of the world is covered in a sheet of the white fluffy stuff right now and I'll admit, I'm loving the novelty of snowfall in March. However, it's safe to say most of us are looking ahead to those beautiful, warmer days of the year!  New blooms, sunshine-filled late afternoons, waking up to the sound of birds singing and... last year's outfits.   Wait, no that won't work.  Babe, you need new clothes!  And that's where I come in.  I've teamed up with Fenn Wright Manson to offer one very lucky reader of A Glass Of Ice the chance to win a £200 voucher to spend on their designer womenswear fashion!  Gather some inspo from my last collaboration with the brand and then read on to enter...

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Are Trench Coats Back On Trend?

Classic Beige Trench Coat Spring 2018
Yes!  Although, were they ever actually off trend?  You know what, who cares?!  We won't get weighed down with the details. Ultimately, trench coats are here to stay and have been since circa, uh, 411 BC (or something).  They're timeless, chic and go a long way in helping you look as though you mean business.  In short, a trench coat is an investment piece for your wardrobe - especially considering at least once a year, we're told they're back 'on trend'.  No complaints here!  Although, when they're discussed, it's very rarely with a focus on the traditional, timeless trench coat that will actually serve you for years to come, and instead delivered with a focus on 'trending' trench coats.  I mean; asymmetrical hemlines, quirky fringing embellishment and wild colour combos.  All of which are gorgeous, but will you still love them next year, the year after or the year after that?  Hmm...

Monday, 26 February 2018

Mii Cosmetics | Nude Ambition & Classic Favourites (Full Look!)

Mii Cosmetics Beauty Blog Full Look Review
Oh!  Surprise, surprise.  I'm still in love with Mii Cosmetics.  For those unfamiliar with my longterm obsession with the British brand, Mii Cosmetics specialise in makeup that flatters your face, rather than hides it.  They're all about natural beauty, flattering shades and making the most of your features.  So, if that ticks all of the right boxes for you, you'll love this news... their new collection launches in just three days from now!  Nude Ambition launches officially on March 1st and features a Double Delight Concealer & Serum, Illusionist Translucent Powder and Double Delight Blush & Bronze.  Along with these gorgeous new additions to their range, I've put together a full look using all Mii Cosmetics products.  Some of my classic favourites are included, along with a few new introductions from the brand's extensive range...

Friday, 23 February 2018

Queens Hotel Cheltenham | What I Look For In A Hotel

Queens Hotel Cheltenham Luxury Hotel Review
How on Earth has it been over two weeks since I shared my Instagram Guide to Cheltenham?!  I've hit publish on a fair few new posts since then, however the intensity of my love for the town hasn't dwindled.  Not at all.  Not even a little bit.  I stayed at Queens Hotel Cheltenham for my staycation in Cheltenham due to its fabulous reputation, clean refurbished interior design and prime location (my room literally overlooked the Imperial Gardens!).  The stay was perfect from beginning to end; starting with an upgrade and ending with a late checkout.  So, my time there sparked a thought - what do I look for when booking a hotel?  More to the point, what exactly makes a stay special enough to want to eagerly share it here for you to read?!  

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Fenn Wright Manson | Tweed For Spring & Discount Code!

Navy Blue Tweed Skirt Suit Spring
Finally, finally we're starting to creep a little closer towards Spring.  I can't even begin to explain how much I'm looking forward to the masses of colourful blooms appearing left, right and centre.  The brighter, sunnier (and pretty, pretty please warmer!) days. And of course, not forgetting the seasonal wardrobe changeover that comes with kissing goodbye to freezing cold temperatures and dressing in more layers than a Russian nesting doll.  But before we dive into ruffled mini dresses and cropped t-shirts, it's time to look at transitional styling.  The bridge between Winter and Spring in particular has become one of my favourite times on the calendar with regard to styling.  This is largely thanks to the options - you can mix and match to your heart's content!  With this in mind, I'm adoring casual skirt suits right now.  Although my rules are fairly relaxed, one thing is essential: it either has to be covered in a striking check print (look coming soon), or tweed.  Ooh.  Fenn Wright Manson have added the first Clueless-esque skirt suit to my Spring wardrobe and now I'm hooked.  I mean,  Cher Horowitz raised the bar pretty high, but I'm cool with living in her shadow...

Use the code Gabrielle20 for 20% discount at Fenn Wright Manson
(ends March 18th 2018)


Friday, 16 February 2018

M&S Flowers | Mother's Day Floral Display Tips

Using M&S Flowers in a Table Setting
Before we launch into my Mother's Day garden party setting.... Last week, I had the total pleasure of heading to The Ivy Chelsea Garden with Marks & Spencer, for a Mother's Day Flowers Masterclass (check out some of their expert tips!). It was a fabulous evening consisting of advice from M&S flower expert Simon Richards and award-winning blogger Rona Wheeldon, as they talked us through three different floral arrangements.  A sweet, compact narcissi arrangement was on the cards first, followed by the most beautiful bouquet of roses and finally, ending with a wild flower arrangement (check out last week's office setup and you'll understand why the latter became my fave!).  Better yet, we were encouraged to bring along our mums and so I had the pleasure of learning all about this season's floral trends with my mum by my side!  So, a couple of champagne flutes later, it was time to devote all of my attention to the creme brûlée doughnuts (I know, yum!), pack up our floral arrangements and head home, or rather... just around the corner.  Because the beauty of going anywhere with your mum, is that your dad insists on picking her up and so by default, you get secondhand princess treatment.  Bliss.

Monday, 12 February 2018

Why Do We Celebrate Special Occasions?

Bridal Dress Plunging Neckline Tulle
Is there anything more exciting than counting down to a special occasion?!  While shooting for Bridal Indulgence last week, I started thinking about why so many of us love to commemorate some of life's most special moments, such as weddings.  Personally, I've never held back from sharing with you just how much I love to throw myself into special occasions, including seasonal changes, events and national holidays. Anything and everything.  I can appreciate many simply don't get the hype.  But here's the thing: if we don't celebrate special occasions, what separates one day from the next?  Sure, you don't want to wish your life away, but as we've all heard at some point:

''Don't look back, you're not going that way.''

... and so why not start looking forward?

Friday, 9 February 2018

Dressing Down Evening Shoes | Winter Casualwear

How to Style Evening Shoes for Daytime
So, last night I saw Kinky Boots at the theatre and oh my gosh, it was hands down my favourite musical of all time!  Okay fine, maybe it's tied with Phantom of the Opera.  Who knows, I keep changing my mind.  Anyway, I loved the strong message of acceptance running throughout the musical, and perhaps even as much as I adored the constant focus on heels.  More to the point, high heels.  Ahem, to quote Kinky Boots' Sex Is In The Heel, ''Jack it up 'cause I'm no flat tire, mack it up six inches higher.''  Those words spoke to me on a spiritual level.  I'm kidding (kind of).  So much has my love for stilettos grown, that I adore wearing them whenever possible during daylight hours.  Why keep your most gorgeous heels for when the sun has set?  They need to be on show!  With the resurgence of interest in Manolo Blahnik embellished pumps, of late they can be seen styled with jeans and jumpers, dresses, jumpsuits and more. Why?  Because they're too gorgeous to be hiding away in their shoe boxes, waiting for that 'special occasion'.  It's time to peel back the tissue paper, head out in daylight hours and strut, strut, strut...  

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Instagram Guide To Cheltenham | Picture-Perfect Areas

Cheltenham Grand Regency Buildings in Sunshine
If you've been following along via Instagram, you'll know I travelled to Cheltenham last week for a mini staycation!  Having only ever visited once before, I knew I was in for an absolute treat.  I mean, I'm pretty sure I froze to death at one point, but the risk of hypothermia aside, the trip was everything I'd hoped for.  The hours were filled with stunning grand regency architecture, delicious food, shopping and hundreds of picture-perfect moments that scream 'Instagram me!'.  With that in mind, I've put together a little Instagram guide pointing you in the right direction, should you find yourself in the area anytime soon...

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

How To Style Neutrals | Layering & Textures

How to style chic neutrals in winter
Phew!  As lovely as this month has been, I'm pleased to see the back of January and mainly because it means we're one month closer to warm weather!  Although, the end of January doesn't mean the end of winter and so there's still plenty of time to embrace ALL the layers.  Speaking of which, I'm still head over heels for neutrals.  Black, grey, beige, white, brown and more.  In particular, I've developed a newfound appreciation for throwing as many neutrals as possible into one look.   The trick?  Lots of layers and tons of textures.

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Hotel Chocolat Valentine's Heart | Worldwide Giveaway!

Hotel Chocolat Valentines Straight From the Heart Chocolate Box
Regardless of whether or not you plan on spending Valentine's Day with someone special, there's no denying it's a really great excuse to jump on board another celebration!  These first few months of the year tend to feel a bit quiet in comparison to the lead up to the festive season, or summer's late nights and countless occasions.  So, you're celebrating Valentine's Day, or Galentine's Day, or just a night curled up on the sofa watching films on your own, there's still one common denominator making it a good night.  Chocolate!  Just don't find yourself at your corner shop at half nine in the evening.  Treat yo' self.  And this, ladies and gents, is where I come in!  I've teamed up with Hotel Chocolat to offer one lucky reader of A Glass Of Ice their very own Straight From The Heart - a heart shaped chocolate box filled with 35 caramels, cocktails, pralines and more!  Scroll down to enter...

Thursday, 25 January 2018

The Year Of Wellness | Cocobay Activewear

Sudio Black Regent Over Head Headphones
The meaning of wellness?  An 'active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life'.  You'll have no doubt heard it mentioned at some point over recent months, or years - though perhaps not in so many words.  Self-care falls under the umbrella of wellness, as does health and even fitness.  I feel as though the past few years have seen a huge shift towards encouraging people to look after themselves; it started with the concept of Hygge, moved to include Lagom and now has us all discussing self-care in every shape and form.  No complaints here.  We're a generation made up of those creating, working, analysing and pushing forwards - but with that comes a certain responsibility to truly take care of ourselves.  The question is, how does keeping active slot into this movement of wellness?

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Modelling For Bridal Indulgence | One Dress, Eight Looks (And More!)

White lace bridal top and skirt
Well, this is something new!  If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know I was asked to model bridalwear for Bridal Indulgence earlier in the month and at a pretty dreamy location.  I think I speak for everyone when I say there's something very attractive about all things bridal related; it's romantic and gentle.  With this in mind, I've been really looking forward to sharing some of the images from the shoot here on A Glass Of Ice!  The theme?  One dress, eight looks.  Oh, along with a couple of other breathtakingly beautiful dresses that look as though they belong in fairytales...

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

5 Desserts To Decorate With Gold Leaf

How to Use Gold Leaf to Decorate Desserts
I'll be the first to admit to anything and everything metallic catching my eye.  Sometimes accessories, always product packaging and without a shadow of a doubt, home decor.  But what about food?  Restaurants have got the right idea: go big or go home.  Most dessert menus these days are nothing short of spectacular, and usually thanks to the elaborate presentation.  No complaints here.  Last Spring, I started experimenting with styling chocolate strawberries with gold leaf, and uh, I didn't stop there.  Gold leaf is super accessible and yet delivers serious style, making it the ideal finishing touch to whatever dessert you're serving up.  Needless to say, you can place edible gold leaf on anything you like (although if you've used it before, you'll know it's a pain in the neck to use - so delicate!), but my top five suggestions?  Read on...
Doughnut Covered in Gold Leaf

D I P P E D   S T R A W B E R R I E S  

My first escapade with gold leaf was using chocolate-dipped strawberries.  If you find the edible sheets very difficult to put in place, covering just the lower half of strawberries can save a lot of time!


As shown in this post.  Ta-dah!  If you keep your doughnuts in the fridge (shame on you), make sure to take them out for a while before using, as gold leaf prefers damp surfaces to stick to - so don't let it come into contact with your fingers!

C H O C O L A T E   T R U F F L E S

Next on my to-do list, for sure.  Smaller desserts mean less work, but with chocolate truffles the effect is just as striking.  Better yet?  Drizzle chocolate over the truffles first, or dust lightly with cocoa powder afterwards

I C E   C R E A M

Try not to go overboard to avoid overkill and it could be magical.  If you're displaying a scoop or two in a bowl, position a couple of squares of chocolate on the side and also cover them with gold leaf.  Like I said, magical

C R È M E   B R Û L É E

Admittedly, this isn't something I've seen on the menu before - but how I wish it was!  I'm kind of tired of seeing berries awkwardly balanced on desserts.  The large, flat surface could become ten times more glamorous with a small cluster of gold leaf covered fruit in the centre

Gold Leaf Doughnut Food Styling Lifestyle Blogger
I just adore beautifully presented desserts.  Obviously, taste comes first.  But there's no rule that says you ever have to compromise on presentation!  Having said that, I'm just as happy to tuck into a belgian bun without any glitz or glam.  Anyway, as always super looking forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments below!  Have you ever tried using edible gold leaf on food before for special occasions?   

With love,

Gabrielle x


Sunday, 14 January 2018

Colourful Faux Fur | It's Cool To Be Kind!

Styling Long Colourful Faux Fur Coat
This past week has been pretty lovely; a few standouts include modelling bridalwear (can't wait to share more!), shooting new looks for the blog and meetings with a couple of dreamy brands!  I've also been having a bit of a 'metallic moment', seeing me buy over-the-knee glitter boots in the Topshop sale (sneak peek on my Twitter) and uhh, sprinkling gold flakes over a doughnut - sassy doughnut alert.  But it also brought with it something a lot more serious.  While in London, an animal rights protest was taking place outside a popular outerwear store, spreading the message of their cruelty to animals.  Honestly, through seeing constant strong expression online and clear disliking of people choosing to wear real fur, I'd started to kid myself into thinking that out in the world, wearing real fur was a thing of the past.  Except, it's not.  I'm not here to judge, but I am here to help spread the message of how gorgeous (and warm!) faux fur can be and how unnecessary it is to look at real alternatives.  Bottom line?  It's cool to be kind.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

5 Reasons To Book A Hotel Staycation This Month

Green and Gold Chic Bar Stool
I absolutely adore the sense of camaraderie (particularly online) when it comes to hitting the ground running at this time of year; sharing dreams and setting goals.  However (and it's a big however), I'm also pretty sure we're going to need many incentives along the road to keep the motivation at this sky-high level!  I'll admit, I've got it pretty easy on this front as one of my main goals this year is to reach a whole other level of calm through mindfulness and learning how to truly relax  - so you won't catch me whipping myself.  But regardless of whether you're going full steam ahead, or learning how to take a step back, there's something we can all relate to - holidays!  So, you're looking into booking a staycation (probably, I mean this is January), why should you ditch the cosy cottage, quirky glamping experience and budget options this month, all in favour of a chic hotel staycation?

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Double Vinyl | Stepping Out Of Your Fashion Comfort Zone

How to Style Double Vinyl Patent Leather
Patent leather boots? No problem.  Vinyl skirt?  Also no problem.  But pair them together and you've got yourself a pretty saucy dominatrix-esque outfit that even a mohair chunky knit jumper can't tone down.  Oops.  I wouldn't say my personal style is safe - due to the masses of mile-high stilettos I pair with most outfits - but I rarely step out of my comfort zone.  My comfort zone is pretty vast at this point, and so it surprised me to find how categorically uncomfortable I felt stepping out in double vinyl.  The good news?  That feeling didn't last for long...
Reiss Jemima Chunky Knit Jumper
Aldo Loreni Patent Leather Black Ankle BootsIf 'familiarity breeds contempt', stepping out of your fashion comfort zone is definitely the way to go.  A funny sense of pride comes with having broken the cycle and tried something new, and once you've started thinking about unusual-for-you outfit combinations, you just can't stop!  With this week arriving and bringing with it a fresh new year, it's the perfect time to step out of your comfort zone and try pairing different pieces together.  My advice?  When you're ready to challenge yourself, roll up a pair of jeans (or jumper) in your tote, ready to whip out should you lose your nerve at any point throughout the day.  Or, y'know, suspect hypothermia to be setting in. Speaking of which, anyone else find their legs never get cold?  I'm literally a walking-talking ice cube, and yet that doesn't seem to apply to my legs?!
Fashion blog how to style double patent leather outfit
Unusual way to style oversized chunky knit jumpers
Patent Faux Leather Ruffled Black Mini Skirt

Jumper - Reiss

Skirt - H&M

Boots - Aldo (also at Zalando)

Clutch - Victoria Beckham at Farfetch   |   Hat - Mint Velvet

Fashion Blogger Walking in Double Vinyl Styling
Aldo Black Patent Loreni Stiletto BootsAt the end of the day, fashion is meant to be fun.  And this sure as hell was fun to wear!  Will I be pairing the two together again?  No, probably not.  Been there, done that, got the raised eyebrows.  But it's definitely prepared me for stepping outside my fashion comfort zone more in future.  Damn, it feels exciting to be starting a fresh new year, right?!

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