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Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Seafolly Swimwear At Cocobay | How To Look Chic At The Beach!

Seafolly Love Bird Wrap Front Booster Bikini
A beach day is looming on the calendar.  You've got an old swimsuit in your drawer from last year you haven't dared yet try on in case it cuts you in half, you can't remember the last time you had a pedicure and this is 100% not going to be one of those 'chill by the water and eat sausage rolls' kind of beach trips.  For whatever reason, you want to look good - you want to look chic.  Relax, I've got you! Keeping in mind comfort is key and less is (definitely) more, it's much easier than you'd think to put together a stylish look for a day on the beach.  Notepads and pens at the ready...    

Saturday, 16 June 2018

Prezzybox Afternoon Tea Experience | Ashdown Park Hotel & Country Club

Prezzybox Voucher Ashdown Park Hotel Afternoon Tea Experience
Picture this: you're driving down a remote country lane, dipping in and out of sunshine and heading towards a grand luxury spa hotel ready to enjoy a pre-booked afternoon tea.  Heavenly.  Thanks to Prezzybox, an indulgent afternoon tea at Ashdown Park Hotel & Country Club was on the cards earlier this week - one venue out of many from their list of luxurious afternoon tea experiences across the UK.  Armed with an enveloped gift experience voucher, all that remained was to hand it over and be guided to my reserved table for two.  Now, we all know how much I adore classic, traditional interiors and so many boxes were ticked on that front at the four-star hotel.  It was a case of 'cake with a view' - and a rather spectacular one, complete with fountain.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Double Gingham | The Perfect Summer Pairing

Styling Double Gingham in Summer
Yesssss!  Summer is here and it's calling for ALL the patterns to be worn outside underneath the sun.  Admittedly, I'm still trying to warm to clashing prints, but in the meantime I can happily jump on board the matchy-matchy express.  Right now?  It's all about gingham.  I can't help but associate the pattern with all things lovely.  It works just as well for beautiful afternoons spent in tranquil gardens as it does summer festivals, candyfloss in hand.  The print is ideal for taking from desk-to-date, as well as being downplayed for shopping stints.  My point is, there are very few occasions that gingham doesn't suit.  But how about double gingham?  Like I said, I'm not quite ready for clashing prints, but I can embrace the same print in clashing colours.  We've spent all winter swooning over double denim, but now it's time for you to shine in double gingham.  Do your thaaaaang, babe.

Monday, 11 June 2018

''Don't Mistake My Kindness For Weakness''

Warehouse Blue Button Through Linen Midi Dress
Have you ever come across that quote before?  It's one of my all-time favourites, particularly because it was one of the last little nuggets of wisdom my grandad had shared before he passed away.  I often catch myself mulling it over, each time nodding more enthusiastically until I've managed to psych myself up to preach it here, there and everywhere.  Come to think of it, that's probably how I've wound up writing about it here on A Glass Of Ice.  Anyway, following on from our last discussion on how being gentle could be your strength (thanks so much for the incredible feedback, by the way; overwhelmingly happy to know so many of you agree!), I'm now wondering just how many people accidentally confuse kindness with weakness.  Eek!

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Kew Gardens | Top 5 Attractions to See

Humidity at The Palm House at Kew Gardens
Oh this is going to be looooong because I'm completely, absolutely obsessed with Kew Gardens!  Having only ever visited in winter for their festive events, I was hugely excited to return while in the area recently - during one of the warmer months of the year.  Having booked a midweek stay at Urban Villa (an aparthotel in Kew), the journey to the famous gardens was a brilliantly short one and a journey that ended with glasshouses, botanical plants and views from 59ft above ground level.  Kew Gardens is a paradise for garden lovers and flower fanatics alike.  Simply put, it's paradise.  A quick visit to their website will tell you just how many attractions there are, however a few sights in particular shot to the top of my love-list while on my sunshine-filled visit...


Friday, 1 June 2018

How To Look Like A Bond Girl!

Fashion blogger tips how to look like a Bond Girl
So, I shared this look over on Instagram recently and jokingly referred to Ariana Grande's 'Dangerous Woman' needing to be played in the background to accompany the outfit.  Well, it seems we're all on the same wavelength, as some of the comments literally had me laughing out loud.  One, in particular, inspired this blog post.

'' O H   ,   H I   B O N D ' S   G I R L ''

Have I died and gone to heaven?  Let's face it, to resemble the Bond Girls in even a shadow of a way is pretty thrilling.  I'd take 10% of a resemblance.  Wait, no I'd probably even take 6%.  Or less.  It's the ultimate outfit-compliment and something I've been striving for (whether I realised it or not) since watching my first Bond film, Dr. No, as a teenager.  Speaking of which, we all have our fave Bond Girls - which is yours?  My favourites include Elektra King (played by Sophie Marceau) in The World Is Not Enough and Miranda Frost (played by Rosamund Pike) in Die Another Day.    
Pretty Wisteria Covered Place in England
Fashion Blogger tips on how to look like a Bond Girl
Oasis Striped Bodycon Midi Dress
Okay, so obviously there's no official rulebook as to how to look like a Bond Girl, but it's safe to say they do have a few well-known noteworthy attributes that go a long way in helping us to channel 'the look'.  Do they carry apples around with them?  Probably not. However, there are a few indisputable must-haves that feature in their outfits.  Assuming they're not sexily emerging from the water, they're usually seen in figure-hugging dresses and fierce-heeled stilettos.  Next up comes the immaculate nails, bold lips and never a hair out of place (sorry, can't help you there - the British breeze is not my friend).  If you're also a bit of a softie, sunglasses can help a lot in helping you to achieve the look and add a touch of mystery to your outfit.  But - and it's a big 'but' - above all else, it's about confidence.  Do the Bond Girls ever doubt their ability and slip into the shadows in an attempt to conceal themselves?  Hell no.  Keep your head, heels and standards high - remember your worth, babe!
Pretty English Patio Area in Summer
Sexy Striped Bodycon Midi Dress
Fashion Blogger Tips on how to look and dress like a Bond Girl


Dress - Oasis

Heels - Lost Ink

Sunglasses - Marc Jacobs


Wisteria Purple Flower Close Up Shot
Fashion Blogger Bond Girl Inspired Summer Outfit
Pretty Wisteria in British Summertime
Oasis Striped Bodycon Midi Summer Dress
Needless to say, styling an outfit to resemble a Bond Girl is a pretty subjective challenge.  With that in mind, I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!  Do you associate any specific attributes with that of a stiletto-wearing Bond Girl?!

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With love,

Gabrielle x


Tuesday, 29 May 2018

How To Upgrade Your Morning Routine

Roses Green Silk Gown Bonsoir of London
Swipe the alarm off your bedside table, retrieve the sock that somehow ended up in the middle of your bedroom and stumble downstairs to eat cereal from the box.  No, no and nope.  Not on my watch!  All of this gorgeous weather (besides the latest bout of thunder and lightning) has got me thinking about ways to improve our morning routines.  We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and so surely the first hour or two after waking up must to some extent dictate the general direction of our mood for the day as well, right?  I've lost count of the amount of emails listing 'morning habits of successful people' that have landed in my inbox, most of which include waking up really early, getting your hardest task done first and immediately planning out the day ahead.  But assuming you've already got a pretty good grip on your morning routine as far as motivation and ambition goes, now it's time to look at those pretty little details.  You know, the things that put a smile on your face from the moment you wake up and make you feel hashtag-blessed...

Saturday, 26 May 2018

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2018 | The Prettiest Features

Water Display Steam Chelsea Flower Show 2018
Warning: if you don't swoon over the sight of masses of brightly-coloured blooms, best turn away now!  So, we've now come to the end of this year's RHS Chelsea Flower Show and once again it's been absolutely spectacular.  Breathtakingly beautiful floral displays, innovative exhibits and more colour than you could possibly know what to do with.  Heaven.  I attended earlier in the week this year and thankfully caught the gorgeous weather by doing so; hello summer dress and cold drinks.  Looking back on this year's experience of the show, there were some definite standout features for me.  If you enjoy reading A Glass Of Ice, the chances are these will be somewhat 'standout' features for you too and so, enjoy!  If the overwhelming mass of flowers becomes too much for you, stare at a blank wall for a little while before returning to browse...

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Designer Sunglasses Edit | Cat Eye Glamour

Eyewearbrands Dolce & Gabbana Designer Sunglasses Review
Finally, finally we can talk about sunglasses without sounding overly optimistic.  The sun is shining (well, most of the time) and so it's time to whip out your sunglasses, wonder why you loved them so much the year before and start online shopping for a new pair instead.  Yay!  Aviator, oval, butterfly, circular, cat eye, club master.  Ugh, there are so many styles to choose from it can be tempting to binge-buy them all and be done with it.  Don't do that.  Instead, take a peek at my edit of gorgeously glamorous and oversized cat eye shades and pick the perfect pair to go with your frilly summer minis and plunging neckline maxis this season.  Enjoy!  

Sunday, 20 May 2018

M&S Flowers | Chelsea Flower Show 2018

Al Fresco Colourful Summer Dining
Gosh, can you believe it's time for the Chelsea Flower Show again?  It comes around so quickly each year!  You won't catch me complaining though, as for the past few years it's become an annual occasion of mine to attend with my mum (hello member day!) and soak up all things floral.  Tuesday 22nd May marks the beginning of the popular show and Saturday 26th May sees it come to a close.  As always, there is so much to see and I'm hugely excited to pop along this week (camera by my side, of course!) and share some of the most spectacular elements here on A Glass Of Ice.  Speaking of which, Marks & Spencer are exhibiting at Chelsea Flower Show and it's set to be incredible - make sure to swing by their display should you be visiting this year!  But more on that later, for now, it's time to take a peek at Marks & Spencer's new summer flowers and their colourful bouquets inspired by the Chelsea exhibit...

Edit: to avoid confusion, these photos are not of the show - this scene is in my back garden!

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Being Gentle Is Your Strength, Babygirl!

ELVI Sweet pea floral print tea dress
The chances are if you're reading (and enjoying) A Glass Of Ice, then you'll most likely have at some point in your life been accused of being gentle.  I say 'accused' because nine times out of ten the word isn't used in the way it was meant to be used; it often wrongfully suggests you're a pushover (wrong!) or takes the place of 'shy' and 'sensitive'.  Ultimately, being gentle means 'having or showing a mild, kind, or tender temperament or character' and believe me when I say there is everything good about that!  So, with a little help from ELVI Clothing, a picturesque setting and a few swans, let's dig a little deeper into what it means to be gentle and why it's time you started viewing it as your strength...

Monday, 14 May 2018

Currently Coveting | May Edition

Pretty Wishlist Collage Fashion Blogger PinkPretty things, pretty pretty things.  Call me frivolous, but I reckon the things we surround ourselves with can alter our entire mood and general outlook.  They can alter our days, weeks, months.  It's why we love fashion, interior design, art etc.  It goes without saying, everything in moderation... but can we just take a moment to swoon over a few 'pretty things' for this beautiful season?  So looking at this wishlist, can you tell I've got a thing for blush/nude shades right now?  Combine them with gentle floral prints and you've got yourself a beautifully feminine, romantic wardrobe prepared for these warmer months of the year...

Friday, 11 May 2018

The Minaudière Bag | The Quiet SS18 Trend

Fashion blogger waddesdon manor photoshoot
Oh, how the not-so-humble minaudière bag is stealing the show this season!  And probably the next season, along with the one after that.  And maybe the one after that?  Before we continue, let's just  clarify the exact meaning of the word 'minaudière'.  Simply put (with a little help from wikipedia), it's a fashion accessory that could be considered a jewellery piece, intended to substitute for an evening bag.  The term originates from the 1930s and its invention is attributed to Charles Arpels of Van Cleef & Arpels.  If the definition seems a little blurry, just picture the Chloé Nile Minaudière leather bag you've been seeing all over your feed for the past few months. They're small, compact and decorative.
Often referred to now as just 'box bags' but they're so much more than that.  If they make your heart skip a beat, they're probably a minaudière...

Sunday, 6 May 2018

The Best Hotel In Torquay | The Imperial Hotel

The Imperial Hotel Lobby Entrance Torquay
Oof, that's a pretty big statement, right?!  I'll hold my hands up right now and confess to having not actually stayed in every single hotel in Torquay.  However, having poked around and sussed out the competition, I remain confident in my statement - albeit a bold one!  As I mentioned in my recent Torquay travel diary, The Imperial Hotel was the accommodation for my time spent in the seaside resort town this season.  The hotel is currently undergoing a dramatic refurbishment and one that draws a stark difference between what was and what will be.  I experienced this first hand, having stayed in a deluxe room for the first night that was yet to receive the magic touch, and an incredible suite the second night that far more reflected the hotel's new vision.  Alongside a glimpse into the four-star hotel that you see in this post, are snippets of the spacious suite - complete with two bathrooms, dressing room, bedroom and corridor leading to joint living and dining room.  Oh, and not forgetting the two balconies!

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

It's Pastel Season! | N. Peal Cashmere

N Peal Cashmere Lilac Cropped Cardigan
I couldn't be any happier for the new season's influx of gentle pastel shades; baby blue, pink and lilac standing out above all else. Yellow and mint coming in at joint second place.  We've now well and truly shed the darker outfits from winter featuring layers upon layers, and kicked off the OTK boots.  Although, as I've mentioned before, the beauty of transitional styling is being able to keep some aspects of the past season in mind - cashmere, for example.  Ooh.  Could there be a more luxurious material?  Back to the pastel shades, they're undoubtedly the icing on the (super soft) cake.  Right now I'm obsessing over the many current trending shades of purple and I'm pretty confident lilac is a shade that suits all complexions.  It's gentle, feminine and perfectly suited to the season...

Monday, 30 April 2018

48 Hours In Torquay | South Coast Staycation

Torquay Area UK Travel Blogger Review
Just how long has it been since I shared a travel dairy here?!  Wait no, don't answer that.  As I mentioned recently, last month I found myself in Torquay for a few days, having long wanted to explore the South-West area.  I was last in Devon many years ago, when I was a child; tiddly-tot Gabs with a little blonde bob.  As a result, I associate the general area with lovely memories of jelly sandals, Babbacombe's model village and of course, plenty of ice cream.  But I've only ever dipped my toe into Torquay's dreamy blue waters and so this Springtime staycation served as the perfect opportunity to see what I've been missing out on.  Torquay is a seaside resort town on the English Channel in Devon and is referred to by many as 'The English Riviera', thanks to the marina, other beautiful settings, extensive list of things to do in the area - plus, a general European vibe that you can't quite put your finger on!

Thursday, 26 April 2018

Subtle Ways Of Bringing Florals Into A Spring Wardrobe

Miss Selfridge Black and Gold Blazer Fashion Blog
Oh you know we're all familiar with The Devil Wears Prada here, right?  And so I won't bore you with how florals are obviously nothing, ahem, 'groundbreaking' for Spring.  But I am going to go on about the themed print just a little.  Okay, more than a little, because I've fallen down the rabbit hole of floral accessories and have absolutely no intention of clambering my way out anytime soon. As much as I love busy floral printed dresses during the warmer months of year (and trust me, you'll be seeing plenty of them here on A Glass Of Ice - as requested!), I'm also loving more subtle ways of bringing the print into Springtime wardrobes.  Needless to say, I've stumbled across floral stilettos while down the floral-accessory themed rabbit hole, but what else?

Monday, 23 April 2018

Spring Styling | How To Get Creative With Your Wardrobe

Styling Gingham Check Trousers For Spring
Let's face it, here in the UK over the past week we were spoilt rotten with the weather!  Sunshine, warmth and smiles all round.  And then it disappeared.  But hey, nothing stays the same forever, right?  Thankfully, it will no doubt return soon and see us all strip down once more to bask in the sun, but for the time being... we need to get creative.  Creative with the ways we embrace the season, creative with lifting our moods on cloudier days and above all else, creative with our wardrobes!  I've got so much love for transitional styling, because it allows us to mix seasonal pieces and get away with more unusual combinations.  Frilly dresses paired with biker boots, roll neck jumpers layered underneath linen pinafore dresses and my personal favourite, denim jackets paired with printed trousers and sandals.
Nordgreen Infinity Pink Rose Gold Watch
How To Style Pink Denim Jacket For Spring
Zara Black and Gold Minaudière 2018

Jacket - Red Herring   |   Shirt - Ralph Lauren  |   Trousers - Zara

Sandals - Kurt Geiger   |   Sunglasses - Aldo

Bag - Zara (under £30!)

How to Style 2018 Minaudière Trend
Nordgreen pink and rose gold infinity watch blog review
Ah, denim jackets.  The saviours of Springtime wardrobes.  I never thought I'd be one to wear such a bold shade of pink, but the colour has absolutely grown on me over these past few weeks.  It's a major colour this season and sure, it's pretty easy to find right now as well.  Most collections can be found with at least a handful of pieces washed in the colour!  Like I mentioned earlier, a fave go-to of mine right now is pairing denim jackets with patterned trousers.  The trick is to pick one of them to be in a bright colour.  Bright jacket vs. dark printed trousers.  Colourful printed trousers vs. plain jacket.  You get the gist.  Another fabulous way of crossing over seasonal styling is to pair ruffled, ethereal dresses with biker boots or trainers, and fierce accessories.  The contrast can be pure magic.  Speaking of accessories, I've pretty much fallen in love with the minaudière trend; elaborate, flamboyant, luxurious and chic.  What's not to like?!
How To get Creative With Your Spring Wardrobe
Another accessory I'm attached to right now is this Infinity Watch from Nordgreen, a new Scandinavian brand championing minimal design and pure functionality.  I chose a blush strap to help it become a versatile piece in my spring/summer wardrobe.  For once a brand has included many holes in the strap to accommodate varying wrist sizes - so definitely a brand to look at if you're also struggling to find well-fitting watches!  Plus, the icing on this blush-and-rose-gold cake is the inter-changeable strap design.  I also have a black leather strap ready and waiting for when I want to switch things up again.  Perfect!

So, remember I enjoyed afternoon tea with Pandora Jewellery last month at The Ritz?  Well, the bracelet shown in this post is the gorgeous gift that was nestled inside the secret gift bag!  The Moments Silver Sliding Bracelet has been paired with the Promise of Spring Charm.  A gorgeous duo that you'll no doubt see plenty more of within outfits here on the blog this season!  If you like the style but fancy doing a little more browsing first, be sure to take a peek at their other silver bracelets.
Nordgreen Infinity Pink Rose Gold Watch Fashion Blog Review
Fashion Blog Trends 2018 Spring Styling
This really is a lovely time of year and even more so when it comes to our wardrobes.  Of course I'm excited for summer (hello to the other summer babies reading this!), but these temperamental months can be a fun opportunity to get creative with our wardrobes in the meantime.  I can't wait to read your thoughts on this look; are you a fan of patterned trousers?  How do you feel about pink denim - love, or hate?  Let me know in the comments below!

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With love,

Gabrielle x


Saturday, 21 April 2018

9 Sumptuous Afternoon Teas | Traditional British Locations

The Imperial Torquay Luxury Afternoon Tea
Phew!  Would you take a look at that afternoon tea?!  I'm proud to say this was demolished in under fifteen minutes - but photographed for probably twice as long beforehand!  Last month I found myself in Torquay for a few days, staying at The Imperial Torquay.  While there, I seized the opportunity to indulge in an afternoon tea downstairs overlooking the harbour.  Blazing hot sunshine streaming through the windows, large helpings of condiments and glorious interior design to set the mood.  It was undoubtedly one of my all-time favourite afternoon teas... which got me thinking; what other fabulous, traditional afternoon teas can be found right now across the country?  Notepads at the ready, it's time to hunt down the tastiest scones in the UK!  The rules are loose, but sumptuous interior deign is a must...

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

How To Be A Glow Getter This Spring!

Compton Acres Pink Italianate Villa
Ah, the joys of Spring!  Would it be tragic to say I've kind of been holding out for this season for over a month now?  When Winter drags on for too long, you can end up feeling as though you've stagnated and simply because there isn't enough change happening within nature.  Well, be gone tights and thermal base layers - the blooms have arrived!  Progress is definitely something that goes hand in hand with this season, it's a time of fresh starts and new beginnings.  A chance to set your focus on a new path and move into these warmer months with a sense of satisfaction.  Ooooh.  Feels good, right?!  Go-getting and releasing that inner glow...

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Greenway Estate | Agatha Christie's Holiday Home

Greenway Estate Agatha Christie's holiday home blog review
For as long as I can remember, I've been a huge (read: intense) fan of Agatha Christie's work.  In particular, her creations of Miss Marple and Poirot.  In fact, alongside the books I've also developed an obsession with the ITV adaptations of these two series over the past decade.  I have my favourite books/episodes, my favourite characters and of course, my favourite lines.  To be honest, I compare each and every murder mystery story with her work.  The question I ask myself most often?  But is it as good as Agatha Christie's work?  So, now you understand how utterly mesmerised I am with the British writer's work, you can imagine my sheer joy upon visiting her holiday home near Galmpton in Devon, England...

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Spring Wedding Guest | Embellished Dresses

Wedding Guest Spring Styling Outfit
It's wedding season!  And we all know what that means: time to start tracking down those gorgeous frilly frocks!  Alongside being a part of someone's very special day, weddings also provide the perfect opportunity to wear something a little more flamboyant.  A chance to release our inner magpies and find the most embellished, show-stopping pieces we can find.  Thankfully, current trends are totally working in our favour this season thanks to a resurgence of interest in crystals, glitter and general OTT embellishment.  Personally, for a recent wedding (my cousin's beautiful day), I opted to wear this midi embellished dress (also available as a top) and loved every second of doing so.  So, you've got a wedding to attend this season and you're wanting something spectacularly beautiful to wear? End your search.  Down below, I've put together an edit of the most beautiful, dazzling embellished dresses available right now and separated them into different lengths to suit your preference.  Enjoy!

Monday, 9 April 2018

CBT | The Beginner's Guide

Fashion Blog Parisian Styling Theme
CBT, ever heard of it?  Perhaps, perhaps not.  It stands for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and still sees many people wielding sticks in a bid to keep the concept faaaar away from them.  But here's the thing, it's not that deep.  Instead, it's just a really, really helpful tool that takes you from spinning yourself in circles over something less than important, to shrugging it off with ease.  I'd go as far as to call it life-changing.  So, I mentioned at the end of last year how I'd be exploring a couple of different routes, including practicing mindfulness and sure, I was skeptical (who isn't?).  Fast forward four months later and it's truly been such an incredible journey.  So incredible in fact, it feels near impossible not to share some basic CBT with you!  I've taken five basic concepts from what I've been learning and shared them with you below - speaking as no expert!  Consider then five steps forwards into a calmer, more serene life.  You never knew, you may just be curious enough to go through an online programme, or perhaps find a practitioner near you!  Trust me, you won't regret it...

Saturday, 7 April 2018

Spring Edit | The BEST Cut Out Dresses!

Karen Millen Blue Cut Out Flared Knit Dress
Spring has sprung!  We're shedding the faux fur coats and are now turning our attention towards our (slightly) warmer weather wardrobes.  Lately, I've been fine-tuning my style and passing tons of pieces to charity that I've now fallen out of love with, or that simply don't make me feel gorgeous anymore.  But enough of the doom and gloom, it's all about what's new to our wardrobes, right?! A new discovery of mine has been cut out dresses.  Sure, I've known about them, but for years they were a no-go purely due to the concern of bending the wrong way and revealing a less than flattering silhouette.  But as I've mentioned ten million times before, life is just too short to be worry about that.  So, it's time to don the best cut out styles of the season, show some skin and embrace the strange tan lines!

Monday, 2 April 2018

Should You Share Your Blog With Friends & Family?

How to Style OTK Boots for Spring
Admittedly, this post is directed towards bloggers and bloggers alone.  But hey, for all of you who don't have a blog, you never know when you may get the urge to write one and be asking yourself this very question!  So, a couple of months ago, I came across a thread discussing whether or not to share your blog name with friends and family.  My immediate thought was 'well, why not?' and moved on with my day.  Except, until that point, I'd only shared my blog name with direct family and a couple of friends!  I'd be quick to share it with those who move in and out of life in the blink of an eye, and yet not with the constants who have loved and supported me for years. Strange?  Strange.  You can imagine where I'm going with this.  Since then, I've told friends and family my blog name and have been soaking up their reactions ever since...

Friday, 30 March 2018

Happy Easter Weekend! | Themed Table Setting

Pastel Coloured Easter Table Setting
I won't lie and marvel at how Easter has snuck up on us all, not when I've had my mind firmly fixed on the chocolate eggs for some weeks now!  I feel as though this holiday is such an underrated one.  It comes with minimal expectations and even less effort.  You're usually knee deep in good food and surrounded by relatives!  But if you rather fancy putting together something special for one meal, I've come up with a few suggestions of how you can do exactly that.  Just... make sure nobody fills up on chocolate eggs while you're busy putting the themed table together!

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Looking Forward Vs. Wishing Your Life Away

Cafe with Pillars and Italianate Architecture England
It's summer and you're thinking about Autumn.  It's the New Year and you're thinking about Spring. It's breakfast and you're thinking about lunch.  It's nighttime and you're thinking about morning.  Sound familiar?  Suuuuper sorry but you might just be in the.... wishing-your-life-away club.  I know, it sucks.  But don't worry, I'm in the club too!  It's an ugly habit and one that you find yourself stumbling into while innocently looking forward.  But trust me, there's a big difference between the two: looking forward and wishing your life away.  And getting it right can be the difference between living in a state of constant excitement, or just plain ol' impatience.  Take it from someone who learnt the hard way...

Saturday, 24 March 2018

Styling Loud Prints | Botanical Vibes

Khaki Botanical Print Midi Skirt
So, with the new season (finally) creeping up on us, it's time to start thinking about how our wardrobes can work with the current trends, right?  Loud and bright colours are coming up at the top of the list, with crazy patterns stealing the show.  Polka dots and summer plaid, in particular.  But what if you're just not a crazy pattern kinda person?  Botanical prints haven't had everyone down on their knees with praise for a few years, and yet they still appear in collections and hit shop windows every. single. spring. and. summer. In my opinion, they're the subtle girl's approach to loud prints and a great option for those looking for something a little more versatile in their wardrobe.  Although don't get me wrong, you'll still catch me wearing plenty of polka dots and plaid this season.  Just... maybe not mixing them!

Monday, 19 March 2018

Actually, You Can!

Knitted Button Up Black Midi Dress
We each have these ideas of what we can and can't do, and nine times out of ten they're based on pretty flimsy reasons.  But that's a whole other topic.  Right now?  Let's just keep it to our wardrobes. You see, I'm pretty sure everyone has something they think they can't wear; because it doesn't work, it doesn't flatter, it's just not 'suited' to them.  But what does that even mean?  If there's anything we've been taught over the past couple of years, it's that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and there really is no 'right' way to look.  A butterfly can be beautiful, and so can a kitty cat.  Neither one takes away from the other.  Anyway, last week while shopping, I came across this tight-fitting, knitted midi dress and heard myself saying, ''ugh, wish I could wear that''.  And that was pretty much the moment I decided to practice what I preach.  Skip forward a few days and I'm hanging out in a glasshouse, donning new-in accessories by Aldo and wearing that very same midi dress...

Friday, 16 March 2018

Pandora Jewellery | Private Dining At The Ritz

Gold Orante Light Fitting With Many Small Lamps
Rewind to Wednesday night and I was in a private dining room at The Ritz, sipping champagne and taking a peek at some of the latest releases from Pandora.  I know, dreamy.  Better yet, afternoon tea was served in The Burlington Room in the evening, which if you ask me, should absolutely become something of the norm.  Mmmm.  Warm scones with generous helpings of strawberry jam at eight in the evening?  Yes please!  Delicious food aside, we were there to be updated with the latest news from Pandora, shiny Spring collections included, as well as a very special new release.  But shhh!  The brand won't be revealing it until later this month.  Thankfully, I've got one sitting prettily in the gift bag below and so I'll be sharing it here on A Glass Of Ice in an outfit post towards the end of the month - so keep your eyes peeled for that shiiiiny feature!

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Clueless | How To Channel Your Inner Cher Horowitz

Clueless Cher Hororwitz Inspired Fashion Outfit
I'm ready.  I was born ready.  That's right... Cher Horowitz, I'm coming for your tiara!  Seriously though, there's something drop dead gorgeous about her style.  Something so special, in fact, it's been trending for the past few months and I'm really hoping it'll stick around for a little while longer.  Clueless is one of those films that see us all tweet frantically about those '90s feel-good chick flicks', y'know?  It's attracted a cult following, for certain.  And sure, Cher has a lot of fabulous traits going for her, but above all else?  It's the fashion.  The check prints and yellow plaid, the mini skirts, the beret and the knee-high socks.  Swoon.  I'm still obsessing over it.  The question is, how to bring it into your wardrobe for this time of year (and this century)?!

Friday, 9 March 2018

Hotel Chocolat Giveaway | Champagne Easter Egg (Open Worldwide!)

Hotel Chocolat Easter Giveaway Worldwide 2018
You gorgeous bunch are being totally spoilt this season!  Along with the fabulous chance to win a £200 voucher to spend with Fenn Wright Manson, I've also teamed up with Hotel Chocolat to offer one lucky reader of A Glass Of Ice the chance to win their very own delicious Champagne Easter Egg.  Ooh!  Half 40% milk chocolate and half strawberry-white & milk chocolate and piled with hedonistic truffles filled with Mercier Champagne, it makes for the ultimate Easter treat.  Personally, I struggle between quality and quantity when it comes to chocolate - I want it all!  Thankfully, the extra-thick chocolate shell of this Easter egg doesn't compromise and delivers both; 395g of tastiness.  Mmm.  If that's got your lips tingling, scroll down to enter before 25/03 for your chance to win!
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