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Monday, 12 February 2018

Why Do We Celebrate Special Occasions?

Bridal Dress Plunging Neckline Tulle
Is there anything more exciting than counting down to a special occasion?!  While shooting for Bridal Indulgence last week, I started thinking about why so many of us love to commemorate some of life's most special moments, such as weddings.  Personally, I've never held back from sharing with you just how much I love to throw myself into special occasions, including seasonal changes, events and national holidays. Anything and everything.  I can appreciate many simply don't get the hype.  But here's the thing: if we don't celebrate special occasions, what separates one day from the next?  Sure, you don't want to wish your life away, but as we've all heard at some point:

''Don't look back, you're not going that way.''

... and so why not start looking forward?
Summer Wedding Bouquet Wild Blooms PinkAs it so happens, now is a pretty good time to be thinking about the calendar's special occasions.  Tomorrow is Shrove Tuesday (hello pancakes) and the day after is Valentine's Day.  Although, my guess is you probably already knew that!  I'll have many people around me tomorrow evening and so plenty of pancakes drizzled with chocolate and/or maple syrup are on the menu.  However, Valentine's Day is a different story.  It's a special date on the calendar, and yet seemingly not so when you're not coupled up in a big ol' bundle of love. But why should that stop you from celebrating?  I picked up two bouquets of roses today, some champagne truffles and you bet I'll be knee deep in rom-coms come Wednesday evening!  My point is, these special occasions don't have to rely on company or circumstances, they're there to be enjoyed.  They're moments just waiting to be created, celebrated and remembered!      
Cinderella moment on Bridal Dress Photoshoot
I'm super interested to hear your thoughts on the topic - do you go out of your way to celebrate the calendar's special occasions?  Will you be doing much this week for Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day) or Valentine's Day?  Let me know in the comments below!

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With love,

Gabrielle x

All photography shown in this post is by Mercedes Evans Photography and Bridget Baxter Photography.  Photoshoot for previous collaboration with Bridal Indulgence.  Finishing edit by yours truly.


  1. OMG that dress is a dream... AND YOU LOOK GORGEOUS!!!

  2. As much as I enjoy seasonal holidays, there are a few that I skip simply because they had no meaning when I grew up and feel artificial. Valentines Day being one of them.

    Anne - Linda, Libra, Loca

  3. I'm all for using any possible excuse for a celebration. Special occasions are always something memorable- and they are worth preparing for! I think getting dressed up is always a good way to make any day feel like a special occasion. Moreover, sometimes we need to remember that we can create our own special occasions and celebrations.

    I do plan to celebrate San Valentine. I haven't planned anything in detail, but I will probably cook something extra nice and maybe drive somewhere nice. I think I'll even celebrate Chinese New Year this Friday, maybe prepare some Asian dish. I'm in mood for celebrating:):):).

  4. Wow, that dress is so stunning!! You look so gorgeous xx

    Adventures in May | Miss Nev

  5. I am quite funny about occasions, I much prefer celebrating personal occasions, anniversaries, birthdays, special moments that are unique, I really dislike valentines day because it can feel forced, but other than that - I love celebrating the good moments :) - the dress and you are beautiful btw! :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  6. This is so gorgeous! You look amazing!
    -Kate //

  7. You look stunning.
    We are less prone to celebrate special occasions. When the occasion falls on a weekday or we can't get a sitter than we stay home.. sometimes we celebrate belatedly.. it's different every time.. we try but it doesn't always work out and we try not to let that bother us.

  8. Oh my gosh, you look stunning! You are going to make a beautiful bride. I love the sentiment of this post and feel the exact same way. I know people are divided on Valentine's Day, but I look at it as a reason to celebrate and I'll take any reason to celebrate that I can get. If it takes a cheesy holiday, so be it. Anything that makes me slow down and appreciate the little things is much appreciated. Happy Valentine's Day! Enjoy that champagne and chocolate!

  9. Looking so lovely in white dreamy gown! We always eat out on the weekend after the occasion though we buy cake or flowers on that day itself. Nice to know you are self indulgent, should be that way as our happiness doesn't soley rely on anyone. Great thoughts babe.

  10. OH WOW, what a gorgeous dress!!!!! -

  11. I totally agree with you. We should definitively celebrate special occasions or create them ourselves because really life is too short.
    I still don't have any plans for V-Day! We'll see, might think of something last minute.

  12. And the wedding theme continues! Honestly you look very pretty in those pictures. Now, my thoughts on celebrating special occasions - I must admit I am a sucker for the hype and excitement of these specially marked out days. I like pancake day, I love Christmas and I love Easter - could be because 1. I love food and 2. I love the Lord. But when it comes to Val's day I believe you should show love to your nearest and dearest everyday. That's not to say I wouldn't appreciate a lovely Valentine's hamper or box of choccies!


  13. I think celebrating for ourselves and others brings out the best in people.

  14. Amazing photos stunning! We are Greek and special occasions are always a big event weddings christenings and birthdays are a big even for our family

  15. I very much agree with you! Celebrate for the sake of celebrating! Don't worry about making the occasion what it's "supposed to be." Love these beautiful photos too babe!

    District of Chic

  16. Could you look anymore gorgeous in that dress?!! It looks beautiful! I totally agree with you on celebrating special occasions and especially Valentines day, it's always important to celebrate a little self love too :) xx

  17. I love celebrating a big occasion- it's so fun! And you look AMAZING here in this bridal shoot, babe!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  18. Agreed! Though I do think that some days of the years are overrated, so true that they're there to be enjoyed in your own special way, regardless of what society is up to. These photos are so stunning, Gabrielle - you're so gorgeous and that dress is a dream! Xx

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  20. Those pictures are AMAZING! I absolutely love to celebrate certain days, but tbh Valentine's Day is not one of these. I just think that love should be celebrated every day. :) Things like Christmas is then something you can't celebrate every day, so I'm definitely into that. It's hard to explain really. :)

    xo Noor

  21. I used to love holidays but at this point of my life, I guess I am too cynical for holiday celebrations.

    But anyway, We print t-shirts/mugs/etc at work, so every time there's holiday or special occasions, people usually come to us for gifts or T-shirt uniforms. So I'm trying to milk all these holidays. Haha. I guess it's my new way of celebrating them.

    - Gretch of GG Memochou

  22. That dress is such a dream! I love celebrating special occasions, so many fun things to look forward to.

    Shann Eileen |

  23. You look like an angel! Absolutely stunning. I think special occasions are what make life colorful and exciting. Looking forward to a special day is already part of the special day :)

    I've just started a new blog, I'd love to know what you think: Scent of Summer

  24. Looking so dazzling and dreamy gorgeous Gabrielle, you make for the most mesmeric bridal babe; slaying this whole vibe like the total fairytale queen you are :) This post is so feel good and upbeat, I love the message running through it! I totally agree that celebrations and holidays are always lovely to separate one day from the next whilst being the mark of something special to look forward to. I enjoy celebrating holidays although this doesn't quite stretch so much to Christmas or New Year for me, I much prefer Easter due to all the good vibes (chocolate!!!) and bloom of Spring, and Shrove Tuesday and Valentine's Day are always enjoyable too :)

    I so hope you have a magical February 14th, your champagne truffles and bouquets of roses sound absolutely divine and I LOVE the idea of rom-coms, Nicholas Sparks never fails to be a winner on Valentine's :D

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  25. I feel that if we were not to enjoy and celebrate significant events in our lives we would miss the joy of installing them forever in our memories....they should be remembered, and what better way to ensuring that is there?....celebrate and enjoy the moment; capture that moment forever

  26. How i wish I could wear the same dress like that! suits perfectly on you dear ;)

  27. What dreamy photos, you look amazing. Love this dress xx

  28. I think it's great to celebrate special ocassions- they are making our life more colorful :-) You look so so so stunning in this bridal dress - love it xx

  29. Love the pictures very pretty. It's good to celebrate it makes life happier

  30. It depends. Sometimes I go all out but year after I could even forget about that day (for example this year I cmpletely forgot about Pancakes Day)

  31. I really enjoyed to read this article !
    I'm definitely sharing the same thoughts as you.
    I love to celebrate each specials occasions and I'm always excited for a new season to come out.
    I always see the positive somewhere. It's just more fun.
    And you look so stunning in this dress !
    Love your pictures.

  32. These shots are gorgeous Gabrielle! And I'm all about shrove Tuesday but never really bother with Valentines - mainly because we always seem to be saving for something so don't want to spend the money haha!
    Amy xx

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. Wow everything is perfect about this outfit, your dress is unreal, magnificent.
    Very very nice

  35. I’m not super into celebrating occasions like Valentine’s Day or Shrove Tuesday (though that one is because I’m not Catholic) but I totally agree that it’s nice to have something to look forward to. I definitely do celebrate other occasions in life though, like looking forward to spending time with friends or family, or celebrating small things with my boyfriend – we’re not doing presents for Valentine’s this year but we’re going out for a nice dinner together because something simple is best and we don’t need anything too show or to give each other big presents to know we love each other. Also you look absolutely incredible and I can’t wait to see some more photos from your shoot!

  36. What a wonderful post Gabrielle and I absolutely agree it's wonderful to celebrate special occasions whatever they may be! Jon and I missed both shrove Tues and Valentine's Day as he's been very unwell, however we'll make up for it another time!

    I'm very much about not having to celebrate 'on the day', restaurants for examples on Valentine's Day are crazy, one time I remember my train getting cancelled whilst I was on a freelance job on Valentine's Day and we celebrated the day afterwards. We had the entire restaurant to ourselves yet it was still packed with balloons and hearts! It was perfect :)

    I think it's wonderful you brought yourself flowers, and truffles (mmm) it's great to celebrate being alive daily and make every moment count.

    Sending love Gabrielle, you look so gorgeous in these bridal gowns!

    Laura xoxo

  37. What a beautiful post!
    you look beautiful
    Gros biosus

  38. Wow, this dress is stunning! You look absolutely gorgeous! I definitely like special occasions...for me, it is all about celebrating life! :)

  39. Are you a model my dear? That makes soooo much sense. You look beautiful in this wedding dress, I bet wedding shoots are a lot of fun. I love Seasonal holidays also! Sooo very much.
    Mary |

  40. You look beautiful! There are certain holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving that we definitely make an effort to really celebrate, but for me Valentine's Days are usually more low key, whether I'm single or in a relationship. I do think that regardless of company it's important to remember the intention behind the holiday and celebrate that in whatever way makes you happy :)

    Jenny | Geeky Posh

  41. I think myself is also the one who is excited whenever there is a special occasion.
    I will get busy preparing this and that. I share the same thought as you are here.
    Anyway, look how gorgeous you are in that beautiful dress. I love the details.

  42. You look stunning babe.
    The dress fits you well and the makeup is surreal.

    Much Love,
    Jane | The Bandwagon Chic

  43. This dress is simply stunning :) You look adorable! Lovely post! <3
    Beauty and Fashion Freaks

  44. I couldn't agree more with your sentiment, Gab! I have been firm believer of enjoying moments of life & special occasions regardless of the fact you have company or not. I bought myself a gift this Valentine's, just cos' I am single doesn't mean I don't get to enjoy it!
    Now I gotta fangirl over the pictures cos' OH MY GOD!! You look SO stunning, just so dreamy in these pictures. Now I know why you decided to cherry pick these pictures from your shoot, they certainly do deserve a separate post for themselves! :D

    Wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day! :)

  45. It is a lot of fun to celebrate special occasions and to make an effort. We don't always celebrate Valentine's Day for example but we usually do something really nice on anniversaries which I am always looking forward to :-)

    Miriam x

  46. Wonderful pictures babe ! Yes, this is always fun to celebrate special occasions :)

  47. I couldn't agree more, Gabrielle! Special occasions are for enjoyment not over-analysis, bitterness, etc. You look absolutely stunning! Like O M G. PS: now I would rather be home eating truffles!


  48. I totally agree in celebrating life!!! Any special event is a good excuse to be thankful and to enjoy! I didn't do much on Valentine's Day but I didn't feel like I couldn't celebrate just because I'm single. Anyway, that dress looks incredible on you Gabrielle!!! Absolutely adore this photoshoot!


    Seize your Style

  49. You look beautiful in that wedding dress! I guess a special occasion gives us something to look forward to. Life can be really stale and mundane sometimes so having something to celebrate seems like a good excuse to have fun, so I think that's why!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  50. WOW, you look so beautiful!! Love this dress so much, it's stunning!!
    xx- Nina

  51. I love to celebrate every single occasion with something special, it's just that i love to have fun and make happy the people around me, so try to don't miss any chance! ^^
    You look absolutely stunning in these photos, Gabrielle! So beautiful and elegant!
    Well, really it's an easy game with your brautiful face and figure, still you look wonderful with this kind of dress!

  52. You look absolutely STUNNING in that dress, girl, like a true princess! I also adore your makeup. I agree, one shouldn't feel as though a holiday or special occasion is special only if you have someone to spend it with. Showing ourselves love and appreciation is the most important thing and I love that you treated yourself to all of those treats. I know when I do things like that, it always makes me feel good. Thanks for sharing, beautiful, and I hope you have a great rest of the week!



  53. Ah these photos are so magical! You look so pretty.
    I LOVE to celebrate, and think it's really important to celebrate, and mark special occasions. Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day


  54. You look beautiful in that dress! :)

    I agree, it's good to celebrate special occasions. We don't really do Valentine's Day but I did take the excuse to order takeout for a change and not cook, haha!

    Hope you are having a wonderful week. The heatwave continues here unfortunately, so uncomfortable!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  55. I get this, totally. Celebrations are nice. They break up the monotony. Why not be happy about something? I tend to celebrate whatever I can, though admittedly not Valentine's Day, or Pancake Day (since we don't have it here). Plenty of other days though, I swear! I hope life's been treating you well lady!

  56. First of all, you look stunning!!

    In my country, there's always a special holiday that are non-working holidays because we celebrate everything, Catholic, Muslim, and Chinese Holidays. Like today is Lunar New Year so we have a long weekend. After this, I'll be out to watch some dragon dance and celebrate with my family.

    xx Alyssa | STYLE VANITY

  57. Beautiful! I treat everyday as a special occasion. Enjoy each day! Do something for yourself everyday. It makes life beautiful.

  58. I LOVE special occasions. I think in a world that's as crazy as ours these days, special occasions are a wonderful reminder of how GREAT life is. I adore birthdays and holidays and even baby showers and weddings. These are special moments in our lives and we need to cherish them!

    Susie |

  59. You look like a goddess here dear! So dainty and elegant.

    Jessica |

  60. Gosh, you look gorgeous! Looks like you had a great time, babe! xoxo


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