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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Back To Black

I'm sat here typing whilst wrapped up in one thousand and one layers of chunky knits and cosy jumpers, so I can only hope that it's a lot warmer wherever you may be reading this from!  Having said that, I'm finding myself really enjoying the new season and especially now that people have started excitably counting down the days until Christmas Day - 98 days, if you were wondering!  Yeah, I'm one of those people..

Along with the special occasions, cosier evenings and feel good foods, there are whole new wardrobe options to explore.  During the warmer seasons, I find myself predominantly leaning towards busy prints and vibrant colours, however when the temperature drops I'm one of the first to reach out for the darker colours, a world away from my summer attire.  There is nothing more frustrating than when someone moans about the 'depressingly dark' looks that emerge around this time of year, and I often (cheekily) take it upon myself to open their eyes to the opportunities in front of them.  You can wear an entire outfit consisting of black with the odd splash of grey and still exude the impact of a floral printed floor-sweeping gown, it's all about textures.  The possibilities are endless when you explore the vast variety of textural options.

I have been spending much more time thinking about this topic since purchasing this Karen Millen black blouse a few weeks ago, after noticing how significantly more striking this sheer peplum blouse was than any of the other similar blouses in my possession, and all thanks to the materials used (and the super flattering peplum design!).  Since then, I've continued to add a Clements Ribiero leather jacket to my wardrobe, silk camisoles to layer beneath an open velvet tuxedo jacket and of course, more chunky knits.

As you may have noticed from the background in these photos, I wore this Karen Millen number that I found in their most recent sale (£30 reduced from £120) whilst celebrating my 21st birthday in Oxford.  I have a feeling that this blouse will be making various appearances over the next month before the winter chill joins the party, although even then there's always the option of keeping warm with say.. a few layers of textured knits!

With love,

Gabrielle x

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