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Saturday, 31 January 2015

Cox & Cox: Gifts Under £50

When it comes to birthdays and special occasions, I have had a lifelong habit of keeping to a style and beauty theme with the occasional notebook thrown in for good measure, however that's all about to change.  It occurred to me that just as I love to receive lifestyle and homeware gifts, others are likely to feel the same way!  Similar to when choosing a statement necklace, lingerie set or beauty product for someone, home accessories need to be chosen with the recipient's personal taste in mind though, or otherwise you can anticipate one incredibly awkward gift-unwrapping moment!

Cox & Cox is a homeware, home gifts and decorations destination that regardless of whether I'm looking to purchase, I browse regularly for inspiration and general daydreaming material.  They define their selections as 'unique, eclectic and beautiful' and I couldn't agree more!  Although there's plenty to admire on the website that could easily eat up your entire saving's account, there's also many pieces that could become a happy addition to any room without bankrupting you.  With regard to gift-giving, there's a helpful section titled '50 under £50' that is guaranteed to solve many last-minute present dilemmas and so on this lazy Saturday afternoon, I figured my time could be no better spent than sharing my favourite selections from this category at Cox & Cox!
Three Oval Gold Bowls, £45

Three Filigree Tealight Holders, £20


Monday, 19 January 2015

Modern Brazilian Retreat

If you've been reading my blog for a little while now, you'll know that I have an ever growing interest in interior design and that when I'm not pressing 'Add to Bag' on yet another piece of loungewear for an already-bursting wardrobe, my downtime is often spent browsing design websites.

My latest moment of fixation has been experienced on the Elle Decor website (the hub of inspiration) and comes in the form of a modern Brazilian retreat.  The first thing to know is that the house began it's life of being a slice of modern inspiration back in 1975 and that it's architect, Marcos Acayaba, had no idea that he would still be 'living in the future' four decades later..e
Located in the suburbs of São Paulo, Elle Decor explains this 'Milan House' is still Acayaba's favourite and most personal project, an opinion even more remarkable when you take into consideration that he visualised this captivating, modern space at the age of just 28.  It was only last weekend that I was (quietly) marvelling at how much Lena Dunham has achieved by the age of 28 - could this be the new 21st century's idealistic aim for peaking?
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