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Monday, 31 August 2015

Mercure Queens Hotel, Cheltenham

As some of you may know, I celebrated my birthday a week ago today.  For the occasion, I unplugged and was kindly whisked away to Cheltenham by a family member.  Although ordinarily I favour big celebrations, on this occasion I much preferred the idea of a slow-paced, quiet and indulgent break where absolutely nothing was required of me.  Keeping in mind these preferences, the Mercure Cheltenham Queens Hotel was an absolute treat.  I spent my entire birthday kicking back, eating a horrendous amount and doing, well.. nothing!

Saturday, 29 August 2015

English National Opera: La Bohème

Note: All photos have been taken from the ENO website
Although I can't remember ever directly addressing it on A Glass Of Ice, I'm a huge fan of theatrical productions, ballets and operas.  I reviewed Beyond Bollywood at The London Palladium a couple of months back and shared a few too many photos of a pre-theatre meal at Côte Brasserie just a fortnight ago, however those occasions aside, I've been uncharacteristically quiet on the topic.  So, now would seem like the perfect time to break my silence by sharing news of La Boheme at ENO (English National Opera)!

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Daydreams and Magazines

As I mentioned on my Instagram, yesterday I got caught in torrential rain that saw me right in the middle of a frenzied thunder-and-lightning combo.  It's safe to say any effort that went into my appearance that day was obliterated in the space of a few minutes.  Did I mind?  Not one bit!  Drizzled rain is frustrating, but there's something refreshing about looking as though you've been dunked in a bath tub.  There's nothing you can do about it so you may as well embrace it!  The photos shown in this post, however, were not taken on that day (clearly) and were instead taken at the weekend - before England well and truly waved goodbye to summer.  They were taken on a day when the weather permitted me to sit at the end of my garden and work my way through the first issue of the Elle Magazine subscription c/o kindly arranged for me by

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Clarins Instant Concealer (01)

First of all, a huge thank you to all those who have wished me a Happy Birthday - I really appreciate it!  Secondly, whoa.  I had only just wrapped my head around the idea of being twenty-one.. and now I'm twenty-two!  Anyway moving on, right now I'm totally obsessed with Clarins Instant Concealer.  I've been using the concealer for over three months, after finally receiving an email from a nearby store letting me know they had it in stock (the hunt was real).  I was tempted to review it within a week of using it, but thought better of that, realising it'd be a far better test to see how the concealer fared with the varying quality of my skin over a three month period.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Hotel Wishlist: Four Seasons Hampshire

Note: All photos have been taken from the Four Seasons website

Welcome to the eighth instalment of my Hotel Wishlist series - the never-ending list of swoon-worthy hotels dotted around the globe!  On this occasion, I'm sharing somewhere a little closer to home, the luxurious Four Seaons Hotel Hampshire, a restored historic Georgian manor house boasting beautiful views, spacious rooms and glowing online reviews.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Leather Weather

Durango Leather Tottie SkirtAh, August, the month of sunshine, warmth and.. clouds.  You have no idea how long I stood around twiddling my thumbs waiting for the intermittent bursts of sunshine required for these photos.  It's safe to say my patience was tested.. but hey it showed its face eventually and so I can't complain!  The truth is, I have a horrible feeling the British summer has come to an end.  I saw three people in fleeces today and one pair of fair isle mittens.  Mittens!  I'm not one to dwell on the negatives though and so instead of cloud-bathing, I intend to start the process of changing over my wardrobe ready for Autumn... and at the very top of my 'favourites' list right now is this super flattering black leather Tottie Skirt c/o by Durango Leather Company!

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Côte Brasserie Windsor

Cote Brassiere Windsor ReviewOn Friday night, I headed to the Theatre Royal Windsor with my family to see Stone Cold Murder, a thriller by James Cawood.  Ordinarily when seeing a play, we're each in a hurry rushing from other commitments, however on this occasion we planned ahead to enjoy an early pre-dinner at Côte Brasserie beforehand.  Their inspiration for both food and design of their restaurants is a 'modern interpretation of the many famous bistros of Paris' and well.. mission accomplished, I'd say!

Friday, 14 August 2015

Jones Bootmaker Gondor Loafers

Special occasion? Heels.  Not a special occasion?  Heels.  I don't remember exactly when it was I abandoned flat shoes, however it's become apparent I don't seem to go anywhere without throwing my ankles up in the air a few inches. Admittedly, this would perhaps make more sense if I wasn't already a little over 5'9'', where zipping up a pair of heeled ankle boots starts the game of seeing how many people can reach my shoulders!  It dawned on me recently that it's not the height that attracts me to heels but rather the shape.  I love the way they make you both feel and look, something about them says 'you can handle yourself' - a vibe that I only get from one style of flat shoes, the pointed flat.  Needless to say that with this revelation, it was lovely to hear from Jones Bootmaker about receiving the Gondor Loafers c/o to style!             

Monday, 10 August 2015

Label.M Honey & Oat Mask

label.m honey & oat maskYou may remember from my post on growing longer and healthier hair that I mentioned being a longterm fan of label.m's Protein Spray.  To my total delight, I was given the opportunity to become equally as obsessed with label.m's Honey & Oat Treatment Mask c/o.  So, after coating my hair in the lightweight hydrating mask, how do I feel about the product?

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Rome With UNA Hotels: Part Three

UNA Hotel RomaYou made it!  Welcome to the third and final part of my Rome travel diary with UNA Hotels - I can't promise you won't be faced with more food, though I can promise it's kept to a chocolatey-minimum.  So, part two ended with a midnight fountain walk and a sleepy return to the fresh, modern space of UNA Hotel Roma.. fast forward eight hours and I awoke to the realisation I'd be falling asleep that night back in England.  With this in mind, it was a dash to make the most of our final hours before the afternoon flight back home..  

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Rome with UNA Hotels: Part Two

Una Hotel Roma Breakfast
Picking up where we left off in Part One of my travel diary with UNA Hotels.. that beautifully deep sleep was followed by a delicious hotel breakfast.  Although there was of course the option of going down to enjoy a generous buffet breakfast amongst other guests, we opted instead to have it delivered to our room so as to be able to sleep a little longer (too honest?).  It was at this time I discovered our room had a doorbell, which is always a nice variation from finding yourself lingering close to the door in order to hear any possible knocking sounds!

(If you're curious, a flight from London to Rome takes approximately 2 hours and 30 mins)

Monday, 3 August 2015

Rome With UNA Hotels: Part One

UNA Hotel Roma
It had been a year or so since I last visited Italy and even longer since I'd stepped foot in the beautiful city of Rome, so when the opportunity arose to work with UNA Hotels.. well, I was more than a little excited.  Camera at the ready and a suitcase of clothing curated to withstand Rome's sizzling hot summer temperatures, I jetted off to stay a couple of nights at the ultra modern, four-star UNA Hotel Roma!
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