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Sunday, 29 November 2015

Champneys: Winter Skincare

Champneys Relaunch ProductsIf you follow me on Instagram, you'll know I recently swung by a Champneys store and indulged in a few treats!  The thought crossed my mind to browse the pretty shelves of spa products after having had my hair done nearby; because you see, I like having my hair cut about as much as I like stubbing my toes.  So, after every Toni & Guy haircut (which I should point out never fails to put a smile on my face after the suspense of letting someone near my hair with scissors) I treat myself!  On this occasion, it was a boat-load of Jessica Nail Polishes sitting prettily in the Champneys store, a couple of foot treatments and these two beautifully packaged skin products - Cloud Nine Indulgent Body Butter and Summer Dream Rewarding Salt Scrub.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Passionata Double Play Range

Passionata Double Play ChemiseConsidering how I describe my blog as a space to 'celebrate all things bright and beautiful', it's no surprise really how I've fallen head over heels in love with the Double Play range by French lingerie brand Passionata.  Featuring lace and embroidered delicate pieces in a trio of colours, the range features various items that appeal to both the desire to feel attractive, as well as to feel comfortable.  However, something else the Double Play range appeals to when selected in the colour red... is Christmas!  Seriously, if I could float about for the entire festive season in these racy red pieces without dying from hypothermia, I'd do it.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Christmas Gift Guide For Women

Christmas Luxury Gift GuideWith today marking exactly one calendar month until Christmas Eve, it seemed appropriate to share my Women's Christmas Gift Guide!  I've had a lot of fun putting together some selections that could work as stocking fillers, small gifts for friends/family, or equally personal pampering treats for when you're left exhausted by the endless stream of festive celebrations.  If you ask me, retail therapy is a proven way of pepping yourself up - and that applies to purchasing for other people as well!

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Hotel Wishlist: Castlemartyr Resort, Ireland

NOTE: All photos have been taken from the Castlemartyr Resort website
Pack your suitcase, we're off to Ireland for the Twelfth addition to my Hotel Wishlist series!   That's right, Ireland, the beautiful island in the North Atlantic separated from Great Britain.  The island sitting at about the same distance from me as Belgium... and yet I've found myself exploring the latter twice in the past year and have never once stepped foot in Ireland. It's a bit embarrassing really considering how much the country has to offer - though consider this the beginning of my making amends to the 'Emerald Isle'!

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Claremont Landscape Garden

Claremont Landscape Garden Blog Review Do you ever find yourself craving a bit of breathing space to help revitalise your outlook?  Personally, when I catch myself dreaming of open spaces, an abundance of lush greenery and no chance of bumping shoulders with anyone, I either bat the thoughts away and continue plodding on, or leaf through piles of leaflets/brochures and pinpoint where to drive to! On this occasion, I selected the eighteenth-century Claremont Landscape Garden...

Sunday, 15 November 2015

International Giveaway: Mii Cosmetics Gift Set

Mii Cosmetics Gift Set GiveawayNow that we're halfway through the month of November, it feels about the right time to spread some holiday cheer in the form of a giveaway!  To celebrate both this wonderful time of year, as well as passing the 'one year anniversary' of blogging as A Glass Of Ice, I've teamed up with Mii Cosmetics to offer one lucky winner a Mii Cosmetics Christmas Gift Set in Collection no.6.  The timing couldn't be better with Christmas fast approaching; this could help you tick someone off your present list - though I wouldn't blame you if you fancied keeping it yourself as a festive treat!

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Christmas with Valley Mill

Valley Mill Natural Soap and Soy Melts ReviewIt's here!  My first Christmas-themed post of the year!  Each and every year I become overwhelmingly excited about Christmas and I really wish I could better convey that message besides increasing the number of exclamation marks per post.  Seriously though, everything about the next two months is both calming and exciting - a combination that is rarely experienced outside of the festive season.  Most will see an increase in festive experiences that usually require travelling, as well as an increase in evenings spent curled up in front of the fire with a Christmas film from the 1990s.  Bliss! Personally, when I'm not thinking through outfits for my upcoming trips next month, lately I've been burning Valley Mill Spiced Apple Soy Melts c/o and using Valley Mill Natural Orange & Cinnamon Soap c/o - both of which hail from Wales and are more than a little 'Christmassy'!

Monday, 9 November 2015

A Windy Day

Autumn Zara Quilted Parka BlogHot chocolate, cosy jumpers and the increasing excitement of approaching the festive season.  Oh yeah, it's all fun and games until you remember that along with those frosty mornings and crisp evenings.. comes the biting winds.  Here in the UK, they sort of go hand in hand.  I've been so wrapped up in thoughts of berry lipsticks and cinnamon-scented candles, that I entirely forgot about the inevitable change in the weather!  Of course I realised the temperature was dropping, though somehow I failed to remember how it feels to have your hair blown all over the place until you're left clawing at your face in a bid to recover your vision.  Mm.  The wind caught me off guard today as I was out enjoying an Autumnal stroll, though next time I'll come prepared with a hair tie - or two!

Friday, 6 November 2015

Nailed It!

OPI Nail Polish Review BlogThe last time my nails saw the light of day without a colourful coating was about six years ago, so it's safe to say my appreciation for nail polish has levelled up and fallen into a routine of total loyalty over time.  Just as some don't feel complete without a watch on their wrist or colour on their lips (guilty), nail polish for me has become an essential part of my image - and I know I'm not alone.  There's something comforting about writing a note down and noticing perfectly manicured nails wrapped around the pen, or reaching for something and spotting 'that beautiful shade' you recently started using.  I'll admit it - I'm a nail addict!  So, it goes without saying that when got in touch to try a few products from their extensive website, I felt well and truly in my element.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Hotel Wishlist: No. 131 Cheltenham

NOTE: All photos have been taken from the No 131 Cheltenham website
It's that time again!  Say hello to number eleven in my Hotel Wishlist series; a list comprising some of the world's most beautiful and/or unique hotels that happen to have caught my eye.  This time around, the focus is on the luxurious No. 131, a restaurant and bar with eleven bedrooms set in the heart of Cheltenham.  The interior design of the restaurant/hotel is as beautiful as its casing; the classic Grade II Georgian villa was restored by the owners with the intention of preserving the Georgian heritage throughout with regard to both d├ęcor and menu.  As far as appearances go, it looks like a job very, very well done...

Monday, 2 November 2015

Cheerz Big Fat Box

Cheerz Big Fat Box ReviewWhen I first learnt about photo-printing services that were able to print photos directly from your social media, including Instagram, I felt no great desperation to get involved.  Speaking as a scrapbooker, I've documented most photos/events from a very young age; along with various other bits and pieces, photos from everywhere congregate in between those generous black pages.  Photos from everywhere... except Instagram.  It dawned on me when Cheerz got in contact that not one of my quick snaps of new shoes or beautiful views had made it into my albums!  A brief frenzied-panic followed that saw me frantically flipping through the pages of my scrapbooks searching for Instagram shots (just imagine that scene for a moment, it wasn't pretty), before I selected the Cheerz Big Fat Box c/o from their website and swiftly moved from panic-stricken to smug.
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