All photos have been taken from The Beaumont hotel website
The thirteenth addition to my Hotel Wishlist series is arriving a little later than planned thanks to Christmas (though it's forgiven entirely, of course) and brings with it marble bathrooms, a prime location and 73 bedrooms/suites.  An historic 1926 building set in the heart of Mayfair (London) is home to The Beaumont, a luxury hotel that claims to 'recapture the spirit of old-world luxury'...

As always, this latest selection has been chosen due to its impressive aesthetics, though location has also been considered.  It's not with every stay you're guaranteed peace and tranquility on a landscaped square and still be just minutes away from shops on Bond Street!  Yep, as far as luxury stays go, The Beaumont is more than a little idyllic. Booking options range from Classic Rooms to the luxurious Roosevelt Suite; the hotel's presidential suite comprising five bedrooms and more surfaces to put down your book than a library - it strikes me as the kind of accommodation from which you'd struggle to check out!

I'd imagine by now you've picked up on the recurring theme of dreamy bathrooms in my Hotel Wishlist series.  Though, I know I'm not alone in my love for sleek designs, flattering lighting and ample supplies of toiletries - after all, there was unanimous swooning over the Cheltenham No.131's bath tub a couple of months ago!

I may have focussed on sharing images of the award-winnning hotel's bedrooms (and yes, bathrooms) in this post, however The Beaumont has equally enticing dining options available, as well as Spa & Gym facilities including a salon. Do you think anyone would notice if we all wheeled our suitcases up to the Roosevelt Suite and never emerged again?  I mean, there's five bedrooms as well as a sitting room, dining room (shown below) and a pantry kitchen, so it's not completely incomprehensible!

I hope you've enjoyed this thirteenth addition to the series, keep your eyes peeled for the next one - it's another stunner!

The Beaumont
Brown Hart Gardens

With love,

Gabrielle x