England winter weather stylingIf I were to create a list of environments I am most often drawn to, private landscapes would rank near the top, along with historic houses and luxurious hotels.  City-styling is no doubt something we all spend a fair bit of time developing and playing around with, however when it comes to dressing for cold weather and muddy grounds while still looking stylish, I've been consistently puzzled.  For years I was naively stepping over puddles in suede boots and returning to my car with a frozen neck after boldly (ahem, stupidly) venturing out without a scarf.  It's only in recent years I've managed to get my act together with regard to dressing for outdoors - and considering my undying love for rough terrain and open fields, it's not a moment too soon!

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Ray Ban jackie ohh fashion bloggerThe turning point in my wardrobe dilemma, was realising how frequent slaps to the face from passing leaves in the wind didn't necessarily mean a lack of opportunity to express personal style.  In fact if anything, it presents an opportunity! Cold temperatures provide the perfect reason to layer, layer and then layer some more, knee-length scarves are unlikely to raise eyebrows and oversized retro sunglasses become entirely reasonable.  I mean, it's either that or risk squinting intensely in the wind to the point of scaring passers-by...
british winter weather styling
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Jumper - GAP

Jacket  - Zara Quilted Parka

Topshop - Tall MOTO Black Leigh Jeans

Necklace - Trend-Mix Blog c/o

Scarf - Zara

british winter fashion blog photography
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sunglasses shop ray-ban jackie ohhThanks to Sunglasses Shop, those passing leaves in the wind are no longer a threat and even better, I've been reminded of how important it is to protect our eyes at any time of the year.  Not only do sunglasses prevent exposure to UV rays that can damage the corneas, they also provide protection to the delicate skin around the eyes, which helps prevent premature wrinkles.  I'm absolutely in love with these Ray-Ban Jackie Ohh shades (inspired by those worn by Jackie Onassis), as they completely cut out the glare with their UV400 lenses and are undoubtedly the largest frames I've ever dared to wear.  So, it's totally okay if you're wearing your designated 'outdoors' jeans that look as though they've given up on life (oops), because all eyes will be on the stylish sunnies balanced on your nose. Great!

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I've definitely learnt a thing or two since my days of destroying suede boots in muddy fields, though the stylish addition of oversized statement-sunglasses during the colder months is certainly my favourite lesson to have learnt.  Anyway, wherever you are I hope you're keeping warm - and are wrapped in many, many layers!

With love,

Gabrielle x