Luckies of London Valentine's Day GiftsAs February 14th nears, thoughts tend to shift to bunches of red roses and boxes of chocolate with regard to gift-giving. I should point out I'm all for flamboyantly wrapped chocolates, however thanks to Luckies of London, I've also had my eyes opened to some other fun options!  From reusable gift bows pre-made and ready to wrap around that bottle of aftershave in a matter of seconds, to wooden heart-shaped jigsaws you can pass to your partner over breakfast.  Ah, romantic...

Luckies You Complete Me Jigsaw
Luckies You Complete Me Jigsaw ReviewYou Complete Me c/o:  I couldn't help but start with my favourite - what could possibly be sweeter than receiving a heart-shaped wooden jigsaw?  Well, a heart-shaped wooden jigsaw with a personalised special message written on the rear, waiting to be read once you've slotted the pieces together!  The presentation box comes in four colour options including mint (as shown), grey, pink and red.  I can't be the only one thinking this would be a great way of proposing to someone?  Though uh, let's just hope the recipient is good at jigsaws and doesn't scramble the proposal message!  I'm kidding, that'd be near impossible as it's a very simple and sweet jigsaw to piece together - no chance of reading 'You Me? Marry Will'!
Luckies love note gift review
Luckies love note gift review
Luckies love note gift review
Luckies love note gift review Love Note c/o:  Described by Luckies as 'the ultimate alternative to chocolates and flowers', the Love Note consists of a cork-topped glass bottle containing small rolls of paper.  After writing your special messages on the pieces of paper, you seal them with stickers and pop them back in the jar.  The concept is so cute and I love that after reading the messages, they can be stored in the jar forever more for safekeeping; it's all very Alice in Wonderland!
fake flowers blog prop
Luckies Eric the Memo Elephant
Luckies Eric the Memo Elephant
Eric The Memo Elephant c/o:  Eric is currently filling the role of the pet I never had and he's much easier to clean as well... because he's a 3D dry wipe message board.  Made of white ceramic, Eric has the ability to help you remember a few things; such as buying a Valentine's Day card or hinting about that candlelit booth at your favourite restaurant.  However, I have a feeling he's also pretty handy when it comes to telling people how much you love them - bonus points if your other half loves elephants!
Luckies Gifted Gift Bows
Luckies Gifted Gift BowsReusable Gift Bows c/o:  Last-minute gift wrapping is a thing of the past thanks to Luckies' red reusable gift bows!  I have to admit, I've always loved using scissors to curl ribbons and sprinkling confetti into envelopes.  However, this only works when I have the time and so now instead of panicking and throwing glitter everywhere when gift wrapping in a hurry, I can simply reach for one of these super-stretchy silicone bows to do the job.  Phew!  Take a look at the Luckies website for ideas on how best to use the bows.

Just Your Type c/o:  No matter which gifts you opt for come Valentine's Day, this gorgeous set of gold foil stickers will pretty much be the ultimate way of personalising them.  Spelling out 'I Love You' three times over is possible thanks to the sheets and sheets of letters - there's a total of 600 characters and 100 images/icons!  Check out my review of Just Your Type for a closer look at what's inside the stylish black envelope.

Luckies of London's range of small unique and fun Valentine's Day gifts proves there really are so many cute ways of letting someone know how much they mean to you.  And whilst your other half is melting over your personalised messages, you can eat your weight in champagne chocolate truffles!

With love,

Gabrielle x

Note: this post has been sponsored by Luckies of London, however all opinions are my own.