Jessica Nails The Truest of BluesBrrr!  I looked out of my window this morning to see a sheet of white covering the ground outside.  Sure, it may not have been the snow I'd wished for, but it was the best alternative - frost!  With multiple scarves wrapped around my head and neck (yes, really), I headed out to capture the beautiful frosty manicure I'd applied the night before - a combination of two calming blue shades by Jessica Nails, The Truest of Blues c/o.

frosty ground close up
Calvin Klein Impulsive Gold Bracelet
Calvin Klein Impulsive Gold Bracelet ReviewThe darker of the two blue shades is called Blue Moon and the lighter is known as Blue Skies (shown on third fingers).  I love switching up my nail colours and so after starting the New Year with nude nails, the dramatic colour change feels refreshing; particularly as it's not a shade I'm used to wearing on my nails - it's true what they say, variety is the spice of life!  Speaking of which, lately I've been darting between gold, silver and rose gold jewellery; stacking up gemstone rings and playing it safe with dainty chains.  On this occasion, I've opted for simplistic gold bands and Calvin Klein Impulsive Bracelet c/o from Bablas Jewellers, located in London's Wembley.  I was fortunate to have received the gold version before it sold out, however it's still available in a sophisticated silver version!
Jessica Nails The Truest of Blues Review
Jessica Nails The Truest of Blues ReviewThe combination of bold, blue nails, thin gold bands and a chic bracelet set off my day perfectly.  I've always felt as though the hands are the foundation of the appearance and without newly polished nails I feel incomplete.  So, many kisses to Jessica Nails for bringing out the gorgeous colour combination of The Truest of Blues and one with so many design options.  I can see myself adding an ombré effect to Blue Moon using gold glitter, or perhaps applying Blue Skies from left-to-right come the summer season!
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frost on the ground photography
With frost on the ground and blue fingers to match my blue nails, I returned indoors and curled up by the fire - hmm, I'm really starting to wonder whether I was a cat in a previous life.  Anyway, I hope you're all keeping warm and do let me know what you think of these shades, as well as what colour you're wearing on your nails right now!

With love,

Gabrielle x