All images have been taken from the Beau-Rivage Palace website
So, do you remember me saying in the last addition to my ongoing Hotel Wishlist series that the next one was going to be a stunner?  Well, sitting prettily at number fourteen is the impeccably designed Beau-Rivage Palace, a luxury hotel located in Lausanne, Switzerland.  With consistently impressive and refreshing design running through the rooms and with previous guests such as Coco Chanel, 'stunning' doesn't seem to do the hotel justice.  Combine this with a location on the shores of Lake Geneva along with a view of the Alps, and it's not difficult to understand why this is one of my favourite features so far!

As I've mentioned before, my Hotel Wishlist series comprises beautiful and luxurious hotels from around the world, taking into consideration both interior design and location.  I've been overwhelmed by how much you all seem to enjoy the series and so I sincerely hope you love this hotel pick as much as I do!

A lot of my love for the 1861 hotel stems from my adoration for Switzerland as a country.  Growing up, I spent many holidays in this area, as well as a little way East in the beautiful Jungfrau Region - so it's safe to say the country has made a huge impact on me!  With this in mind, accommodation has always been a secondary thought.  However, when hotels such as Beau-Rivage Palace exist, it needn't be that way!  The popular hotel has 168 guest rooms including 26 junior suites and 8 suites.  You can check out images of the suites on their website, however seen here are mainly snaps of the superior rooms (okay, and a little bit of suite thrown in for good measure!).

Over time, I've noticed there's nothing quite so appealing as bright (and often white) spaces when it comes to both health and food.  By this, I mean spas and restaurants; the two areas where we all have an innate desire to know exactly what's going on and what's coming near our bodies!  The Beau-Rivage Palace runs a light, airy and refreshing design scheme throughout the hotel, breaking only to offer design in the form of opulence come some of their more flamboyant suites.

A bite to eat in one of the on-site restaurants...


Anne-Sophie Pic - Elegant and contemporary style for the two Michelin star restaurant

Café Beau-Rivage - Relaxed atmosphere of a brasserie and its grand terrace facing the French Alps

Le Miyako - The refined and stylish sushi restaurant offers exquisite sushi prepared on the spot by Japanese chefs

Lobby Lounge and the BAR - A relaxed lounge atmosphere for a sweet afternoon break.  In the evening, a cosmopolitan decor and an unique ambience


Okay, so I reckon we've established by now I've got a strong (uh, borderline unhealthy) interest in all things wedding related, right?  So, just as with many of my Hotel Wishlist features, I've included an image of what a wedding reception would look like if held at the Beau-Rivage Palace.  If you're anything like me and favour classic, romantic features for any time the word 'wedding' is mentioned, you'll also be swooning at this intricately designed and decorated space on site at the hotel.  Worth getting married simply to raise a glass underneath the striking chandeliers?  Maybe, maybe...

Once again, I've had great fun putting together this daydreaming material, particularly as this hotel feature is nestled in such a picturesque area of Switzerland.  The fifteenth addition will be arriving soon, though in the meantime, be sure to grab yourself a snack and catch up with the past thirteen luxurious hotels!

Beau-Rivage Palace
Place du Port 17-19
1000 Lausanne 6

With love,

Gabrielle x