Boohoo Valentines Nightwear Blog ... Except it's not, because I'm single this Valentine's Day.  Oh.  Though I understand I should probably be misty-eyed in front of a romantic film in a week from now, it's far more likely I'll be tucking into a box of salted caramel truffles and embracing not sharing them with anyone!  This loved-up month, Boohoo are spreading the message of feeling gorgeous regardless of your relationship status, as well as finding ways to treat yourself.  So the question is, how will I be treating myself next weekend?

boohoo sheer black floor length gown
boohoo black nightwear blogger
Come February 14th, besides copious amounts of chocolate truffles, I'll also be watching horror films.  Why?   Because if we're really discussing ways of treating ourselves this Valentine's Day outside of candles and bubblebaths, I'll hold my hands up to intending to scare the hell out of myself with back-to-back stomach-churning films.  Ah, the irony...

Next on the agenda comes luxurious-looking nightwear/lingerie.  I reckon we've established my ever-growing love for these two by now - it only takes a quick glance at my Twitter to see as much!  So, with this in mind, I've opted for the gorgeous Emily Maxi Length Sheer Robe* by Boohoo.  There's an undeniable feeling of elegance to curling up in a floor-length night gown and this sheer robe definitely fits the brief.  I can't say it's actually floor-length on my frame as I'm quite tall, however the fit is ideal - and with a stunning draping effect!
 christian louboutin red soles photography blog
sheer black nightgown 2016

Gown - Boohoo Maxi Length Sheer Robe c/o

Slip - John Lewis Microfibre Knee-length Slip

Ring - Z for Accessorize Eternity Ring

Heels - Louboutin

black and white female photography

I mean, if a mystery man wants to pop up between now and next weekend with a bunch of roses, then sure!  However otherwise, next Sunday will involve chocolate truffles, horror films and elegant nightwear for me - how about you?

With love,

Gabrielle x