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Hmm, it's not the part of winter where we're busy singing festive songs.  And it's not the part where everyone can be heard celebrating with party poppers and champagne.  Instead, it's the dwindling months of the season where minds inevitably begin to wander to the months just around the corner - Spring!  I've been crossing my fingers for snow for what feels like an eternity and so I now declare my tireless efforts over.  Officially over.  With daffodils showing their pretty heads and sunshine making more regular appearances, I'm ready to head into March with my focus on the Spring season and all of the beautiful sights and scents it brings with it.  To mark the occasion, I'm immersing myself in a too-pretty-for-its-own-good Monoi-Scented Candle c/o by My Jolie Candle...

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my jolie candle uk review blogMy Jolie Candle (as featured in Elle, Grazia and Stylist Magazine) was founded by two French men in Paris with a vision of providing candles for women that excite with an element of surprise.  Hidden within each candle's wax and wrapped in aluminium foil is a beautifully dainty piece of jewellery - a ring, bracelet or necklace, each adjustable or previously selectable by size.  With 100 jewellery options developed, there really is no chance of ruining the surprise; though if you fancy a peek at the general style of jewellery you can anticipate, check out their gallery of happy customers!
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my jolie candle mothers day gift guideMy chosen scent as shown in these images, is the graceful but strong Monoi-Scented Candle*.  It's been intentionally crafted to provide 'the authentic feeling of Summer days' and to a land of 'Tahitian gardenias, coconut palm trees and sandy beaches'.  Well, mission accomplished.  I don't want to get ahead of myself by discussing Summer, but it's undoubtedly set my mind on the warmer months of the year that are coming up - starting with Spring!
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my jolie candle la bougie-bijou
I know for certain a silver bracelet is hidden within my Grasse-developed candle, though I've got plenty of fragrant days ahead of me before I find out the exact style.  Also, the cherry on top of the excitement-cake is that 1 in every 100 candles contains a real gold/diamond piece - ooh!  Either way, keep an eye out on my Instagram because once I reach the dainty piece of jewellery, I'll be sure to feature it over there!

With love,

Gabrielle x