zara blanket scarf brown orangeAs part of my quest to find more unusual skirts, I recently headed to Zara in the hope of finding a ridiculously short but stylish wardrobe addition.  Mission accomplished!  However, I'm a tall girl and with a particularly long hip-to-knee leg ratio; combine this with my love for fierce heels and it's easy to understand why I've avoided mini skirts for a while. Having said that, clearly the time for avoidance is over as I didn't exit Zara empty-handed (who does?) and instead found myself in possession of a teeny-tiny suede patchwork skirt that is both stylish and yes, short!

ootd details blog zaraThis daring suede skirt runs the risk of overshadowing any other element of a look, which is where these gorgeous Dune Sylver OTK Boots come into play.  I picked them up a few weeks ago in the Dune sale, after months of tirelessly searching for the 'perfect' pair of over-the-knee boots.  Finally, the search has ended!  With pointed toes and stiletto heels, these boots are unapologetically fierce and refuse to be eclipsed by the short length of the skirt.  In fact, they even go a long way in balancing out the proportions of my body, helping the look seem far less risqué by reducing the amount of skin on show.
zara patchwork suede skirt
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Roll-neck Jumper - Zara

Suede Skirt - Zara Leather Patchwork Mini Skirt

Ring - Accessorize

Blanket Scarf - Zara

Boots - Dune Sylver OTK Boots

black leather over the knee boots england

suede mini skirt 60s 70s style
uk fashion blogger 2016During the colder months of the year, I have a bit of a 'thing' for heavy texture combinations.  In this case, my heart is fluttering for the juxtaposition of the leather and suede, as well as the blanket scarf's soft appeal.  Despite the exposed thighs (plus sheer tights, of course), the look is surprisingly warm considering February's unforgiving temperatures!
british tall fashion blogger
from where i stand fashion shotI'm so pleased to have finally found my dream pair of OTK boots - and jumped aboard the trend-train!  These comfortable Dune beauties were pretty much guaranteed to be glued to my feet as the weather became progressively worse; I mean, now it's only my thighs that'll end up frostbitten - hooray!

With love,

Gabrielle x