the body shop drops of youth range reviewBefore launching A Glass Of Ice, I was pretty much in the dark when it came to skincare.  Not only was I neglecting my skin, I was also causing unnecessary damage - such as rubbing my eyes raw with rough face wipes and going to bed with mascara remnants on my face.  I know.  However since those dark days (and near comical, clown-like mornings when it came to facing the mirror), I've been introduced to various skincare lessons and routines.  Something I've many beauty bloggers to thank for, is having my eyes opened to how tomorrow's skin health starts today!  So, at the grand old age of 22 I may not have any noticeable signs of ageing, but there's certainly no harm in giving myself a helping hand by trying the fabulous Drops of Youth c/o range by The Body Shop...
the body shop youth cream drops of youth
Drops of Youth: Youth Cream - The latest addition to the Drops of Youth range is the Youth Cream, a 'velvety air-whipped moisturising cream' that claims to leave skin feeling smoother, more supple and refined with a youthful-looking bounce.  One thing that starts with this cream and continues throughout the range is definitely the 'bounce' effect, something I've been lusting after for a few months now since winter began.  The light-textured cream contains Babassu oil and three stem cells, all of which have combined to give my skin a lovely fresh feeling.  Think just come back from a run fresh.. well, minus the flushing and beads of sweat.

drops of youth cream reviewDrops of Youth: Concentrate - (shown below) This is probably my favourite product from the organic range, as it's the quickest to show results.  I'll confess to not being the most patient of people when it comes to waiting for skincare results, and so to immediately feel the smoother texture of my skin has been wonderful over the past month.  The area it's proved the most useful has been my forehead, where it has visibly smoothed and softened the cluster of small bumps that we all face there at some point!
tbs drops of youth concentrate
drops of youth the body shop beauty blogDrops of Youth: Bouncy Sleeping Mask - The jury is still out on this product for me.  Within the gorgeous green glass pot is a sleeping mask infused with Edelweiss stem cells to help achieve bouncier looking skin.  The word 'bouncier' pops up regularly in the range and with good reason too, however I'm still not entirely convinced by this mask.  Having said that, I've read reviews claiming the mask improves acne scaring, but I haven't been able to use this on my chin where I have that a little, as I'm using a doctor-prescribed acne gel there to help with the breakout zone.

Drops of Youth: Eye Concentrate - Another favourite of mine, the cooling roller-ball design of the range's Eye Concentrate has got a lot to brag about.  Enriched with Edelweiss plant cells, it instantly refreshes the eye contour and and helps fight signs of fatigue.  Considering how I've been burning the candle at both ends lately, this product from the Drops of Youth range has been a bit of a life-saver.  Combined with drinking a lot more water, my eyes appear much brighter now - though, that's not to say a little more sleep wouldn't help as well!
the body shop drops of youth bouncy sleeping mask
the body shop drops of youth reviewDrops of Youth: Wonderblur - Designed to help smooth the appearance of fine lines, Wonderblur felt a little unnecessary for me at my age.  If that's something you're looking to target, it'd be worth a try, though otherwise I'd look in the direction of other products from the Drops of Youth range for better results.

If you try one product - Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate

If you skip one product - Drops of Youth Wonderblur

the body shop drops of youth range blog reviewSo, there we have it!  I've been using these products for 28 days (the length of time taken for a cycle of skin cell production and replacement) and have been so pleased with the results.  Now that a new month is here, I'll be continuing on my favourite products from the Drops of Youth range and look forward to maintaining bouncier skin. Boing!

With love,

Gabrielle x