valentines day manicure ideasHappy Valentine's Day!  Regardless of how you're choosing to celebrate (or not celebrate) the day, I hope you're having a lovely time.  Personally, I'm sticking with my plan - because there's slim chance of me forfeiting the opportunity to eat my weight in heart-shaped champagne chocolate truffles!  Anyway, as you'll most likely have gathered by now, I'm a bit of a manicure-addict and so to mark the occasion, I've gone for a gorgeous glittered red for the day...
white and red flowers valentines day
ciate london rom com rougeTo clear up a question that seems to often pop up, the answer is yes my nails are all-natural.  And speaking of which, I'll be putting together an up-to-date guide on attaining and maintaining longer nails within the next couple of months, so keep an eye out for that!  Back to the manicure at hand (pun intended), I've opted for Las Vegas by Mavala for the sultry base colour, followed by a generously-applied coat of Rom Com Rouge by Ciate London for added textured sparkle.
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white plant photography englandI'm a longterm fan of Mavala's mini 5ml paint pots, as not only do they ensure you use the contents of the glass bottle before any polish dries up, they also allow you to move on from shade to shade without excess polish sitting around. Rom Com Rouge by Ciate London is a whole other (but equally pleasant) story, having opened it on the 25th December in Ciate's Mini Mani Month advent calendar, the bow-embellished glass pot looks as though it'll last me until my 90th birthday!  Guaranteed coolest-gran status on the block, ladies you've got competition...
red glittered nails for valentines dayplant photography british female blogger
I've always been determined to make the most of special occasions and holidays, so I'm beyond pleased with my shimmering manicure for Valentine's Day.  I probably shouldn't have painted them in such low light conditions as the slight smudges are killing me now, but looking past that, I'm besotted with this loved-up colour combination!

With love,

Gabrielle x