UK fashion blogger spring 2016Denim, denim, denim; indigo, faded, raw-hem, embellished, coloured.  Any type of denim.  I'll hold my hands up to having played it fairly safe this past winter with regard to the material, more often than not changing in-and-out of identical pairs of skinny jeans. However, now that we're transitioning from winter to spring and it's warm enough not to conceal every square inch of the body in multiple layers, I'm back to looking at other ways of wearing denim, starting - of course - with a classic denim mini skirt.
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I have a feeling I'm becoming emotionally attached to Zara.  Seriously.  Every time I walk into one of their shops, I leave with a greater love for the brand.  On this occasion, it was because of this gorgeously understated, classic denim skirt; a modest design that allows for one million and one styling options.  The 'summer-soul' inside of me is desperate to bring out the delicate silk camisoles and sheer blouses, but the hairs on my arms are begging me to remember it's still actually quite cold.  So, jumper it is then!
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Really, it's difficult not to fall head over heels in love with chunky knit jumpers, the type you can throw on for the day and not give a second thought to.  Personally, I find myself drawn to 'cosier' pieces when other elements of an outfit are less so, such as thigh-high leather boots.  I picked up this blue and white knitted piece a few days ago at GAP, a store I've recently rediscovered and learnt to appreciate.  Basic, staple pieces that act as the backbone of an outfit, similar to how primer prepares for makeup.  Funnily enough, I've found GAP can be fab for finding gems from across all departments and more often than not those you least expect.  Menswear, petite, tall - they can be perfect places to look for oversized gems, or equally, tight tops ideal for layering.  
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Jumper - GAP

Skirt - Zara

Boots - Dune

Choker - DIY

Rings - Accessorize

Bag - Chloe Elsie Medium

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If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know I recently indulged in a rather pretty treat by Chloé, the beautiful Elsie Medium!  I spent a while switching from bag to bag, though eventually settled on this gold-chained beauty thanks to the classic design and practical size.  Swoon!  Jewellery-wise, I've kept it fairly minimal with a simple choker and stacking rings.  Chokers are ridiculously easy to make, I'm no seamstress and yet this thick-band velvet choker took about five minutes to whip together!  If you're looking for a speedy way of finishing it, opt for a velcro fastening, though otherwise I'd suggest picking up ribbon clamps.      
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As these photos were taken, small bugs darted in all directions, birds were singing and the sun beamed down and fell on my back until it was warm.  This time of year truly doesn't receive the praise it deserves, I mean, at the very least it allows for jumpers and mini skirts to be worn together without risking imminent death by freezing or overheating.  Three cheers for March!  

With love,

Gabrielle x