Note: All photos have been taken from the Monument Hotel website
Ta-dah!  We've reached number fifteen in my Hotel Wishlist series and for the big one-five, we're flying over from number fourteen's Switzerland to the buzzing city of Barcelona.  It's been a couple of years since my last (and only!) visit to the capital of Spain's Catalonia region and I'm already being consumed by wanderlust as I recall walking through the warm streets of the Gothic Quarter.  Ah, memories.  Keeping to the series' theme of luxurious, interesting hotels that can be found in ideal locations... say hello to Barcelona's Monument Hotel, located on the iconic Paseo de Gracia (aka main shopping street)!

When I think back to my time spent in Barcelona, I remember every space - both inside and out - being modern in a polite, reserved way.  And thanks to the time of year, hot.  Very, very hot!  There were clean lines and innovative designs, yet all without seeming 'in your face'.  This memory was sparked as soon as I laid eyes on this unique hotel's online gallery; masculine, yet inviting, and hard as well as soft.  It's this unusual meeting of contrasts and playful approach to mixing textures that never fails to see me reaching for my camera!

Imagine this: you're sat underneath one of the substantial beams above, sipping a lemonade and wondering whether to go back for that yellow chiffon dress you saw in a shop window earlier that day.  I mean, if you ever find yourself in that predicament, I'd suggest saying yes and going back for the dress!  Do so if only for the sake of walking through the hotel's beautiful entrance hall one more time and out into the street's heat...
I hope you've enjoyed this new addition to the Hotel Wishlist series, once again it's been a lot of fun daydreaming my way through the location!  As always, keep your eyes peeled because I've spotted a shimmering gem for number sixteen...

Monument Hotel
Passeig de Grácia 75
08008 Barcelona

With love,

Gabrielle x