kyodan clothing bloggerI'll hold my hands up straight away to having always loved exercise and the inevitable 'feel good' vibes that follow.  In particular, as the years have gone by, I've discovered a love for running (check out my 5 Reasons to Start Running) alongside my own curated workouts.  Though, up until recently, a lot of those runs have taken place in old t-shirts and the first pair of shorts or yoga trousers that come to hand!  I doubt that will ever change when working out from home (to the sound of Robyn, Crystal Castles and Grimes), though you'll no doubt be pleased to hear that for a few months now I've avoided frightening passers-by with my oversized Spongebob Squarepants t-shirt.  In fact, quite the opposite thanks to a little help from Kyodan...
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spring summer 2016 activewear ukA quick browse through Kyodan's Instagram will present one million and one reasons (well, 483 and counting) to transform your activewear wardrobe.  Their page is packed full with fitness inspiration, motivation and styling suggestions.  Personally, since discovering Kyodan I've been fixated on their gorgeous sports bras and so when opportunity presented itself, I opted for this adorable Pixie Print design featuring an explosion of colour and a stylish cross-back feature.
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unusual workout running leggingsThe most refreshing thing about activewear is undoubtedly the fit.  With a long hip-to-knee length, jean/trouser shopping is ordinarily a nightmare, whereas workout leggings don't assume your knees are halfway up your thighs!  Speaking of which, I adore the criss-cross mesh detailing wrapping down the sides of the knees on these capri leggings - it's unexpected and as a result, completely transforms something simple into something special.

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kyodan activewear running blogOne thing is for sure, fitness isn't a race, it's a lifelong journey - and mine is far from over!  I love the feeling of creating and reaching targets, challenging myself with new goals and feeling happier and healthier because of it.  That's not to say I don't drown in sweat as I flop onto patches of grass to catch my breath as well though, after all, that's part of the journey... and so I'm just happy to be experiencing it in such gorgeous activewear!

With love,

Gabrielle x