lifestyle blogger large flatlayDespite how much of Europe I've discovered so far, I realised earlier this year how I've seen only a fraction of the UK in comparison!  Needless to say, I'm fairly comfortable traipsing across the rolling green hills of England and eating my weight in scones as I go, but what about further up on the map? Looking past the clichés of haggis-eating, bagpipe-playing men in kilts, I've heard Scotland has a lot to offer and so next week (thanks to kindly gifted flights from TravelSupermarket) I'm setting off for Edinburgh!  No amount of online weather-checking seems to be helping with wardrobe decisions, and so instead I've turned my attention to creating organised chaos in the form of a flatlay, comprising some key essentials for hand luggage...
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I would declare carrying around a bulky DSLR frustrating, however having carried cameras with me for the best part of ten years now, it's pretty much become an unspoken accessory.  A very large, heavy... necklace.  Continuing with the theme of gadgets, I'll be leaving most of my tech at home as I'm a firm believer in breaks being treated as breaks! Besides, I've asked my mum to accompany me on this trip and I have a horrible feeling she'd attempt to dunk my Mac in the nearest river if I turned it on while away with her.  Shudder.  I will, however, be taking along my iPhone and a rather shiny one at that thanks to an aluminium-print phone case c/o from CaseApp.  I had thought my previous green marble-printed case from the brand was gorgeous, but this custom iPhone case undoubtedly rises to first place! 

Psst!  Use the code ICE20CA for 20% discount on their website.
caseapp aluminium printed phone caseAs ironic as it may sound coming directly after a fitness post, I don't think I've ever boarded a plane without some form of sweets or chocolate in my bag.  These Swiss chocolate discs are my favourites right now, but what I believe to be even more important when travelling is reading material!  I'm working my way through a couple of subscriptions at the moment (courtesy of, including Elle Decor and Elle Magazine; the combination of fashion and interior design is sure to make that 1hr 25mins flight to Edinburgh... fly by!
caseapp aluminium iPhone caseI tend to keep makeup fairly minimal when visiting new places to avoid spending hours in front of the mirror, rather than out of the hotel room.  Though, Clarins Instant Concealer will no doubt be a lifesaver for when I'm pushing myself to get up at the crack of dawn.  Tap, tap, tap and tired eyes are no more.  Phew!

Spot the gloves?  Yeah, you can really tell I have no idea what to expect in Edinburgh at this time of year.  One moment I'm considering gloves and scarves, and the next I'm eyeing up the gorgeous new #GETGLAMOROUS range by Quiz Clothing featuring dramatic designs and flattering fits.  Though, I'm 99% certain I won't be able to walk up the steps of Edinburgh Castle in an embellished floor-sweeping gown.  Pity, cagoule it is then...
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urban flatlay technology beauty fashionWith just a handful of days standing in between myself and Edinburgh (five, to be exact), I can't help but become excited for both exploring Scotland's capital, as well as staying at Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh - The Caledonian.  I'm ready to tick the city off my travel wishlist, see all that it has to offer and return home with warm memories and a ton of photos ready to share on A Glass Of Ice!

With love,

Gabrielle x