Snowshill Manor and Gardens review
After a quaint and cosy mid-week stay at Colwall Park Hotel last week, the long and winding roads were calling for an afternoon with the windows down.  Surprisingly, I've never before visited the picturesque area, and so the journey was packed full with 'oohs' and 'aahs'.  Colwall is a village on the west outskirts of the Malvern Hills and though I may not know what it looks like through a downpour, I can certainly vouch for its beauty on a warm, sunny day!  Juice stations and bluebell fields were on the cards before reaching Snowshill Manor, a Cotswold manor full with treasures collected over a lifetime by Charles Wade...
Colwall bluebell fields

Colwall walking trail refreshments
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There's something about seeing walkers traipse over hills and alongside roads that instantly puts me in a really good mood.  Perhaps it's because it reminds me of past travels, or maybe because it's reassuring to know people are exploring the world around them?  Either way, the area was swarming with walkers - and with very good reason.  The Malvern Hills attracts people from across England to 'enjoy the natural and cultural delights of the countryside and towns' and it's because of this that juice stations such as this b&b's exist!  Featuring an honesty-box policy, springtime wreath, slate signs and more juice options than you can shake a stick at, it was the perfect opportunity for some roadside refreshment - just don't tell the walkers why there was no apple juice left when they arrived...
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Within moments of arriving at Snowshill Manor and Gardens and seeing the gradual incline up to the manor, I was relieved to have brought a pair of flat shoes with me in my overnight bag.  Seriously, after so many months of wearing boots, it feels strangely refreshing to have your feet (kind of) open to the elements!  Automatically, I fell in love with the manor. The views are so, so beautiful and from the very moment you step foot inside, volunteers jump at the chance to provide information on each of the rooms.  
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Charles Wade Snowshill Manor
Snowshill Manor visit review
Charles Wade Collector SnowshillSnowshill Manor is neither a museum or a home, at Charles Wade's request - the man who bought, restored and renovated the place in 1919.  His purpose was to transform it into a location to house his extensive collection of things.  I say 'things' because his collection seems to cover absolutely everything and anything, from harps to unicycles and from children's toys to framed bugs!  He was clearly a rather eccentric man and one who left behind an incredible assortment of treasures.
Snowshill Manor and Gardens photography
Snowshill Manor music room
Snowshill Manor envieth none
Of all the rooms, my favourites included Seventh Heaven (a room full of children's old toys) and the Music Room - which pretty much does what it says on the tin.  The room is full to the brim with musical instruments that had me wanting to sprint home and play the piano!  I've also noticed I've got a bit of a thing for stairways, because on yet another occasion I could be found holding up those behind me as I imagined who had climbed them before me...
Snowshill Manor details photography
Snowshill Manor Charles Wade living quarters Dove photography britain Interestingly, Charles Wade chose not to live in the spectacular manor and instead kept to a much, much smaller building beside it with his wife.  Needless to say, that too was bursting with more of his discovered treasures, though was considerably less luxurious in appearance.  Before exiting to begin exploring the gardens, a volunteer explained to a group of us that Charles Wade used the manor mainly for entertaining and for housing his finds, rather than as living quarters. This is undoubtedly the first time I've ever heard of such a setup while exploring a manor and/or historic house, making Snowshill Manor one of my all-time favourite discoveries.
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Snowshill Manor walled garden
London outdoors style and lifestyle blogger The beautifully bright day continued into the afternoon, providing the perfect reason to wander through the small but lovely gardens of Snowshill manor.  It was at this point I experienced my 'favourite moment' of the visit while sitting on a bench beside a small pond filled with fish.  With the sun beating down on my arms, I watched visitors walk around with ice-creams and guides in their hands and bumble bees travelling to and fro between flowers.

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Snowshill manor garden flowers
Snowshill Manor National TrustIf you ever happen to be in the area, I can definitely recommend exploring Snowshill Manor.  It's amazing to think someone was passionate enough about so many areas to have managed to collect so many treasures in his lifetime.

Snowshill Manor and Gardens
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