OK Bouquet Lilies ReviewDespite my undying love for flowers, it's not often I go out of my way to arrange them in vases and bring them indoors (or in this case take them out onto the patio). However, having started this new month with the resolution of spending even more time surrounded by flowers, I'm looking at more and more ways of introducing nature's vibrant colours into my life. With perfect timing, a gorgeous Pink 'Robina' Lily Bouquet c/o from OK Bouquet arrived at my front door, an elegant bouquet bursting with highly-scented raspberry pink shades, ready and waiting to simply be unwrapped and displayed!
OK Bouquet Pink Lilies
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spring summer bouquet reviewWithin a tall, large cardboard box sat a well wrapped and protected bouquet of Lilies - available in large or deluxe sizes with a choice of foliage - yet to open or reveal their ombre shades and release their beautiful scent.  Almost immediately, I wondered why it had taken me so long to consider the option of having flowers delivered, rather than procrastinate over purchasing them in person.  For some reason, I hadn't applied the fuss-free option of 'online shopping' to bouquets of flowers.  Well, lesson learnt!  Thanks to OK Bouquet, recent days have been spent admiring this Pink Robina Lily Bouquet as each bud has gradually opened and decorated my (rather plain) vase...
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OK Bouquet flower delivery review
Thanks to the included Care Notes, I've been re-filling the vase with water and carefully cutting the stems to increase their amount of water uptake.  Having arrived in bud, some are taking a little longer to reveal themselves, which is fine by me as with each new day I'm waking up to an even more impressive bouquet.  As you can tell from my previous lingerie focus, I'm head over heels for bright colours at the moment, and so it seems fitting to be joined by the company of such vibrant flowers!

Psst!  OK Bouquet deliver next day (including Sundays) throughout the UK mainland. 
OK Bouquet Pink Robina Lily Bouquet
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Pink Robina Lily Bouquet OK Bouquet
Talk about great timing!  You can stay for a moment, butterfly, but then they're all mine...

a glass of ice OK BouquetAs you'll most likely have gathered by now, I'm really feeling the season.  The sudden burst of warm weather this week has got me reaching for the ice cream and switching over to my spring/summer wardrobe!  It really is the best time for surrounding yourself with bright colours and sweet scents - making this the perfect springtime bouquet for taking up pride of place on the nearest table!

With love,

Gabrielle x