Minute & Azimut Bisham CollectionFor the past few weeks, I've been aware of an upcoming brand launch - and a rather exciting one at that.  Since this time last year, a London-based team has been hard at work creating and perfecting an elegant brand of retro-style watches, a journey that reaches an important milestone tomorrow, at which point they'll be launching their Kickstarter campaign! With total pleasure, I can say I've become part of their journey - cheering them on from the sidelines - as the brand has very kindly sent one of their first watches my way to share with you.  Introducing... Minute & Azimut!  
Minute & Azimut Bisham Capsule Collection
Minute & Azimut Rose Gold Bisham
Starting from tomorrow, Minute & Azimut will be pre-selling their new Bisham capsule collection (named after the Bisham Woods in Berkshire, England) through a Kickstarter campaign.  Inspired by the 60s and featuring the 'perfect balance between classic and contemporary', the collection features silver, gold and rose gold designs - the latter of which can be seen in this post.  As I've mentioned before, I've long been a fan of rose gold, as it enables metals to be mixed without risking the likelihood of clashing.  So then combine the rose gold case with a thick, deep mahogany strap, and you've got yourself one very happy recipient.

Psst!  For every product sold, a young tree is planted! 
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Minute & Azimut watches launch
Minute & Azimut blog reviewWhen it comes to timepieces, attention to detail is the thing that sets those within the 'affordable luxury' bracket apart. I'd suggest this is something Minute & Azimut are acutely aware of, as the intricate detail in the form of markings and branding is brilliant.  I'll leave the detailed markings across the underneath of the watch's face as a surprise for those looking to order one of their own, though I won't be so considerate when it comes to the packaging as it's too stylish not to share!  After opening the slim grey box, you're met with the Bisham watch laid next to a black and gold velvet pouch ready to home the timepiece - that is, when you can bear to take it off...
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Minute & Azimut Bisham Capsule Collection

Dress - Fenn Wright Manson

Minute & Azimut Launch June 2016
Proving they truly are good eggs, Minute & Azimut offer a 3 year manufacturer warranty with their watches... though somehow I doubt my latest obsession of creating whimsical garden scenes will present even the slightest kind of threat. Soft white muslin hung from the trees, colourful macarons and sunshine - what better way to welcome my new Bisham baby into the world?!

With love,

Gabrielle x