Yumi by Lilah Capsule CollectionAs far as special occasions are concerned, the summertime seems to host the majority of them.  It's during the warmer months of the year that I find myself constantly searching for colourful day dresses, lightweight (and light coloured) outerwear and heels that won't disappear into grass fields!  Weddings, parties, dinners, events - each one prompts the search for a new, striking yet versatile outfit.  Funnily enough, just as wedding invitations began arriving in the post, this ever-so-pretty duo by Yumi entered my life...
Exbury Gardens House 2016

Yumi by Lilah Embroidered Miid Shirt Dress
Yumi by Lilah Embroidered Red Dress

Dress - Yumi by Lilah Embroidered Midi Shirt Dress c/o

Coat - Yumi by Lilah Classic Mac Trench Coat c/o

Bag - Zara

Choker - Dauphines of New York c/o

Shoes - Office Garland Sandals

Yumi by Lilah red shirt dress
Exbury Gardens Private House
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Nature photography caterpillarRather excitingly, British presenter and model Lilah Parsons has collaborated with Yumi on a '60s inspired Parisian' capsule collection for SS16.  Featuring over a dozen pieces (of which two can be seen in this post), the collection features feminine silhouettes, pretty florals, vibrant colours and tailored designs - a combination that has got me weak at the knees!  Each of the designs is gorgeously versatile, with each piece looking as though it could be equally suitable to wear at a wedding, as it would a visit to an exhibition!
Dauphines of New York bow chokerYumi by Lilah Embroidered Midi Shirt Dress blog
Exbury Gardens blog photography
Yumi by Lilah Collection reviewWords can't really express just how much I love this embroidered shirt dress by Yumi.  The embroidery is beautifully intricate and has already earned three compliments from separate passers-by!  And I feel the same way, there's something pretty lovely about floating around in an embroidered dress.  Really though, this midi dress has taken my love for shirt dresses to a whole new level; featuring a button-up design and sheer sleeves, it's quickly become a favourite of mine.  Will I be wearing it this summer to play the role of wedding guest?  Most definitely.
Yumi by Lilah blogger collaboration
Yumi by Lilah red embroidered dress
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Yumi by Lilah Classic Mac Trench CoatAnother piece that has made it into my 'really love and wear far too often' section of my wardrobe, is this chic white classic trench coat by Yumi.  I hadn't before considered wearing white as outerwear, however when layered over such a bold shade, the contrast has truly convinced me to think outside the box.  Considering how pesky the weather can be in England, I've found it to be quite refreshing having the option of wearing a coat but without looking as though I'm preparing for a downpour and/or blizzard!  It's a nod to the season without totally committing, basically.    
Yumi by Lilah White Mac Trench Coat
Colourful gardens in south england
Yumi white classic mac SS16
Luxury fashion blogger UKFalling just above the knee, this classic trench coat features a double breasted front, two pockets and more gold detailing than you can shake a stick at.  It's undoubtedly been a piece missing from my wardrobe and one that will no doubt solve a multitude of problems as I'm searching for the perfect outer layer for outfits this summer.  So, did it rain while I was wandering through the stunning grounds of Exbury Gardens?  No.  But never let it be said I'm unprepared! 
Exbury Gardens Steam Train View
Yumi by Lilah capsule collection SS16

Exbury Gardens Steam Train
Exbury Gardens Steam Train rideProving this outfit from the Yumi by Lilah collection truly is versatile and suited to all occasions, I even hopped on the steam train at Exbury Gardens!  Okay, maybe I just like steam trains, but nevertheless I remain convinced the 60s inspired Parisian capsule collection is one for any (and every) event.  Wedding season, I'm ready for you... 

Exbury Gardens
SO45 1AZ

With love,

Gabrielle x