Pretty bowl of yoghurt and fruit So, at this time of year the sun is doing a pretty good job at 'brightening' mornings as it is!  However, I've noticed over recent months that just a little tweaking here and there of a morning routine can make all the difference to the day ahead. Whether it's in what we do or how we think, the first hour or two of the day can have a pretty big impact.  Breakfast in hand and wrapped in this cosy London W11 Cashmere Jumper, I headed out to one of my favourite morning spots to think about 5 shortcuts to starting the day on a (really) good note...
Relaxing morning scene

Blogger setup fruit and yoghurt bowl

List 3 Positives:  As soon as you're consciously awake, force yourself to mentally list three really great things about the day ahead.  It could be the possibility of finally ticking a point off your to-do list, good weather, seeing a friend, or simply even a meal you've got planned for the evening


Comfort:  Just because the cosiness of bed has come to an end (ugh), that doesn't mean you can't continue immersing yourself in comfort!  So, having long been a fan of luxurious loungewear, my current favourite is this leather-trimmed London W11 Cashmere Jumper* thanks to its stylish, oversized silhouette.


Music:  If you struggle to feel animated in the morning, play music loud, play it soon, and play whatever strikes your fancy...       


Technology:  Stay clear of devices for at least ten minutes.  Anything you may not want to see/read will seem far worse before you've had the chance to properly wake up!  


Breakfast:  There's a reason so many people refer to it as the most important meal of the day; it fuels the brain and body ready for the day ahead.  However, life is way too short for meals you don't like, or to be left with only second-favourites.  Do yourself a favour and stock up on your favourite breakfast options, so that things go 'your way' from the get-go!

Psst!  The colourful bowl shown here is filled with Yeo Valley natural yoghurt and sliced mango and pineapple

London W11 Grey Boyfriend Cashmere Jumper
Summer colourful fruit bowl with yeo valley yoghurt
London W11 cashmere jumper leather trimReturning to the topic of comfort, my love for loungewear is at an all-time high; in fact, at this point it pretty much equals my appreciation of heels!  I'm a fairly cold-skinned person by nature and so unlike the time-consuming summer/winter wardrobe changeover, my collection of loungewear remains close by all year round.  Fleece zip-ups, cashmere jumpers, wool and silk mix vests and a ton of longline cardigans all help me start my days in the best way, or equally end them like a warm hug after a busy day of train-hopping.

Jumper - London W11 Italian Cashmere Sweater c/o

Layered Necklace - H&M

Sandals - Aerin 

Relaxing morning scene featuring good ways to start the day
aerin gold slider sandals
Blogger setup english garden morning sceneNeedless to say, many factors throughout the week are out of our hands.  However, I've found that by having a solid morning routine in place that I know will send me into the day in a good mood, it's much easier to cope with the little things that may otherwise bother me.  Let me know if you have any other morning-brighteners you think I should know about!

With love,

Gabrielle x