Thatched cottage at Bekonscot model villageWell, this is probably my most quaint blog post to date - just in case the pink thatched cottage shown above didn't serve as enough of a clue!  Having long been a fan of everything and anything miniature, it was only a matter of time before I got around to exploring Bekonscot Model Village & Railway.  Located in Beaconsfield (close to London on the map), Bekonscot is the world's first and therefore oldest model village, having opened to the world in 1929.  It's a whole other (teeny-tiny) world...
Bekonscot model village entrance

Blog review of Bekonscot Model Village
Bekonscot in BeaconsfieldPersonally, I find that most things reduced to a smaller size can seem adorable.  So, spread a whole lot of finely-detailed model buildings across 1.5 acres and my heart is close to melting!  However the site attracted a lot of attention (of course) from children, and so I did my best to contain my excitement and act like an adult.  I mean, if acting like an adult includes enthusiastically shouting 'I want to ride the cablecar!' to a group of strangers.
Full view of Bekonscot model village

Bekonscot Model Village Bucks Free Press
A summer visit to Bekonscot model village
Though the weather has been all over the place lately, I was surprised (and relieved) to find Bekonscot showing off underneath the sun for most of my time there.  The model village has definite 'holiday vibes' about it, with every inch of the place reminding me of childhood visits to the beach with my grandparents.  I'm not 100% sure where that thought comes from considering Bekonscot is nowhere near the seaside, however I have a feeling it has something to do with how innocent the attraction is; it's a fun, playful and totally harmless way of spending an hour or so!
Bekonscot during summer 2016
Cablecar at Bekonscot model village
Bekonscot in Beaconsfield
Fun day out at Bekonscot model villageAt the halfway point of the one-way system winding thorough the gardens, there's a wall of history providing a quick glimpse at the past 80 years of the model village since its opening.  From the very beginning, it's attracted attention from the Royal Family, even seeing our present Queen Elizabeth II visit the day before her eight birthday (20th April 1934).  It's exactly this kind of background story that makes a place very, very special; it's heartwarming to know since then it's been so well looked after and remains a place visitors can go and explore.  What's even more heartwarming to know, is that all profits go to charity!

Psst!  Bekonscot has been visited over 15 million times since 1929!
Lifestyle blogger review of bekonscot
Bekonscot summer visit 2016
Bekonscot Model Village races
Things to do in Beaconsfield bekonscot model villageThe last time I so much as laid eyes on a model village was while watching Hot Fuzz for the ten millionth time (anyone else love that film?!), so I'm really pleased to have got around to exploring Roland Callingham's incredible creation.  If you're looking for a place to lose yourself in for an hour or so, consider this it.

Bekonscot Model Village
Warwick Rd

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