Chantelle Sports Bra BlackI've long associated luxury lingerie brand Chantelle with delicate, flattering designs, and though the latter still applies, this Chantelle Sports Bra c/o is anything but delicate!  I was actually fitted by Chantelle for this sports bra over a month ago in anticipation of their Beat the Bounce event, however as some of you may remember - I injured my knee.  Talk about bad timing!  Though now that I'm back up and running (literally) again, I've put their sports bra to the test in a multitude of different ways.  Even skipping, and I hate skipping.  So, what do I think?  Does it truly 'beat the bounce'?
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Chantelle Sports Bra reviewNo matter what size you wear, reducing the likelihood of bouncing is paramount when working out, both with regard to comfort, as well as to reduce any damage that could occur.  By not wearing a properly-fitted sports bra, we can potentially cause permanent and irreparable damage to our chests; strain to the tissue and skin.  Personally, this has been a bit of a wake up call for me; while being fitted, I mentioned how tight the sports bra felt, something which immediately alerted the fitter to my previously ill-fitting sports bras.  There should be no room for movement, not even a little bit!
Chantelle sports bra blog review
Chantelle black sports bra review
Chantelle sports bra up closeOut of the many sports bras I've accumulated of late, there seems to be a definite divide: those that look good, and those that feel good.  However, the Chantelle Sports Bra* has pleasantly surprised me by achieving both.  The no-fuss design is totally up my street for activewear and enables workout clothing to be worn overtop without adding bulk (even racerbacks are covered thanks to the optional T-back clasps).  The flexible underwiring and lightly-padded cups also receive two thumbs up from me - ahem, I'm pretty sure we've all at some point visited the 'No Boobs' camp while wearing sports bras! 
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sports bottle photography Considering French brand Chantelle has over 130 years of expertise, it's not surprising they've applied their ability to produce impressive lingerie to sports bras.  However the all important question is, does the Chantelle Sports Bra 'Beat the Bounce'?  Yes, yes and one more time, YES!

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