Mii Cosmetics beauty blogger flatlayI've been a megafan of Mii Cosmetics for quite a while - about a year now, come to think of it!  I first came across the brand while on a Champneys spa break last spring, at which point I fell in love with their subtle, flattering lip shades.  Since then, my collection of Mii Cosmetics has grown to the point of every one of my looks featuring at least one of their products.  So, continuing my theme of obsessing over the British brand, I'm taking things to the next level by saying YES to a full-face of Mii Cosmetics!  Featuring products that aim to enhance (rather than hide) natural beauty in a range of soft and feminine shades, this delivery has got me weak at the knees...
Miracle Base brush and foundation by Mii Cosmetics
Mii Cosmetics Miracle Base Brush c/o:  It's fair to say my brush collection has been terrible of late, and so this brush has been such a massive breath of fresh air!  Ten million points to this foundation brush and its super soft synthetic fibres. I've been using it with my favourite foundation for the past week and as a result have seen such a massive difference with regard to blending - it's making me want to upgrade my complete brush collection!

Mii Cosmetics Mineral Irresistible Face Base c/o:  So, this 100% pure mineral foundation promises a luxuriously creamy finish and flawless radiance once the minerals gradually release their colour as they warm to the skin.  Sadly, it just hasn't 'wowed' me and the Precious Nude (04) colour match isn't right for my pale skin; I've been massively distracted by that, and not given it much of a chance.  However I might give it another go later in the season once my complexion warms up a little!  
Base and blush brush mii cosmeticsMii Cosmetics Eye Loving BB Cream c/o:  Gentle yet deeply hydrating, this BB eye cream is the first one in my collection.  It works to revitalise, repair and add radiance to the eye area, all the while protecting thanks to SPF and raspberry stem cells that help to restore skin.  The Gentle Medium (02) shade has been a slight issue on the colour-front too, however once again I'm looking forward to putting it the test later in the season when I've got a little more natural colour in my face.

Mii Cosmetics Eye Colour Crayon c/o:  Is it possible to fall in love with an eyeshadow?!  This has been one of my favourite jaw-dropping discoveries of the year so far, without a doubt.  The texture is gorgeously creamy and glides onto the skin really easily without dragging.  Seriously, the only thing more impressive than the drop dead gorgeous Sorbet shade, is its ability to last for hours and hours and hours and hours...  
mii cosmetics BB cream out of packaging
Gold bronze eye colour by mii cosmetics
Mii Cosmetics Eye Colour Crayon in Sorbet 07
Brow by Mii Conceal & Contour Duo c/o:  Considering eyebrows tend not to grow back in my family, I've never touched mine. So, I'm 99.9% sure by this point I'm one of those people who has their eyebrows done mentally by strangers while they're in conversation with me.  With this in mind, it all comes down to maintenance and 'making the best of what I've got', so this handy two-in-one pencil has been a godsend.  Designed to create a clean look, the contouring end of the pencil does a brilliant job at lifting the eye area in a subtle, natural way.

Mii Cosmetics Nourishing Lip Sheen c/o:  I've said it before and I'll say it again - I'm a lipgloss fanatic. I adore layering lighter shades over my favourite lip colours to soften them, while adding a glossy sheen.  In fact, I love them so much I even force my obsession on others by giving them as gifts - I featured this lipgloss' long-lost relative in my Christmas Gift Guide for Women last year!
Contour end of brow by mii pencil
Conceal end of Brow by Mii pencilMii Cosmetics Celestial Skim Shimmer in Rose Quartz c/o:  Love, love, LOVE.  I was introduced to both the Aurora and Rose Quartz Skim Shimmers this time last year.  So, having recently run out of the latter, this pretty-in-pink delivery has put a huge smile on my face; the six-shade design looks like summer in a palette - and it performs like it too!  The combined shades add a feminine glow to the cheeks and in my experience, have worked well with any other colours I've thrown into the mix.  Again, love!  

If you pick up one - Celestial Skin Shimmer in Rose Quartz

If you skip one - Mineral Irresistible Face Base

Blog review of Mii Cosmetics celestial skin shimmer
Beauty blogger review of Mii Cosmetics skin shimmer
Close up of bunch of beautiful pink flowersIt's been a lot of fun teaming up with Mii Cosmetics again - and surprise surprise, my love for the brand has grown that little bit more!  Some of these products will undoubtedly find their way into my summer cosmetics bag ready for creating natural, gentle and rosy looks ready for casual countryside walks and globe-trotting adventures alike!

With love,

Gabrielle x