Which Gola Are You fashion blogger campaignWhich Gola Am I?  Surprise surprise, those covered in a decorative/floral print!  Gola is a brand that's been on my radar for many years now, though this pales in comparison to their incredible history stretching out over a century.  Since having been founded in 1905, Gola has well and truly made its mark as a sportswear and fashion brand, forever adapting to current times without comprising its heritage.  More recently, they've collaborated with Liberty Art Fabrics to produce a colourful range of patterned rucksacks and trainers, including these gorgeous Samurai Liberty LL Trainers.
Gola + Liberty Art Fabrics Women's Samurai Liberty LL Trainer

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Gola + Liberty Art Fabrics Women's Samurai Liberty LL Trainer

Dress - Karen Millen

Cardigan - Gant

Sunglasses - Vera Wang

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Gola x Liberty Art Fabrics pink womens trainersLet's face it, of all the classic and/or unusual designs found on Gola's website, I was bound to gravitate towards the patterned pink trainers.  Based on '80s inspired design from Gola's back catalogues, the Samurai Liberty LL trainers have earned a special place in my heart.  If you've been reading my blog for a while now, you'll know that outside of workouts, I'm a diehard fan of heels; from killer stilettos to platform wedges, anything.  The higher, the better!  However, I am now (finally) willing to accept that heels and flats can live in harmony - but only if the trainers are covered in Liberty fabric and look as pretty as these do...
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Gola x Liberty Samurai Liberty LL TrainersAs far as versatility goes, I'm pretty sure the Gola x Liberty collection can be worn outside of sun-drenched stone follies - but I figured I'd spoil them on their first outing!  I've leaned towards street style on this occasion, teaming them with a halter-neck LBD by Karen Millen and the absence of jewellery to allow the shoes to do all the talking.  Ultimately, the entire Gola x Liberty collection is ideal for getting from A to B in style; to and from an event, on your commute, out of the gym. The list goes on and on!  
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Gola womens trainers worn by fashion bloggerYep, these Gola Samurai Liberty LL Trainers are a very welcome (and comfortable) addition to my shoe wardrobe.  Best of all, I can bounce, bounce, bounce my way out of the frame without getting a heel tip stuck between the paving stones!

With love,

Gabrielle x