The Best Western Citadelle hotel lobby in BesançonIf you've checked out my Instagram or Twitter over the past week, you'll know I'm currently in the South of France - and loving every second of it!  However, before reaching the beautiful Côte d'Azur area, a brief stopover was on the cards in the French city of Besançon.  Not much was required of the stay other than comfort and silence before moving on, though the Best Western Citadelle hotel went one step further and also offered an ideal location and pretty amazing lobby.
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Bescançon best western hotel location
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The hotel can be found tucked away behind a fairly unassuming exterior near the heart of the city, with most sites within walking distance.  Speaking of which, the receptionist pointed out a handful of recommended restaurants, including Al Scirocco, a cosy pizzeria packed full with wooden furniture and interesting knick-knacks (for example, a giant clamshell hung above my head).  Now, I'm fairly loyal to my weekly Domino's pizza delivery, however this pizza was all kinds of special.  If you find yourself in the city of Besançon with a craving for wood-burning oven-baked pizza that challenges the capacity of your stomach, Al Scirocco is the place!
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France Besançon in summer 2016
After an entirely peaceful sleep in Besançon, it was time to continue en route to the South of France!  Needless to say, I'll be blogging about my time spent in Sainte-Maxime later on, though in the meantime be sure to keep an eye on my Instagram...

Best Western Citadelle
13 Rue de Général Lecourbe 
25000 Besançon

With love,

Gabrielle x