fashion blogger oasis waikiki tropical print dressIt's safe to say throughout my time here underneath the Côte d'Azur's sun, the idea of putting on anything other than a bikini has been a gruelling thought.  However, surprise surprise, clothing is mandatory while exploring the area's beauty! After finally giving in to temptation and experimenting with midi dresses lately, somewhere along the line I fell head over heels in love with the style.  So, when I knew I'd be returning to a spectacular church earlier this week in the heart of Saint-Raphaël, I took the opportunity to see what I could do with this gorgeous tropical-print midi dress to cover my shoulders, without boiling alive...
Styling a midi dress for religious sites fashion blogger

Crop top - Topshop

Sandals - Office Garland Block Heels

Choker - DIY

UK fashion blogger summer midi dress styling
SuperStay nude nail polish by Maybelline second skin
Fashion blogger midi dress styling in summer
I have six or seven versions of this short-sleeved crop top to my name thanks to a love of activewear-layering!  Though even with these many colours of the rainbow on hand, I found myself drawn to the black version as a way of contrasting with the fun, tropical print of the Waikiki midi dress.  It also proves to be a great way of continuing the accessories' colour scheme throughout the outfit; speaking of which, this black suede cord choker was so easy to make - that is to say, it hasn't fallen apart so far!

Psst!  On my nails: Maybelline's SuperStay Second Skin (875).
UK fashion blogger office black garland sandals
Ways to wear a black suede longline choker
House of Fraser Oasis SS16 midi dress
So yeah, I'm 100% feeling the heat, but with my time here in the South of France coming to an end, I'm also feeling the heat, you know?  I'm not at all ready to kiss goodbye to the mornings loaded with pains au chocolat, or evenings spent on my balcony staring at the moonlit sea.  I'm making sure to soak up every single moment - and at least I get to bring both memories and my holiday wardrobe home with me!

With love,

Gabrielle x