Polesden Lacey Summer 2016So I spontaneously returned to Polesden Lacey on an overcast afternoon and well, be still my beating heart!  It's been years and years since I've visited the Edwardian house, having last walked through its grounds over a decade ago.  I'd imagine this plays a part when it comes to my fondness of the place, but you can be sure the rest can be put down to its sheer beauty.  With a refreshingly feminine note running through most aspects of both the house and grounds, I'm certain this is somewhere I'll be returning to more frequently...
Grey and white maxi dress by cynthia rowley

The Gold Room found at Polesden Lacey
The historic interior of Polesden LaceyI've found most historic houses to have one room that shines particularly brighter than the others, and in the case of Polesden Lacey, this can be taken literally.  The Gold Room was designed to impress kings and maharajas; fast forward to the present and I can confidently say nobody was left unimpressed!  Oh and there was a cherry on top of the cake - classical music echoing through the room thanks to one ridiculously talented man and a grand piano...
Ladies dress costume at polesden lacey
A summertime visit to Polesden Lacey
Pink delicate flower photography
An afternoon at Polesden Lacey
If you know anything about me by now,  it's that I'm a massive fan of landscaped gardens - think #naturelovers and #flowerpower hashtags, you know?  With this in mind, I felt right at home in the immaculately kept grounds of Polesden Lacey.  I reckon it'd be possible to spend an entire day there, regardless of whether you're in good company, or are entirely alone.  There's something to see at every turn: various statues, walled gardens, deckchairs looking out over rolling hills and even a large garden with a game of croquet set up ready to be enjoyed!
The walled gardens in the ground of polesden lacey
Summertime visit to historic house
English gardens captured with Canon camera
Lifestyle blogger visit to english walled gardens

Dress - Cynthia Rowley

Sunglasses - Bally

Bag - Chloé Elsie Medium

Shoes - Dune Jakob Sandals

Visit to elegant Polesden Lacey the historic house
English flowers taken by a nature lover
Quaint secondhand bookshop sign at Polesden Lacey
Tropical and unusual pink flowers in english gardenCombine the overwhelmingly beautiful interiors of Polesden Lacey with its tranquil gardens, and it's easy to understand why this is one of the National Trust's most popular properties!

Polesden Lacey
Great Bookham

With love,

Gabrielle x