Karen Millen Bird Print Cotton SkirtI'm past throwing tantrums over England's temperamental weather for a little while, though I'll admit it's got less to do with acceptance, and more to do with this summer's upcoming travels!  I'm counting down the days to this month's return to the South of France and the beautiful weather that (hopefully) awaits!  Besides stressing about my severe lack of bikinis and time to get everything done between now and wheeling my suitcase off to Sainte-Maxime, my mind is firmly fixed on colourful settings and sure, pretty things.  There's nothing so inspiring as travelling and I'm beginning to wonder whether this can apply even before you've been away; for one reason or another, the idea of becoming reacquainted with the South of France prompted me to fall into this Alice in Wonderland themed concept with a warm, tropical twist...
Karen Millen bird print cotton skirt

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Alice in wonderland concept mirror in garden

Sleeveless shirt - Topshop

Skirt - Karen Millen Bird-Print Cotton Skirt

Jewellery - Lily and Rose Miss Miranda in Rose Water Opal c/o

British fashion blogger garden scene
Lily and Rose Miranda Rose Water Opal jewellery
alice in wonderland fashion blogger garden sceneI've mentioned my love for dainty jewellery one million and one times on A Glass Of Ice - so, surely one more time can't hurt?!  What I love most about delicate pieces is their ability to complement an outfit without stealing the show, which goes a long way in explaining why Swedish brand Lily and Rose have a special place in my heart right now.  If you follow me on Twitter/Instagram, you'll have seen this past weekend's super-cute delivery of mini boxes by Lily and Rose containing the Miranda range in Rose Water Opal.  I find the concept of a matching jewellery set really lovely, particularly as I don't often opt for sets and rather individual pieces collected here and there.
Lily and Rose Miranda Rose Water Opal
English fashion blogger alice in wonderland garden scene
Lily and Rose Miss Miranda Rose Water Opal bracelet
British fashion blogger with long hair
Evidence of 'tumbling down the rabbit hole'?
I'm pretty convinced most of my summer wardrobe would work well with this Rose Water Opal set by Lily and Rose, however for this occasion I've opted for a tie-front sleeveless shirt that's been sitting in my wardrobe for a while, along with a colourful new purchase.  Late last week I picked up this gorgeous Karen Millen skirt in their summer sale; the tropical print combined with A-line design is such a magical combination!  I'm constantly torn between soft jersey materials that hug the body and structured shapes that make you feel as though 'everything is in place' - though this skirt may just have won the battle for the latter!
Lily and Rose Miranda Rose Water Opal ring
Karen Millen bird print cotton skirt summer 2016
Alice in Wonderland theme mirror in garden with flowersThis dreamy rose water opal set and tropical printed skirt have undoubtedly set the mood for me ready for warmer days ahead.  Oh and on a different note... Happy July!  I hope this month treats you all really well and delivers bundles of sunshine and good news!

With love,

Gabrielle x