France Annecy tourism travel blogger Having not visited the beautiful French alpine town of Annecy for quite a few years, I was super excited to return and see whether it lived up to my memories.  Truth be told, as much as I love to see how some places rapidly develop and modernise, Annecy is one of those very, very special locations I couldn't bear to see change too much.  The cobbled streets and mountain views have an indisputable calming effect on me; so to have embarked on a road trip and spent 24 hours (or so) in the town was an undeniable highlight of my summer!
French mountains service station restaurant stop

Travel blogger in France service station stop
Caramel ice cream in French glass bowl
A little way out and further down on the map, an unassuming restaurant/hotel sat a few metres back from the road.  After hours of winding hills and no snacks on standby (I know, the horror), anything would have impressed.  However, we just so happened to stumble across a total gem!  I'm massively kicking myself for not noting down the name of the place; if we were grading blogging skills right now I'd get an F, maybe even a U?  Anyway, although the kitchen had been closed for an hour, the chef very kindly allowed us to order, which meant I was able to enjoy a delicious glass bowl of caramel ice cream to the sight of mountains and sunshine - bliss!
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Travel blogger Best Western hotel Carlton
Entrance flowers at Best Western Hotel Carlton
France Annecy Best Western Hotel Carlton review
After many hours on the road, there were sighs of relief once we'd reached the Best Western Hotel Carlton.  Parking was a little awkward, however entirely worth it.  The hotel's corner-location was absolutely ideal, with the cobbled streets and winding canals being just a minute's walk away!  The interior design was pretty nice too, with a modern and clean scheme running through from the foyer to the rooms; Villeroy and Boch bathrooms, various eye-catching flowers and illuminated headboard silhouettes.  As badly as I wanted to sit on the bedroom's balcony and watch the world go by, I forced myself to get changed and head out - there was exploring to be done!

Best Western Hotel Carlton
5 Rue des Glières 
74000 Annecy
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Lifestyle blogger travel diary of 24 hours in Annecy
Summer photography of Lake Annecy
I felt a warm feeling in my heart moments into wandering the cobbled streets of Annecy, just as I had done upon my last visit many years ago.  Personally speaking, I'm pretty sure it's partly because of the mountains - for some reason, I feel at home when they're in sight.  Before reaching the winding canals and beautiful Lake Annecy, first on the agenda was a rather lengthy meal at a cosy crêperie.  Everything about the meal was delicious, though my fly-killing skills were certainly put to the test while eating outdoors!  After filling up on crêpes au sirop d'érable, a walk around part of Lake Annecy (the third largest lake in France) was on the cards.  I still can't get over the view of the lake against the mountains; the colours were breathtakingly beautiful.
24 hours in Annecy - winding canals
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Best Western Hotel Carlton Annecy nighttime balcony viewHmm, I'm noticing a pattern emerging!  Similar to how I mentioned loving late nights spent watching the moon shine down on the sea in Part Three of my South of France travel diary, I gravitated towards my hotel room's balcony for the night's stay in Annecy.  Mosquito-guard applied and silk pyjama set on, I pulled up a chair and watched the night unfold from the comfort of the balcony.  The extreme heat combined with the simple sound of cars following the roads below, for some reason or other made the night very, very special.        
Annecy Best Western Hotel Carlton Junior Suite
Fashion and travel blogger at Best Western Hotel Carlton
Best Western Hotel Carlton balcony view in Annecy
Annecy balcony shot travel and fashion bloggerFast forward to the next morning and I was able to truly appreciate the sunny view from the Hotel Carlton; the salmon-pink colour of the corner building ahead and the mountains in the distance made for one seriously pretty sight!  I can't get over how perfect these 24 hours spent in the French alpine town of Annecy were from beginning to end - it was even better than I'd remembered!

With love,

Gabrielle x