Chi Chi Pink Neema DressAh!  I can't keep up!  We're halfway through August and I'm still leafing through my wardrobe wondering which floral midi skirts and sleeveless bodies to pick up next ready for the warm weather.  Pretty soon it'll be a case of digging out the cosier clothing (I'll confess, I'm already wearing fluffy socks while typing this), though until then I'm determined to squeeze every last drop out of the summer season!  As fate would have it, a rather pretty arrival from Chi Chi coincided perfectly with my overwhelming desire to immerse myself in a game of croquet.  Let's play!
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Miss Miranda Jewellery Set by Lily and Rose
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Dress - Chi Chi Neema Dress c/o

All Jewellery - Lily and Rose Miss Miranda Set c/o

Shoes - Carvela Slick Sandals (on sale!)

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Game of croquet in Chi Chi dressFor as long as I can remember, I've been into sugary sweet dresses that seem to ooze femininity.  And so when opening this beautiful gift from Chi Chi London, it's safe to say I went into meltdown.  The Neema Dress features heavy embroidery (which you know I love), scallop hem detail, padded bust and button back fastening.  However, my favourite element is undoubtedly the mesh underskirt; five layers of varying materials and you've got an extremely pretty midi dress on your hands!  This style also comes in pale blue (Shay Dress), though after this love affair I'm pretty confident my heart now belongs to the colour pink...    
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Party Cocktail dress by Chi Chi
Chi Chi Neema cocktail day dress
Miss Miranda jewellery by Lily and RoseSo, besides a heavily-embroidered dress, what do you wear for a game of croquet?  Hmm, considering i've not played in about three years, I'm probably not the best person to ask!  However, it goes without saying that a lawn of any kind requires shoes that don't see you sink deeper and deeper into the grass.  With this in mind, I reached for my trusty Slick sandals by Carvela.  Funnily enough, while looking into the sandals for this post, I came across them in the House of Fraser sale!  Better yet, I noticed a black version also existed - so yes, I've just ordered them.  Oops!

Continuing my love for dainty jewellery, I opted to accessorise with this delicate set by Lily and Rose.  You may remember my previous collaboration with them last month?  Well, on this occasion I'm wearing the Miss Miranda (green) set, having picked out the lush shades of green from both the dress and the surrounding lawn.
Game of croquet in Chi Chi Dress
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Chi Chi Neema Embroidered pink dressGame over!  Ah, I have a crazy amount of love for the summertime, everything about the season is so perfect; from the sky to the food and from the fashions to how best to pass the time (game of croquet, anyone?).  Oh, and it's my birthday month - one week and counting!

With love,

Gabrielle x