Triangl Farrah Bikini orange and blueAfter the French flags and ice cream of Part One, and moored boats and calzone of Part Two, Part Three delves into Saint-Tropez's world of pastel coloured buildings and infectious atmosphere!  As my time in the South of France drew to a close, I did my absolute best to shake off any sense of premature deflation over leaving the Côte d'Azur.  Instead, I chose to live in the moment, even if one of those moments consisted of slipping on the villa's infinity pool edge and hurting my elbow quite a bit - oops!

Green villa loungers in a row
Chocolate doughnut with a bite out of it
Triangl Farrah bikini orange and blue bloggerA lot more time was spent rolling around the villa than anticipated - though you won't catch me complaining!  As the sun crept towards the pool once more, a final morning was spent enjoying the touch of the pool's tiles against my toes, with the sun beating down on my shoulders.  Though only for a few hours, as the beautiful streets of Saint-Tropez were calling...

Swimwear - Triangl Farrah Sunset Bikini c/o
Saint Tropez boats and decking
The pastel coloured buildings of Saint Tropez
Famous pastel buildings streets of saint tropez
british travel blogger in streets of saint tropez
After making the 30 minute trip via boat from Sainte-Maxime to Saint-Tropez, a while was spent wandering through the warm (and busy) streets before eventually reaching La Tarte Tropézienne.  Having picked up a cake from the very same place a few years ago, it seemed like a brilliant opportunity to check out its first floor restaurant above this time.  One thing is for certain, it lives up to its reputation.  The air conditioning induced smiles all round and the interior design was faultless. What did I eat?  A chicken mayonnaise baguette, followed by a Tarte Tropézienne - of course!

Peplum Cami - Zara

Cropped trousers - Michael Kors

La Tarte Tropézienne st tropez review
Interior design of the La Tarte Tropézienne restaurant
Travel blogger review of La Tarte Tropézienne in st tropezThank goodness for peplum tops, because that meal was filling!  Truly, I can't imagine a better way to have spent our final day in the South of France; surrounded by the heat, electric atmosphere and polished facades.  Fast forward to the late hours of the afternoon and back at the villa, I finally got around to finishing off my macaron supply - when in France, right?! Getting dressed for the evening was bittersweet, as the return home the next day was at the forefront of my mind. However, the prospect of an indulgent 'last meal' at Le Café de France (followed by overzealous jewellery shopping) worked like a charm in ensuring a smile on my face at all times.  Speaking of which, if you find yourself at the newly refurbished restaurant, you've absolutely got to try the chocolate fondant pudding!

Le Café de France
2 Place Victor Hugo
83120 Sainte-Maxime
Warm buildings found in the south of france
A plate of pretty and colourful macarons
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Le Café de France Sainte-Maxime restaurant review
South of France Sainte-Maxime nighttime photographyWhat better way to end such a dreamy trip, than with a night spent watching the moon shine down on the sea?  Similar to most nights spent in the beautiful Côte d'Azur, I lost track of time and ended up falling asleep across one of the patio's sofas before moving indoors later.  Bliss.  Anyway, I've loved reminiscing July's journey to the South of France with you - I hope you've enjoyed the ride!  Au revoir!

With love,

Gabrielle x