Jessica Nails AW 16 Collection Into The WildI doubt it'll come as a surprise when I say I've found yet another reason to swoon over everything nail related.  Now that a new season is underway, Jessica Nails have released Into The Wild c/o, a new collection featuring six gorgeous shades - each one more Autumnal than the last!  One thing is for sure, the bottle names do a good job of drawing you in; mysterious and sexy, with a hint of danger...
Jessica Nails AW Collection The Luring Beauty Pink
The Luring Beauty by Jessica Nails AW Collection

Tangled In Secrets - a russet red creme

Mysterious Echoes - a deliciously rich plum creme

The Luring Beauty - a suggestive magenta creme

Snake Pit - a dark mink creme

Enter If You Dare - a tawny pink creme

Fruit of Temptation - a sumptuous cranberry creme

Jessica Nails AW Collection Enter if you Dare
Jessica Into The Wild Collection Tangled in Secrets
My favourite shade is undoubtedly Snake Pit (shown below), a dark mink creme that sits very close on the scale to a deep grey. Having kept to nudes since Spring, this shade's edgier vibe is a welcome change!  Having said that, I'm already eyeing up Tangled In Secrets, the russet red creme of the clan.  Out of all the shades, it's undoubtedly the most Autumnal - at first glance, prompting thoughts of orange leaves and log fires.  Although, did you see that hot magenta?!  Hmm...
Jessica Nails Into The Wild Collection Snake PitJessica Nails have long been one of my favourite nail brands, having discovered their incomparable Top Priority Top Coat a few years ago and never looking back!  Speaking of which, to achieve this high-gloss outcome, I'd recommend applying two layers of polish before going crazy with the top coat.  Because who doesn't adore that dig-your-nails-in shine?!

With love,

Gabrielle x