Continuing on from Part One of my Lake District adventures, each day continued to massively differ from the next.  Just as I had remembered from my last stay in the area (many years ago), the weather can be bright one day and deliver torrential rain the next. I'll admit to having a serious soft spot for bad weather, I don't mean sprinklings of rain and cloud, but rather the kind of massive downpours that have you looking for cover and clouds that quickly descend over your surroundings!  Having said that, after a couple of days of beautifully eerie weather, a break of sunshine provided the perfect opportunity to walk to Rydal Mount, the former home of poet William Wordsworth.
Rydal Mount William Wordsworth home
Travel blogger autumn visit to Rydal Mount Lake District
Lake District William Wordsworth House Rydal Mount
Library rows upon rows of colourful books
Rydal Mount picturesque home of William WordsworthJust before you reach the famous house, a small café around the corner provides a cosy spot for walkers to have a break and enjoy a snack - which is just as well, as there's a fairly steep incline up to Rydal Mount!  If you enjoy Wordsworth's poetry, a visit to his former house will prove wonderful; it's a tranquil spot with various examples of his work and writing dotted throughout.  Personally, I found the visit to be inspiring, the kind of place that encourages you to think and to write.  His poetry takes on a whole new meaning:

Rydal Mount
Lake District
LA22 9LU
Garden of poet William Wordsworth
Wall of lush green ferns

My favourite restaurants in Ambleside:

Dodd's Restaurant

A lively place offering classic Mediterranean dishes from local produce 

Lucy's On A Plate

Delicious food and warm ambience with a homely feel (try the warm triple chocolate cake!)   

Autumn visit to Ambleside Lake District
Ambleside Salutation Hotel room service sandwiches
I'll always remember that day as being comforting, and not just for having spent time in Wordsworth's quiet home.  Afterwards, we decided to extend the walk and continue on for many hours across hills and over streams, something I'd forgotten just how much I enjoyed.  Anything that was worrying you quickly pales in comparison and the quiet is just incredible - often when we say somewhere is 'quiet', it's not without the faint sound of the radio playing, or rumbling of nearby cars.  However, over the Lake District's hills it's complete silence.  Anyway, a couple of days before returning home, I browsed the wall of leaflets at the Ambleside Salutation Hotel and came across one for Sizergh Castle...
Travel blogger visit to Lake District Sizergh Castle
National Trust properties castles in the Lake District
Interior of National Trust's Sizergh Castle Kendal
I'm really pleased to have come across the leaflet.  Amazingly I'd never heard of Sizergh Castle before, and although it meant (lazily recycling an outfit and) jumping back in the car for the first time since starting the trip, it proved entirely worth it!  The stately home conceals beautiful interiors, with some rooms much grander than others.  As odd as it may seem, I'd suggest reading the children's information cards within each room (rather than those intended for the adults) as they list much more interesting points about each room.  No, seriously - it was suggested by a room volunteer!

Sizergh Castle (National Trust)
Lake District
National Trust Sizergh Castle gardens in Kendal
Gardens to see in Kendal Lake District
Interesting history of facts about lettuce
The grounds were really well kept, with gardeners at every turn busying themselves with perfecting every metre.  In particular, around the back of the grade I listed building, you're met with a beautiful display of steps and lush green grass leading up to the edges of a lake.  Perfect in any season, I'd imagine!
Travel lifestyle outdoor blogger at Sizergh Castle
National Trust Sizergh Castle gardens lake review
Walking on roads through the Lake District
The very day before making the journey back home down to the South, we completed another walk (a mixture of hills and roads), this time from Ambleside to Grasmere via Loughrigg Fell, delivering that 'as promised' photo of me marching ahead complete in fetching hiking gear.  Funnily enough, out of the many images I have to remind me of my time spent in the Lake District, the above is my favourite - because in that moment absolutely nothing mattered, and what could be better than that!?

With love,

Gabrielle x