Mon Dessert Macaron Making Kit blog reviewWhenever I find myself in an apron,  I'm usually in the middle of making something sweet.  However, I'm by no means a magician in the kitchen.  It's because of this I've been in an endless cycle of baking some of the easier sweet treats everyone enjoys such as cookies and sponge cakes, and turning my back on the harder (and undeniably more exciting) recipes. Something I've been dying to try my hand at for months now is macarons, though scared myself off the idea after watching videos online cursing 'pre-separated egg whites' and 'inaccurate almond ratios'.  That's where this perfectly curated gluten-free Macaron Making Kit c/o by Mon Dessert comes into play, including pretty much everything you need to reach a delicious outcome.  Oh, and did I mention the kit includes gold dust?
Macaron Making Kit by Mon Dessert
Mon Dessert Macaron Making Kit Ingredients
French-inspired Mon Dessert is run by Samina, an incredibly talented Londoner attracted to the 'luscious world of authentic patisserie'.  One thing is for certain, Mon Dessert's sugar-coated website is a total treat for those with a soft spot for special sweets; fine pâtisserie and talk of delicious cracking caramel used in Samina's wedding cakes' Croquembouche truly sets the scene. Focussing on the Baking Kits, there are two types available:  Framboise Rose Edition and Chocolat Noir & Gold Dust Edition. Surprise surprise, I opted to receive the latter to share on A Glass Of Ice - partly because my heart belongs to chocolate, and partly because I just really like glitter.  So, what's included in the embellished tin?

All ingredients are 100% organic and gluten-free!

The only ingredients you need to rummage for are 50g egg whites (2 medium eggs) and 50ml double cream.  Easy.
Spinkling gold glitter over chocolate macarons
White shabby chic french style tray
Sprinkling gold glitter over macarons
Making macarons at home in ovenThe beauty of Mon Dessert's Macaron Making Kit is that from the very beginning, each step of the process is mapped out for you within the included recipe book, along with small illustrations and precise seconds/minutes recommendations.  As strange as this may sound, I got a real sense of satisfaction every time I turned and 'unlocked' a new page - try the kit and you'll know exactly what I mean!  After reading the recipe book first from beginning to end (so as to always think one step ahead), I set about creating the meringue mixture before sieving some of the included ingredients together until a 'treacle-like ribbon' of batter had been reached.

Fast forward to piping circular disks of the mixture onto the macaron baking mat and my inexperience made itself known; for future reference I'd take more care of shaping them more like traditional macarons, featuring flatter dimensions and a wider circumference. Nevertheless, there was no time to wallow as the tasty ganache (using Samina's provided 61% organic raw dark chocolate) was in need of preparation!  This was another new experience for me and one that went as smoothly as you can imagine thanks to the detailed recipe book - speaking of which, it's definitely something i'll be filing away to keep forevermore!
British lifestyle blogger baking in french apron
Chocolat Noir and Gold Dust macarons by Mon Dessert
Mon Dessert chocolate macarons made from homeThe most exciting part of the creative process had to have been sprinkling gold dust over the baking sheet.  There's enough provided to cover each macaron entirely and well, surely there's nothing dreamier than chocolate macarons submerged under a light sheet of gold dust?!  Surprisingly, that part of the recipe actually takes place before placing the macarons in the oven, though it sure does guarantee a pretty transformation.  Once the ganache has had 2 hours to cool and thicken, it can be piped onto half of the macaron shells and sandwiched between another.  It was at that point it dawned on me I'd just made macarons for the very first time - hooray!

Fill your feeds with pastel-coloured macarons and impressive wedding cake designs by following Mon Dessert on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  Plus, Samina from Mon Dessert is now on Youtube - check out her first video below, you'll adore her! 

Idyllic kitchen scene with prosecco
Making Macarons from home with Mon Dessert
Display of chocolate macarons by Mon Dessert
Although I could have demolished them there and then (and believe me, I wanted to), Samina recommends enjoying them 24 hours later.  Having compared the two, in my opinion they taste one million times better the next day - the organic raw chocolate, in particular.  If kept refrigerated, the kit's macarons can be enjoyed for up to 5 days, though I'm ashamed proud to admit, it took me less than a day or two to devour them!  They were AMAZING.  Each macaron's exterior was crisp yet with no signs of shattering (a pet peeve of mine when buying) and the centres were gorgeously rich and chewy.  With every glittery bite I found myself wondering how on Earth I'd be able to explain how good they were.  So, just do your best to overlook my slightly subpar piping and focus on the texture, mmm...

Psst!  If you try one of Mon Dessert's delicious macaron making kits for yourself, be sure to share your gorgeous results via social media, tagging @MonDessert.  You can get 15% off refills and other products!
Baking macarons from home with Mon Dessert kit
White countryside kitchen baking apron scene
Gooey chocolate macaron cut in half
Having tried this Macaron Making Kit c/o by Mon Dessert for myself, I'm not at all surprised it's also sold by Fortnum & Mason; consider it a (rather luxurious) stamp of approval.  My first attempt at making macarons went far more smoothly than I was anticipating thanks to Samina's kit, and speaking as a chocolate-fanatic, I've definitely got my fix!  If you're considering treating yourself or a loved one to a Mon Dessert Macaron Kit, you can redeem free delivery here and then all that remains is to pop your apron on and get whisking!

With love,

Gabrielle x