Styling a furry biker jacket for autumn winterThe words 'biker' and 'furry' don't exactly go hand in hand, however there was something about this long-sleeved furry biker jacket by Lost Ink that stole my heart at first glance!  I mentioned this cosy piece after first being introduced to Lost Ink, and one month later I've given in to temptation and added it to my wardrobe.  I suppose I decided that yes I do want to look like a teddy bear, and that I don't really mind the occasional stranger stroking my (furry) arm in appreciation.  I'm not willing to stop there though, tactile by nature, I've been looking at ways of bringing velvet, leather or suede into the look as well...
Furry Biker Jacket by Lost Ink
Styling very high brown ankle boots for autumn winter
Furry biker jacket by Lost Ink fashion blogger

Velvet Cami - Zara

T-shirt - James Perse  |  Jacket - Lost Ink Furry Biker Jacket

Jeans - Topshop  |  Boots - Hobbs

Choker - Dauphines of NY c/o

Fashion blogger styling a furry biker jacket for autumn
Very high brown ankle boots by Hobbs
UK fashion blogger autumn layering tipsWhen it comes to such warm and cosy outerwear, layering is key.  Simple cotton options make sense on warmer days, however this season is drawing out all of my love for more interesting textures such as velvet.  Wearing this cami alone is unlikely to be an option considering the dropping temperature, and so layering it over a simple t-shirt updates it for the season.
Ciate London cookies and cream nude nail polish

Furry zip up biker jacket by Lost Ink 2016Another texture I love bringing into outfits is leather, however in addition to these Hobbs boots (just look at those heels - dreamy!), a gorgeous leather choker by Dauphines of NY fills the negative space above the t-shirt.  I have a feeling this year has seen the start of my never-ending fixation with chokers, this week alone I've bought three and I've already got my eye on another.  Speaking of which, if you're looking for more dramatic versions, definitely pop into Zara and check out their most recent drop of embellished beauties!
Furry jacket fashion blogger styling for autumn
Fashion blogger cityscape viewThe options are endless when it comes to layering textures in Autumn, and I'm absolutely loving experimenting with them - and watching others do the same!  Anyway I hope you all have a amazing weekend, whether you've got a busy couple of days ahead, or have planned 48 hours of candles and cosiness!

With love,

Gabrielle x