Berkeley Castle lifestyle blogger reviewWhile staying at Tortworth Court Hotel earlier this month I came across a leaflet for Berkeley Castle, along with about twenty others I plan on working my way through!  As the time spent in the Cotswolds was fairly last-minute, no plans had actually been made for the second day (besides rolling out of bed and into a chair to enjoy a cooked breakfast).  So, a decision was made to embark on the 15 minute journey from the hotel to Gloucestershire's Berkeley Castle, a grade I listed building that's been home to the Berkeley Family for 850 years...
Canon visitor photography of Berkeley Castle

Autumn visit to grade I listed Berkeley Castle
An Autumn visit to Berkeley Castle Gloucestershire
Having only read information provided on the leaflet, I had no preconceived ideas of what to expect.  Funnily enough, one of my favourite elements of visiting the castle was something that was unlikely to have been included on a leaflet/website anyway - the display of Autumnal fruits and flowers throughout the castle.  They went a long way in creating a scene and transporting you to a specific time in history; one of seasonal celebration.  I think we've pretty much established by now I'm a total nature-fanatic, and so to see such an elaborate display of greenery brought into the dining room was beyond dreamy!
Lighting photography at Berkeley Castle
Long Drawing Room at Berkeley Castle visitor review
Dining room autumn seasonal celebration fruit and flowers
Repairs and restoration work at Berkeley Castle
I've long been fascinated by restoration/repairs on historic buildings and their contents - in particular, seeing the action up close (a similar sight this time last year at Warwick Castle).  On this occasion, I stumbled across a trio of experts busy at work maintaining a large tapestry in one of the castle's grandest, largest rooms.  Fa-scin-ating.
Gardens pond and fountain of Berkeley Castle
Berkeley Castle pond water fountain in sunshine
Like most castles and historic houses that have gained popularity in the UK, impressive gardens were just a stone's throw away. Stepping down from a display of small canons and along a bordered grass path, you come across the most beautiful pond filled with lily pads and a central fountain.  Thankfully, having visited on a quiet weekday, we had the space all to ourselves for a little while.  If you're looking for a tranquil spot for some quiet Autumnal contemplation, consider this it.
Green and yellow autumn lily pads in pond
Autumn things to do and places to see in Gloucestershire
Berkeley Castle grounds and gardens in Autumn
This brief and beautiful visit to Berkeley Castle proved to be the perfect way to end a stay in the Cotswolds; find more background on this historic site here - or better yet, discover more on a visit there yourself!

Berkeley Castle
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