DIY Autumn wreath blog guideAs a general rule, I'm pretty good at staying true to my word and doing what I say I'll do.  However, in the case of putting together a wreath for Autumn, it's been a long time coming.  And I mean a long time.  It was around this time last year I considered designing a wreath rich with colour for Autumn - though better late than never, right?  Sure, wreaths are most commonly associated with the festive season, but bringing the craft into another season can't hurt!  For those also wanting to create something warm and colourful to hang on their front door (like a big enthusiastic wave that says 'Hey! I'll celebrate anything!), I've put together a 20 minute Autumn wreath DIY.
Lifestyle blog simple autumn wreath DIY guide
DIY Autumn wreath that takes under 30 minutes
Needless to say, the options available to you when it comes to putting together a wreath for Autumn are pretty much endless.  When it comes to colours, lean towards warmer shades such as orange and brown (avoiding bright red to ensure you don't accidentally create a Christmas wreath).  Splashes of metallics are the quickest way to turn what looks like a wooden wheel, into something much more special.  Personally, I opted for gold and copper, though I can imagine how gorgeous rose gold could have looked nestled somewhere amongst the leaves!

What have I used?

Gold Metallic Spray Paint
DecoArt Metallic Acrylic Paint in Worn Penny
Artificial Fabric Flowers inc. Hydrangeas
Natural Leaves
Wooden wreath
Pine Cones
Gisela Graham Gold Acorns

DIY autumn wreath using secateurs wire and more
Uk lifestyle blogger DIY Autumn wreath
Gold spray on artificial flower for DIY autumn wreath
As much as I wanted to release the entire can of gold spray onto the wreath and marvel at how sparkly it looked, I kept the gold metallic spray to just one set of the artificial flowers and spaced them evenly around the wreath.  Though before doing so, I laid the foundation of the wreath.  By this, I mean pieces such as natural leaves and large dried hyacinths - anything that will help create that 'chunky' end result.  
Cosy loungewear cable knit jumper by ASOS
Stylish and colourful DIY Autumn wreath lifestyle blog
Blonde messy bun with very long hair
My favourite part of the process was undoubtedly dipping into a brand new pot of metallic acrylic paint and carefully covering each and every dip in the trio of pine cones I'd gathered.  Not only is it therapeutic, but the end result is undeniably dreamy - can I dip myself in Worn Penny?!
Metallic Acrylic paint by DecoArt in Worn Penny DIY
Pine cones painted in metallic acrylic paint copper
Black double wrap long suede chokerConsidering we're now well and truly immersing ourselves in this cosy season, I opted to wear this ASOS Lounge Cable Jumper, having ordered it last week halfway through a late-night online spending spree.  I would berate myself for shopping past midnight, but I figure I'm not to blame - there's no resisting cosy knits!  Speaking of which, I'm always on the lookout for comfortable, chic cashmere jumpers as the weather gets colder and so Dunedin Cashmere* has been a welcome introduction.  I find out of the cashmere pieces I own, I reach most often for the more unusual colours, and so Dunedin Cashmere's wide range of colours has got my little cashmere-loving heart beating fast!  Just look at that candy pink shade, ooh...
UK lifestyle blog DIY autumn wreath 2016
Flamboyant and stylish DIY Autumn Wreath by UK lifestyle bloggerI've said it before and I'll say it again - I love any reason to celebrate!  Right now I'm celebrating Autumn and all the cosy jumpers and brown leaves it's bringing with it.  I'm ridiculously pleased to have finally got around to creating an Autumn wreath; I guess the beauty of it is there's no set rules for how your wreath should look.  Most elements can be found in your own garden and you just keep going until you're happy with the results!

With love,

Gabrielle x

Note: Some content within this post has been sponsored, however all opinions are my own.