Tortworth Court Four Pillars Hotel City breaks aside, when staying out 'in the sticks' I've always been attracted to more flamboyant architecture.  Dramatic buildings, grand buildings, striking buildings.  All the buildings!  Nothing has changed, in fact I have a feeling it's only going to intensify over time - at least while hotels such as Tortworth Court sit happily on the map.  As I showed via Insta Stories earlier this week, I spent some time in the Cotswolds, staying over at this stunning Victorian Gothic mansion.  It was all very last minute, but isn't that how most of the best trips start?!
Tortwort Court restaurant table settings

Lifestyle blogger restaurant review Tortworth Court
Tortwort Court afternoon tea and prosecco review
The stay began with a delicious afternoon tea and prosecco in the hotel's restaurant.  The blue and gold decorative ceiling provided a gorgeous atmosphere, as did the quiet, thanks to business conferences going on elsewhere in the hotel.  It was only when the slate platters of treats arrived that I realised it'd been hours and hours since I'd last eaten, so you can imagine how quickly those sandwiches disappeared! Also, is it normal to have goosebumps at the memory of slathering lemon curd on your scones? Hmm...
Tortworth Court restaurant in daylight
Lifestyle blog review of afternoon tea at Tortworth Court
Afternoon tea at Tortworth Court egg and ham sandwiches
Group table settings at Tortworth Court restaurantAfter indulging in a few sweet treats, the hotel's gardens provided the perfect opportunity for a leg stretch.  Landscaped gardens can be found right next to a row of outdoor seating, though beyond that there's further grounds that are a little more relaxed to wander through in total silence.  The sight of the grade II* listed mansion from the edge of the grounds is very special, particularly towards the end of the day as the sun hits the tips of the buildings and leaves the rest in shade...        
Grand staircase at Tortworth Court hotel
Styling cashmere jumper in Autumn October
Autumn sunset at Tortworth Court
Tortworth Court hotel grand restaurant in sunshine
Fast forward to the evening after having spent some time lounging around, and dinner was served downstairs at an arranged time. The difference between the afternoon and evening was incredible when it came to popularity - there wasn't an empty seat throughout!  Conferences had finished and guests had returned from exploring the local areas, meaning a comforting buzz of constant chatter saw through the night.  The food was delicious, particularly the chocolate creme brûlée I'd opted for - yum!  The only thing that could have improved dinner would have been warmer lighting.  Although during the day (shown above) it works perfectly, I can imagine how atmospheric a red glow could have been by night in such a traditional setting.
Tortworth Court superior hotel room bedroom
Room service cooked breakfast at Tortworth Court hotel
Hotel room morning sunshine at Tortworth Court
If you're a longterm reader of A Glass Of Ice, you'll know I have a bit of a 'thing' when staying at hotels for curling up in bed late at night with chocolate truffles and a magazine or two.  Well, Tortworth Court gets the thumbs up on that front!  Staying in a deluxe double, the night's accommodation included two rooms with an en suite bathroom.  By closing the door to the living area, you're cocooned in a cosy bedroom featuring a four-poster bed.  Speaking as someone who loves embellishments and looks for those 'added details', the bedroom's decor didn't have me reaching for my camera every minute, unlike the dining rooms.  However, after enjoying a cooked breakfast (room service) by the glow of the morning's light, I found it pretty tough to kiss goodbye to the room!

Psst!  When booking, be sure to request a room in the main building if you're looking for an authentic, traditional experience of the hotel.  This also ensures you're not sleeping on the ground floor, as could be the case when staying in the modern converted stables. Entrance of Tortworth Court mansion hotel blog review
Long driveway entrance to Tortworth Court mansion hotelWhat an entrance - and exit!  I just can't enough of long driveways like this one leading to Tortworth Court.  Speaking of which, the journey there becomes so lovely as you get closer to the hotel, with plenty to do in the surrounding areas.  On this brief frolic in the Cotswolds, I checked out Berkeley Castle, a site designated by English Heritage - though more on that later this month, because of course I took along my camera!

Tortworth Court
South Gloucestershire
GL12 8HH

With love,

Gabrielle x