Bronze crunch sprinkled over chocolate pumpkinFor someone who claims to love celebrating anything and everything, I've left it pretty late to cover something Halloween-related on my blog!  Though, I like to think I've made up for it with this spooky post stuffed with bronze pumpkins and not-so-scary bats.  I love Halloween, it's basically an excuse to dress up in something skimpy and eat a ton of food shaped like ghosts and ghouls. So, for all those finding themselves regretting shunning Halloween until the last minute, I've whipped up something scandalously sweet, surprisingly stylish and yet wickedly easy to make in your kitchen as a nod to the holiday...
Black bat cutter for Halloween baking
Dark 70% cocoa green and black's chocolate chunks
Copper painted gourd blog prop

What have I used?

Approx. 300g Shortbread (makes 10-12)

Halloween Cookie Cutters

x 2 Green & Black's Organic 70% Dark Chocolate 100g

White Fondant Icing 

White Liquid Icing

Dark chocolate being poured on halloween biscuits
Bronze Crunch pressed into chocolate biscuits
White tea light inside cut out gold candle holderThe beauty (and simplicity) of opting for biscuits is the variety in which they can come.  In this instance I've opted for shortbread to ensure the texture complements the intensity of Green and Black's strong chocolate (whether the shortbread is homemade or otherwise is entirely up to you!).  Melt the chocolate and pour it over the biscuits once they've cooled down, making sure to cover the edges; the curved side of a spoon is your best friend.

Psst!  If you're baking with children in mind, I'd recommend opting for a slightly less intense chocolate.  Save the 70% cocoa for yourself, later in the night!
Flatlay of chocolate biscuit halloween baking
Halloween baking stacked dark chocolate biscuits
Now for the fun bit - decorating the biscuits!  If you're with little ones, this is the perfect opportunity for them to play about with decorative bits and bobs.  Though having said that, it's pretty fun for adults too, amiright?  With a tub of Waitrose's homebaking bronze crunch (metallic sugar) in hand, I've created three possible designs before the chocolate completely set.  Later in the day, the ghoulish goggles and slightly-squiffy fangs were added using white fondant and liquid icing.  Simple!
Copper painted gourds and pumpkins blog props
Stylish and luxurious chocolate halloween baking
Themed biscuits at the ready, spooky playlist sounding throughout the place and then all that remains is scattering some painted-gourds and carved pumpkins around and ta-da - Halloween!  I've done my celebrating with others already this weekend and so my Halloween plans will now most likely consist of horror films and a ton of themed food.  But enough about me, let me know what you're up to (or have been up to) this Halloween?!

With love,

Gabrielle x