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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Taking The Plunge With Passionata

Fashion blogger festive party season LBDAlthough I'd call myself a total lingerie addict, when it comes to practical pieces of underwear that solve wardrobe dilemmas, up until recently I've been a bit hopeless.  I'm aware the right type of bra can do wonders for your outfit, and now that the festive party season has come around those plunging necklines from our wardrobes are once again making appearances!  So, with a little help from Passionata, I'm taking the plunge...

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Christmas Gift Guide For Men

Blog Christmas gift guide for men 2016I'll hold my hands up and say I've never found it easy shopping for men.  Ever.  However, this year I've kicked myself into action a little earlier than usual by looking for gift inspiration here, there and everywhere for the past few weeks.  So, if you don't fancy spending an entire weekend hopping from site to site, run your eye over my Christmas gift guide for men and cherry-pick gifts for the guys in your life.  Most of the options make for ideal stocking fillers, with the exception of a couple of larger treats perfect for popping underneath the Christmas tree.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

At The Drop Of A Hat

UK fashion blogger styling day dress for winterWith my obsession with pom pom beanie hats only growing stronger, I've had to counteract my multicoloured collection by finding other ways to keep my head warm this winter.  Hmm, I have a feeling this may be the first time I've worn a wide-brimmed hat outside of summer - though I'm certain it won't be the last!  I feel as though winter still gets a bad rep when it comes to styling, though it's totally unwarranted while textures such as suede, leather (faux, in this case) and shearling are there for the taking!

Monday, 21 November 2016

Christmas Memories with Yankee Candle at Debenhams

Bundle of festive Yankee Candle giftsThe time for tiptoeing around the issue has long gone, Christmas is (pretty much) here!  Sneak peeks of decorated Christmas trees popping up on Instagram have signalled the 'okay' for discussing all things festive.  Prepare yourselves, because as I've mentioned in my updated about section, A Glass Of Ice is a lifestyle blog 'focussing on stylish and seasonal living'.  I'm ready to resume my role of Mrs Claus!  Speaking of which, Debenhams have lent a helping hand by sending over a gorgeous bundle of festive Yankee Candle treats.  So, to kickstart the season and with the scent of 'Berry Trifle' wafting around my desk, I've been thinking about some of my favourite Christmas memories...

Friday, 18 November 2016

24 Hours In Richmond

View from Richmond Hill in WinterSo, I've been fairly quiet on social media this week - but with good reason!  I found myself spending some time in Richmond after passing through for the hundredth time last month and becoming more and more curious ever since.  After a fair bit of research, it quickly became apparent there's a lot to do in the area.  However with just 24 hours (give or take!) to explore, I've broken the brief visit into three parts: Ham House and Garden, a stay at the Richmond Hill Hotel and a visit to Richmond Park.  Anticipate a three-course menu for a slow-paced winter stay in Richmond - with some tasty food, satin pyjamas and deer thrown in for good measure!

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Glitter Rim Drinks For The Festive Party Season

Festive red glitter rim champagne flutesI'm just going to say it - Christmas is around the corner!  Though before the doors of advent calendars open and festive pyjamas are pulled out of drawers, another aspect of the season makes a much earlier appearance... the celebrations!  Christmas parties tend to begin late-November, which is all fun and games if you're the guest, but how about when you're the hostess?  Advance planning is your best friend, trust me.  Once you've considered the logistics and ticked off all the things that make you wonder why you agreed to host a party in the first place, it's time for the finishing touches - the fun part!  So to help kickstart thoughts of pretty details, I've put together a simple yet stunning DIY: festive flutes for the party season...

Sunday, 13 November 2016

November... With Flare!

Donna Ida for Jaeger Liv Jeans Flared Black DenimAs much as I love to experiment with denim, I realised recently just how predictable I'd become when it comes to purchasing jeans. Skinny jeans and more skinny jeans.  However, after having been surprised with a voucher from Jaeger after winning their #JaegerStyle competition with a bardot top and denim pencil skirt, I seized the opportunity to change my (bad) habit.  I'll be introducing my other style selections over the next month or so, but for now I'm fixated on these gorgeous flared jeans, another Donna Ida for Jaeger design that has worked its way into my cold-weather wardrobe!

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Beauty Giveaway: Mii Cosmetics Precious Gem Collection (Open Worldwide)

Worldwide beauty giveaway Mii Cosmetics gift setIn just a couple of weeks or so from now, Black Friday (25th November) will be making headlines once more, an event that has only truly crept into the UK in recent years, having made the trip from the US.  I can't say I've ever been too involved in the shopping day, though I can appreciate how much fun it could potentially be to participate in from the comfort of your own sofa.  Or better yet (and without any of the hassle) you could be opening your inbox the day after Black Friday to find you've won a gorgeous Precious Gem Collection (gift set of 3 items) by Mii Cosmetics!  Read on to find out how to enter...

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Winter Wedding Guest Outfit

What to wear to a winter wedding as a guest featuring Coast dressHaving only ever attended spring/summer weddings up until now, I'm super excited to be attending a couple of winter weddings this year!  I've probably watched too many romantic Christmas films, but there definitely seems to be something magical about a winter wedding concept.  So, fast forward to mid-winter and you'll most likely be wanting to cover your arms to avoid the sound of your chattering teeth echoing through the venue.  However, with the next month or so in mind (once winter kicks in), what could you wear as a guest to a winter wedding?

Saturday, 5 November 2016

8 Chic Ways to Revamp Your Home Office

Busy desk flatlay - chic ways to revamp your home office After months of procrastinating, I've finally started to renovate my desk area.  Currently, I'm sat on a floor of newspaper with white paint splashed up my arms and various tabs open featuring idyllic desk setups (think velvet cushions, hairpin stools and abstract art).  As we've heard thousands of times, there are tons of benefits to making your workspace a 'happy place'.  And so, here I am at the beginning of this makeover journey looking for inspiration and considering the speedy ways in which you can turn an in-progress eyesore into something both beautiful and functional...

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Attention! Time to Parade Your Military Coat

Fashion blogger military coat styling 2016Last Autumn/Winter I made the colossal mistake of buying a ton of dresses, shirts and every other item imaginable... besides coats. Of course, in no way do I regret the piles of embellished dresses added to my wardrobe, but by failing to add more coats/jackets to my collection, it meant I was wearing a handful of old familiars in rotation that 90% of the time covered whichever glittering beauty was hiding underneath!  This year, I'm taking a different approach to the upcoming winter and taking note of which new season coats I'll not only reluctantly cover outfits with, but willingly do so...

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

5 Self-Care Tips To See You Through November

Emerging Leaves silver ring by Designed by NatureIt's become pretty much an unspoken understanding that to some extent we rely on a new month to give us a boost and general kick in the right direction.  With this in mind, very few of us will be without lists filled with goals and aspirations now that November has arrived.  However, with the busy festive season just around the corner, it wouldn't be the worst idea in the world to throw a little self-care into the mix as well...
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