View from Richmond Hill in WinterSo, I've been fairly quiet on social media this week - but with good reason!  I found myself spending some time in Richmond after passing through for the hundredth time last month and becoming more and more curious ever since.  After a fair bit of research, it quickly became apparent there's a lot to do in the area.  However with just 24 hours (give or take!) to explore, I've broken the brief visit into three parts: Ham House and Garden, a stay at the Richmond Hill Hotel and a visit to Richmond Park.  Anticipate a three-course menu for a slow-paced winter stay in Richmond - with some tasty food, satin pyjamas and deer thrown in for good measure!
Walkway to Ham House on a windy day

Beautiful gardens of Ham House in Richmond
London lifestyle blogger visit to Ham House and Gardens
Side entrance to Ham House in Richmond

Ham House and Garden

It feels as though it's been ages since I last featured a historic house on A Glass Of Ice - madness!  Funnily enough, I'd marked Ham House down as somewhere I was familiar with and had previously visited.  Uh, wrong.  I may have heard plenty about the 17th century National Trust property, but I'd never actually stepped foot inside.  As it turns out, I'll have to wait to explore the house - I arrived on a day when entrance was only permitted for tour groups, and I'd missed the afternoon's tour group by 7 minutes!  Poor timing aside, the garden alone is worth stopping by to see; formal gardens, a walled kitchen garden and plenty of open spaces I can imagine going down well in the summertime. 

Psst!  Before visiting be sure to check opening and/or tour guide times.
Khaki zara military coat styling london fashion blogger
Ham House Kitchen Garden produce herbs and vegetables
Ham House side building historic Dairy
17th century Ham House building in Richmond London
After getting over that feeling of being the 'naughty kid' who isn't allowed near the rest of the group (promise I'm not still bitter), a tranquil walk around the exterior of the house revealed The Still House; a fascinating room home to garden produce/findings.  It's name comes from 'the stills used to distil the ingredients central to so many 17th Century medicines, cosmetics and confectionary'. Sweet accompanying brown tags are set beside each item to suggest their useful purpose.  The garden and smaller side buildings deserve a visit entirely of their own, though if you're looking to make a day of your visit, be sure to arrive in time (opening times) for a guided tour of the house as well.  And then show me photos...

Ham House
Ham Street
TW10 7RS
Richmond Hill Hotel Georgian Junior Suite
Richmond Hill Hotel Georgian Junior Suite yellow wallpaper

Richmond Hill Hotel

Having heard good things about Richmond Hill Hotel, a night's stay was booked to enjoy the Victorian hotel in 'upmarket Richmond' before heading to the very nearby park the next day.  The stay got off to a bumpy start after being underwhelmed by our initial room, however one quick trip back to reception followed by a more-than-reasonable upgrade fee saw us move to a Georgian Junior Suite that was absolutely beautiful.  Such flamboyant wallpaper is rare to see in most hotels and proved to be the perfect unique touch for the high-ceiling rooms.  Seriously, so beautiful - and such a cheery sight to wake up to!

Richmond Hill Hotel
144-150 Richmond Hill 
TW10 6RWRoom service food at Richmond Hill Hotel
sticky toffee pudding dessert at Richmond Hill Hotel
After a delicious dinner in the hotel room (total creature of habit and hardcore supporter of dining in your pyjamas) and an undisturbed sleep, I woke up feeling totally rested.  Speaking of which, I've continued my love for loungewear and nightwear with this gorgeous Wolf & Whistle satin pyjama set - is my heart the only one skipping a beat at the luxurious plum colour?!

Pyjamas - Wolf & Whistle Plum Satin Pyjama Set (available at ASOS)

Chain - Ernest Jones

Wolf & Whistle satin plum pyjama set
Labradorite teardrop pendant jewellery on chain
Wolf & Whistle satin plum pyjama set fashion blogger
A little glimpse at the afternoon tea enjoyed soon after arriving at the Richmond Hill Hotel - such gorgeous sweet treats and pink china!

Richmond Park

How have I never visited London's largest Royal Park before?!  Situated just a couple of minutes away from the Richmond Hill Hotel, Richmond Park is undoubtedly one of the most impressive parks I've ever visited.  Since being created by Charles I in the 17th Century as a deer park, it's attracted a heap of (entirely deserved) attention.  Many stroll along with friends/family while others opt to drive or cycle through, and pretty much everyone seemingly hoping to photograph the herds of Red and Fallow deer.  

Psst!  There are guided walks taking place at Richmond Park on 3rd and 26th December.  They start at 10am and everyone is welcome - find out more.
Richmond Park deer during the wintertime
London Richmond Park colours of winter
Herds of deer in winter at Richmond Park London
Winter views from upmarket Richmond Hill LondonAnd back to Richmond Hill to admire the view!  It's been great taking the time to explore the town, though I'm well aware I've only just scratched the surface.  Many more trips to Richmond will be on the horizon starting this winter, though until my return I'd love to hear your thoughts on the popular town - do you spend much time there?  Any recommendations for when I return?

With love,

Gabrielle x