Emerging Leaves silver ring by Designed by NatureIt's become pretty much an unspoken understanding that to some extent we rely on a new month to give us a boost and general kick in the right direction.  With this in mind, very few of us will be without lists filled with goals and aspirations now that November has arrived.  However, with the busy festive season just around the corner, it wouldn't be the worst idea in the world to throw a little self-care into the mix as well...

1 - Get the job done.  Tick something off your to-do list that has been playing on your mind.  It may not seem like self-care at the time, but it'll certainly feel like it afterwards - as though a weight has been lifted off your shoulders!


2 - Treat your body.  Massage, full body scrub, haircut and blow-dry, facial, pedicure.  Alternatively, treat your wardrobe to a little something-something that enhances your down-time, eg. cashmere jumpsuit, new dressing gown...


3 - Edit your social circle.  By this, I don't mean leaving yourself with nothing but a box-set for company.  I mean taking note of which friendships are one-sided and leave you feeling taken for granted, or too often the recipient of someone's bad mood.  Take a step back for a while to focus on yourself and then if you still really want them in your life, maybe (subtly) introduce them to the concept of self-care?!


4 - Focus on your qualities.  Apply the part of you that loves complimenting and boosting other people to yourself.  When you wake up, think of a few things you love about yourself, or that you know people appreciate.  Before falling asleep, list 3 good things that have happened that day    


5 - Be Mindful.  There's a very good reason practicing mindfulness is so popular; being grateful, focusing on the present and being aware can do wonders for your sense of calm.  Anything that tears us away from negativity, feeling overwhelmed and drawing comparisons can only be a good thing, right?

''Don't look back, you're not going that way''

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5 Self Care practices to see you through November
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Jumper - GAP Funnel-neck Sweater

Sometimes, very few things are needed to help you feel cared for and rested - this moment of calm required just three elements; a chunky-knit jumper, large mug of hot chocolate and the gift of beautiful jewellery.  A quick boost to help you get started with your new approach to self-care could be as simple as replacing the trio with whatever takes your fancy!  So, by all means write your lists of goals and ambitions, just make sure you're doing it in comfort.
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2016 winter self care tips from bloggerSelf-care may not be a five minute job, but it's a practice that once formed can go a long way in helping restore balance.  If nothing else, I find the act alone of taking care of yourself can change habits and the way in which you see situations.  Anyway, I hope this month has started really well for you; I'd love to hear about your favourite forms of self-care; tweet me or drop a comment below!

With love,

Gabrielle x