Busy desk flatlay - chic ways to revamp your home office After months of procrastinating, I've finally started to renovate my desk area.  Currently, I'm sat on a floor of newspaper with white paint splashed up my arms and various tabs open featuring idyllic desk setups (think velvet cushions, hairpin stools and abstract art).  As we've heard thousands of times, there are tons of benefits to making your workspace a 'happy place'.  And so, here I am at the beginning of this makeover journey looking for inspiration and considering the speedy ways in which you can turn an in-progress eyesore into something both beautiful and functional...
* * * * *

Paint/wallpaper - The most obvious way to transform a space is to add a lick of paint, or a few rolls of wallpaper.  Though funnily enough, I've actually just taken down a golden feature wall in favour of a simple matte white - I'll admit, mainly so I can continue buying accessories in every clashing colour imaginable!

Let there be light! - If desk lamps aren't your thing, consider other options such as skinny floor-lamps, or take a leaf out of H&M Home's book and opt for varying heights of chic candlesticks.  As Christmas nears, I'm also turning my attention to fairy lights (check out this fun and informative Christmas Lighting Guide by House of Fraser)

Out of the picture - Framed prints and/or mirrors can go a long way to transform the space behind a desk.  Alternatively, if you fancy a trip to IKEA, a bulk purchase of plain frames could make for a fun DIY.  All that's needed is a a can of gold spray paint and some stencils!

A blooming idea - There's nothing revolutionary about bringing the outdoors indoors, though there may be something calming in seeing hanging plants trail from an above shelf onto the tip of your screen.  Better yet, track down a nest of copper plant pots to assemble on a side table (try John Lewis or Trouva).  If you're looking for high impact with minimal effort, consider artificial silk or dried flowers - you can always move them through the seasons with some spray paint and patience (see last month's DIY Autumn Wreath tutorial for ideas)   

An old flame - Candles, candles and more candles.  Not to be confused with the light sources above though, because let's face it, an increasing number of candle sales are probably due to appearance alone!  I mean, I may not have chosen a desk yet, but I did buy a couple of bergamot & spiced tea candles yesterday thanks to their metallic jars...

Oh so pretty - I find the most exciting part of breathing new life into a home workspace is the process of collecting accessories along the way.  As soon as I decided to rework the space and even before starting to decorate, I had amassed various marble and copper trinket boxes.  Other items to consider investing in include small trinket trays (try Aspinal of London or Anthroplogie), as well as unusual cushions for your chair to be used in rotation.  My current favourite is this pink metallic splatter cushion from Oliver Bonas 

Ruler of my heart - With so many Pinterest-worthy desks overflowing with gold hole-punchers, and Instagram flatlays featuring rose gold paperclips sitting pretty on marble trivets; it's no wonder the spotlight now so regularly turns on stationery.  It's certainly got my attention!  If you're on a tight budget check out Wilko for office-accessories storage solutions, or Lily Rose Co. for affordable prints.  If you're in the mood to splurge, it's time for a Kate Spade haul (available at John Lewis) - my current favourites include this gold stapler and acrylic file

Fill in the gaps - So, your new desk area is complete (ugh if only).  The wall is adorned with gold-framed prints, your desk filled with chic accessories and the surrounding areas boast large plants and contemporary cushions.  But wait, gaps!  There's a simple, speedy solution - grab any of the magazines you've got lying around and stack them neatly where possible.  Have any sturdy, stylish and clean shopping bags sitting around?  Slide one or two of those into a negative space, making sure they're either filled with 'pretty things' or positioned above eye level on a shelf

* * * * * 

So, there we have it!  I hope my 8 tips can be of some help to you if you're in the middle of a home office refurbish.  At this point, I'm super excited to track down a simple desk that I can DIY to fit my design scheme.  Though, that (along with everything else) will have to wait, because after a day of painting I'm 100% ready to kickback and catch up with Scream Queens (super late to that party, I know).  Anyway, I'd love to hear about your current desk situation; have you created a 'happy space', are you plotting and planning a revamp?!

With love,

Gabrielle x