Bundle of festive Yankee Candle giftsThe time for tiptoeing around the issue has long gone, Christmas is (pretty much) here!  Sneak peeks of decorated Christmas trees popping up on Instagram have signalled the 'okay' for discussing all things festive.  Prepare yourselves, because as I've mentioned in my updated about section, A Glass Of Ice is a lifestyle blog 'focussing on stylish and seasonal living'.  I'm ready to resume my role of Mrs Claus!  Speaking of which, Debenhams have lent a helping hand by sending over a gorgeous bundle of festive Yankee Candle treats.  So, to kickstart the season and with the scent of 'Berry Trifle' wafting around my desk, I've been thinking about some of my favourite Christmas memories...
Yankee Candle 2016 Advent Calendar triangle
Yankee Candle set of 5 festive votives
Yankee Candle Berry Trifle Medium Jar
This season really is so cosy and one I associate with flickering fires, burning candles and homebaked treats.  One of my favourite things at this time of year is hearing about other people's traditions; one special discovery through blogging (and one that I'll totally be doing from now on) is changing into a new pair of festive pyjamas on Christmas Eve.  So cute!  Personally, some of my favourite memories include walking through illuminated trails with friends and family, slathering chocolate frosting onto yule logs to the sound of White Christmas and attending countless festive events.  Large gatherings with mince pies and mulled wine, towns 'turning on the lights' and of course Christmas markets are always on the agenda.  Come to think of it, in just over a week I'll be back in Cologne for a few days with family enjoying the buzzing atmosphere of the Christmas markets!  Excited would be an understatement.
Gold glitter noel Christmas sign
Gold twine for Christmas gift wrapping
Red and green Christmas gift wrapping scene with candles
Yankee Candle Christmas Advent Calendar c/o

Yankee Candle Holiday Party Medium Jar Gift Set c/o

Yankee Candle Festive 5 Votive Gift Set c/o

Debenhams 20 Festive Baubles + Elf Laundry Garland c/o

Dobbies Champagne Glitter Words

Selfridges Wrapping Paper
Luxury christmas wrapping paper station
Star shaped homebaked mince pies for Christmas
Festive Yankee Candle Christmas scent medium jarsIt's a cliché, but this really is the most wonderful time of the year!  If you're 100% ready to dive head first into the season, feel free to let me know something you adore about the season - I'd love to hear about your fave Christmas tradition?!

With love,

Gabrielle x

ps. remember I listed 8 Chic Ways to Revamp your Home Office?  Well, after painting, spraying and posting a couple of updates on Insta Stories, the gold legs are ready and the white table top is in place (as seen in this post)... and so the project continues!